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    Dhan Sri Krishan Ji Maharaj, August 12.


  2. This divine protocol exist beyond intellectually and materially visible world, although it is transition through this one. One can only grasp this protocol if s/he actually belief in past and next life and vital role of devotional love.
  3. 🙏 Dhan Sant Ishar Singh Ji Karamsar Rara Sahib, August 5.


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      Waheguru dhan sant ji

  4. 🙏  Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankaar, August 3.


  5. " The following excepts are from is from Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji's Diary: Types of Naam: There are 2 types of Naam: Japa (Varan Atmak Bani/Naam): It is the Outer Sound Principle. It is also known as the language of the Pranas or the vital airs for it depends on different types of vibrations in the air. All these types of Japas give solace of varying degrees and one gets peace of mind of a temporary nature only, be­cause the various bodily chakra involved in them are of a lower order, situated below Third Eye. Varn-Atmak words pave the way to Dhun-Atmak Shabd and are thus essential aids in stilling the mind of oscillations, purging it of all impurities and rendering it capable of apprehending the Dhun-Atmak current within. The Varn-Atmak words may and do differ because of lingual differences, but the Dhun-Atmak Shabd being the Life-Principle of the spirit or soul is the same throughout. It can be further sub-divided into 4 subdivisions: Baikhri: These are labial sounds or sounds which are uttered with the aid of tongue and lips. It is when God's Name is recited with tongue and lips. It is the first technique and holds 1 unit in power. Madhma: These are guttural sounds which are produced in the throat or at the back or root of the tongue and palate. It is when God's Name is recited within the throat but without the use of tongue. This is 10 times the power of Baikhri. Pashyanti: These are sounds which originate from the heart center. It is when God's Name is recited within the heart but without the use of tongue. This is 100 times the power of Baikhri. Para: These are sounds which arise through vibrations from the navel center. It is when God's Name is recited within the navel but without the use of tongue. This is 1000 times the power of Baikhri. Ajapa (Dhun Atmak Bani/Naam): This is the Eternal Sound Current reverberating endlessly in every living thing. It is an Unwritten Law and an Unspoken Language. It becomes audible, however, when a spirit rises above body-consciousness. Here one has just to listen to the all-pervading Naam or Shabd. As this Sound cannot be expressed in any symbolic form, it is ex­pressionless. It may be contacted above the sensory plane, behind the centre of the two eyebrows. Here one starts hearing Anhad Shabad. It generally referred to as Naam down to Trikuti; and below Daswan Dwar, where the causal region extends, It is called the Trigun Bani, or Sound within the regions of the three gunas. It is also described as Brahm Janjalla, the network of Brahm, the God of creation. This Trigun Bani or Brahm Janjalla is still within the domain of Kal or Dissolution and hence must disintegrate. HE is beyond Japa, Ajapa, and Anhad." More details are posted under: http://satgur.net/Articles/Spiritual/8
  6. 🙏   Dhan Sri Kalki Avtaar Ji Maharaj, July 25.


  7. 🙏 Dhan Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji Maharaj, July 14.


  8. Afghan Sikhs Issue Raised At U.N. Human Rights Council
  9. 🙏 Dhan Bhai Mani Singh Ji, Shaheed, July 8.


  10.  🙏  Dhan Guru Nanak Tuhi Nirankaar, July 5.


  11. 🙏  Dhan Sant Teja Singh JI Gursagar Mastuana & Baru Sahib, July 3.


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      Waheguru dhan sant ji

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  12. 🙏 Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj, June 6.


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