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    image.png.f56ac6d9bb5fc447add47e7a7e69b151.png Dhan Dhan Dhan Sri Narsingh Avataar Ji,                                            Sri Dasam Granth Sahib
    Keeno Narsingh dusht sanghar
    Narsingh killed the evil (King Harnakash)
    Dhario su Bishen saptamavtar.
    He(Narsingh) was the seventh incarnation of Vishnu (the earlier ones were: Macch (a giant fish), Kachh (a turtle), Nar
    (a man favorable to demons), Narayan (a man favouring gods), Mohini (an enchanting woman), and Varah (a wild
    Lino su bhagat apno Chhinai
    He (Narsingh) got his Bhagat released.
    Sab sist dharam karaman chalai
    (So that) the entire world again got engaged in dharam and karam (righteous actions)
    Prahilad krio nirp chhatar pher
    Then Prahilad was made the king with the royal canopy on his head.
    Deeno sanghar sabh im andher
    Thus He got entire darkness eliminated.
    Sab dusht arisht deeney khapai
    He got all the evil and obstructionist persons eliminated.
    Pun laee joti jotaih milai
    Then (God, Waheguru) got the Light (of Narsingh) merged back into Himself.
    Sab dusht mar keeney abhekh
    All the evil persons were killed (made bodyless)
    Pun milio jaey bheetar alekh.
    Then he (Narsingh) merged back into (God, Waheguru)
    Kabi jatha mat kathio bichar
    The poet (Guru Gobind Singh ji) has narrated the story as per his understanding.
    In dhario Bishen saptamavtar.
    This was how Vishnu had appeared as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu.
    [Chaubis Avtar, section: stanzas 40-42)]



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