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  1. Your perceptions and assumptions about me are completely wrong.
  2. The Guru teaches, and you should learn. Once you learn and understand, then you put into practice what you have learnt. It is then that comes self enquiry. Without self enquiry you will not come to know your Creator (Dreamer?). That is why Gurbani states that Hari resides within your being. Your minds beliefs will hold you back, only gyan from direct experience will blow wind in your sails. There is no greater Shakti than reality. Not the reality that your mind has made up all these years of your life, but "That Which Is" - that which happens. Once all your perceptions are stripped away then, well...good luck. Though I don't really believe in "luck". Nobody becomes Parmatma. There is only One Atma. That One Atma does not practice any sort of discrimination. Think on that last sentence I have just typed. Paramatma does not reward nor punish. Nobody is Paramatma's favourite. Self enquiry is the way, not talking about Parbrahm about which you know nothing about (including nirgun/sargun talk). Because in reality there is no nirgun sargun. So instead of talking, please do, it requires in reality no effort. You can lift a ten ton weight in your mind, so why can't you enquire about your self? Why you are the way you are. Who are you? When were you born? Were you born today, when you woke up? When did you die? Who died? Who was born? Who was that in your dreams, was it you? You will get nowhere by blah blah blah. Little tip: Dreams are great for starting off the psychological momentum of self enquiry. That's what I've found.
  3. Totally agree with Niranjana above. The time, money and effort spent on such jaloos-puna could be better spent, viz. on real charity work. Hari Om
  4. You said you'd read the texts I'd mentioned, then you said that nowhere is a trace of the term Satguru/sadguru in them. Right? It matters not to me at all if the concepts of Satguru are different in Sikhi and the Kularnava Tantra. That's irrelevant. What's relevant is the term and concept of Satguru is there in another Indian tradition. You know that. If you are so passionate about believing that Sikhi is an ofshoot of Shia Islam, I highly recommend that you write a book or two on the subject. Because obviously you believe that. Discussing on the internet isn't that good to get your views across effectively, you know that. You need to tell the world about the truth about the origins of Sikhi as you believe it to be. This is me over and out for now. Like I said before, I got better things to do than p*ss about on the internet. Paramatma bless you all. 8)
  5. The term and concept of Sadguru (Satguru) occurs 5 times in Kularnava Tantra. Check it yourself. If I'm wrong then I don't mind being corrected. The most pertinent stanza piece I think is from stanza 13.104 to 13.116, which talks about there being many guru's but hard to find is a Sadguru by who's mere touch the disciple attains anand. So the term and concept Sadguru/Satguru "true guru" is there in another Indian religious tradition. No?
  6. I'm very surprised at you Bahadur Singh. Actually the Satguru-shish thing was a "Hindu" thing way before it was a Shia thing. Also "Hindus" do use the term Satguru or Param Guru, or Satpurush. Check our Kularnava Tantra and Shiva Samhita and many other "Hindu" books. Even Shri Ram Chandra had a Satguru, Brahmrishi Vasishta Ji. Jai Shri Om
  7. The Traigranth is not an ofshoot of Shia religion. All religious traditions are similar, many use the same terminology. You say above that Traigranth Gurbani does not use the same terminology of other religions of that time in India. That is simply not true. Where does the term Omkar come from? Where does Ram and Hari come from? Madhusudan? Shiv-Shakti? Govardhandhari? Ishar? Gorakh? Brahma? Parvati Mai? Mahakal? Chandi? Kali? Was Bhagat Jaidev a Shia? As far as I know only Pir Bhikhan Shah was a Shia (I may be wrong), and his is a small contribution to Adi Granth. If you take Gurbani into account, there is much more evidence suggesting very close links with the Vaishanav religion than Shia. No? How often is Fatima mentioned in Gurbani in comparison to Hari, The Lord of Peace and Tranquility. What other religions older than Shi-ism get up at amrit vela? Must be some others? No? Pahul is also called amrit. Where does the term and concept of amrit come from? I'm only prying open your argument that Sikhi comes from Shia religion. Seeing what's there. BTW I'm not anti-Shia, just anti your argument. Where does Shia come from? You know there is only one earth we are aware of. Human beings only live on one planet. One person eats bread, and another eats roti. Maybe I'll join again later. Maybe. (Because really, I have better things to do than internet discussing.) Ciao baby! Hari Om.
  8. Namaskar Javanmard. A question for you: Do you believe the Traigranth (Adi Granth, Dasam Granth, Sarbloh Granth) have it's root in the Shia religion?
  9. You will not gain Jang Vidiya by reciting any mantra. You have to make the physical effort. Again: PHYSICAL EFFORT!!! You will not gain anything in this world without physical effort. Belief in anything else is superstition.
  10. Trilok/tribhavan = svarg, prithvi, paataal Tribhavan also alludes to: deep sleep state, dream state, waking state Yo man!! :wink:
  11. The above is just my attempt at an explaination. In reality you have to find out for your self if "God" really is one or not. You have to make the effort. Study then practice then you should arrive at the TRUTH. What's going on? You may use a religion as your tool, or go it alone. Sat Shri Akal Ji.
  12. If by "God" you mean THAT about which nothing can be said, due to the futility of saying it, then "HE" does not fit in any number. I prefer to say "IT" does not fit into any number. According to human thought Paramishvar is 1 because there is no other. You could also say that IT is also 0...But these are human concepts born of puny puny human minds. A human who experiences the Truth of their Creator can never really describe That Reality 100%. IT is 1 and also beyond 1, which maybe 0, and is beyond that too...
  13. Happy Divali, happy Bandi Chhor, happy Saturday. Happy everyday!!!!!
  14. Chak de phatte! Me no worry about knowing "doG" anymore. But that's me. Me no "Brahmgyani" - do not missing understandings me's please. "doffs non-existent cap" and moves along.
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