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  1. I can confirm that with rara sahib maryada, but make sure your and your clothes are suchae that is you have had a keshi ishan and you havent been to the toile!
  2. for more information on this Rab Roop mahapurakh, please visit www.bhorasahib.com
  3. The name is Bibi Santosh Kaur Ji, Hapur Wale. They have never married and have devoted their life since childhood to the sewa of Sri Hazur Sriman Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji maharaj. It is under their guidance and with that Bhora sahib hapur is to this day preserved in the lovinig memory of Sant Ji Maharaj. Bibiji has come many times to the uk, usa and canada inorder to spread the vaheguru's divine name. The picture attached is from Sri Guru Singh sabha, Hounslow
  4. The Jal Parvah Video can be seen on Bhorasahib.com under the download centre
  5. It is with great regret and sadness that i announce the passing of Sri Mann Ji early this morning :cry: . The Jal Parvah will be held tomorrow at Gurdwara Bighaur sahib Nangal Both Sant Isher singh Ji and Sant Kishan singh ji used to refer to shrimann ji as baba ji. They were a true bram giani, they have done sewa all their life at rara sahib in the langer, but never had a room at rara sahib. It was on the bachan of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji that they started langar sewa and never left langar for many years!. they used to do sewa in the day and only used to sleep for only 2 hours in the langer hall. At one time shrimann ji had stoped sleeping so sant baba isher singh ji Rara Sahib sent their own bed in the langer hall which shrimann used to rest on for 2 hours.(the bed is still there today incased in glass) It is sad to see the passing of such great souls, as they are very rare and hard to find!
  6. veerji you are not wrong at all, you are PERFECTLY CORRECT! people that say otherwise only do so to cover their mistakes and desires!
  7. if anyone wants a copy of this book i have quite a few copies for sangat distribution! Please let me know who wants one Rupinder www.bhorasahib.com
  8. This is the very reason thats the panj pyare are not supposed to give amrit to one halve of a married couple. both have to take amrit together
  9. If you have a physical relationship with a non amritdhari it is consided a bujjar kret, for which you will have to appear in front of the punj pyare for punishment!
  10. Have a look at my site www.bhorasahib.com The meeting you are talking about was the sant samaj meeting held inorder to prevent the sgpc form changing the managals of sri Guru Granth Sahub Ji Maharaj
  11. DHANBABANANAK please email me at blatisingh@hotmail.com. I would only be more than happy to host any photos to do with the Rara sahib Taksal
  12. Gur Fateh It is with great pleasure that the Bhorasahib.com team announce for the first time ever, colour videos of sant Ji maharaj at Rara sahib India. This is being released along with lots of other new colour footage, to mark Maharaj jis upcoming centenary birth Celebrations. Please visit the site and take laha from content. Bhul chuk Maf Rupinder Bhorasahib.com
  13. Rara Sahib and most all Samparyda Marayda states that a Jot must be lit during Akhand path and sehaj path otherwise it is not valid. You will find jot continously burns at rara sahib as there are always paths going on in the main hall
  14. 1. Sikhism (100%) 2. Orthodox Judaism (90%) 3. Neo-Pagan (90%) 4. Hinduism (89%) 5. Bahá'í Faith (82%) 6. Mahayana Buddhism (81%) 7. Liberal Quakers (81%) 8. Reform Judaism (81%) 9. Orthodox Quaker (80%) 10. Unitarian Universalism (78%) 11. Islam (73%) 12. New Age (72%) 13. Jainism (70%) 14. Scientology (64%) 15. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (63%) 16. Eastern Orthodox (59%) 17. Roman Catholic (59%) 18. Seventh Day Adventist (59%) 19. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (58%) 20. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant (57%) 21. New Thought (57%) 22. Theravada Buddhism (54%) 23. Jehovah's Witness (51%) 24. Taoism (48%) 25. Secular Humanism (45%) 26. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (44%) 27. Nontheist (22%)
  15. i can give you the rara Sahib view, the Jot is Lighted for shaheed singh Para, in english, protection for the path by shahhed singhs to make sure it is finished properly. The sgpc havent got 2 brain cells between them and all they do, pollute sikhi!! if you have any other questions, dont hesitate to ask Rupinder www.bhorasahib.com
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