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  1. it's not only physical celibacy, but celibacy of the mind along with redirection of this powerful energy into Naam. This transforms the consciousness and greatly increases the speed at which you move into a state of higher consciousness. Note that this is different than normal worldy intellect. This is a more refined, spiritual intellect. Although I'm certain that the same thing can be used to power an increase in worldly intellect as well.
  2. you need to massage oil onto your scalp. the top of the head, temples, and top back area of the head. any oil is okay, almond oil is pretty good to use. you can also put a bit of oil in your belly button and nostrils if you want.
  3. Xylitol

    Head/Hair care

    Jojoba oil seems to smell nice. pricey though.
  4. I asked Gyani Thakur Singh ji this. He told me that Baba Harnam Singh ji did a massive amount of seva of the udassee sant mentioned at the beginning of the book. That sant didn't give him anything. So even though he didn't follow any sant after he broke with the udassee sant (after that sant wanted him to leave the way of the Khalsa), he still got the phall of doing sewa of a sant. As for Sant Attar Singh ji, I'm certain you could find the lineage previous to him if you search. For more on what Gurbani states is the role of sants see https://khojee.wordpress.com/category/role-of-sants/
  5. Xylitol


    I would always keep Bani playing if I could, even if there is nobody around to here. You don't know if there aren't roohan that you can't see listening. Bhagat ji promotes having Bani on all the time, even if you're doing stuff. This helps a lot on the spiritual path. But obviously not the same as doing paath with focus.
  6. This. This needs to be shared with anyone who walks this path and runs into strange experiences, unexpected changes etc. etc. etc. If you're not sure if your experience is normal, THIS needs to be listened to.
  7. In the Sikh dharm there are many realised sants. However, in this dharm there role is more to help join you with the powerhouse of Gurbani b/c any living master, no matter how realized, will eventually leave their body while Guru Granth Sahib ji will remain.
  8. http://asiasamachar.com/2018/04/12/18692/ good opinion piece http://www.gurmatparchar.com/#/nanak-shah-fakir-review/4589118383 a review by pracharak Sukhjeevan Singh
  9. tons of studies on various kinds of meditation, all applicable to naam simran.
  10. Does anybody know of any sants who go to this area? I don't. Generally when you regularly go to the larger Sikh temples once in a while a sant will come to visit. You can then ask them for help. If I were in your shoes I wouldn't worry and just keep doing bhagti in the meantime.
  11. Just the DDT style. Punjabi University of Patiala models their Punjabi and their attempts to standardize Punjabi on Taksal's santhya b/c they feel that the Taksal has preserved the original language best.
  12. I don't know what it is. But I'll tell you the general principle for all meditation. Just keep focused on the meditation and let whatever sensations / experiences you have be. They will come, whatever is gonna happen will happen, and then they will go. I have found that the the body has energy channels which have blockages, these blockages become opened up *automatically* during meditation. During the process of them opening up, we experience sensations. But these sensations are not the goal of the path, but rather side effects of unblocking. Hence the instruction to stay focused on your meditation. Generally, my feeling is if something happens that might be a health issue we should get it checked out. In kaljug most people don't have a great avastha so stuff that comes up is usually health related rather than spiritual advancement. BUT, keep in mind that sometimes disease is buried deep, and as our body gets cleaned out, we experience colds etc which is garbage coming out of the body. So it's actually a good thing. Finally, if you still are unsure, go meet a sant. The internet cannot give you an accurate diagnosis but a sant who has a high avastha can probably help guide you further as needed. If you let us know which city you live near, we might be able to guide you to a sant.
  13. All sorts of different sensations will be felt at different times as the body and mind become purified. Totally normal. Best to keep focus on naam and just enjoy.
  14. A few points that worked for me when I was younger: burn up all your body’s energy. don’t go to bed with lots of energy left in your body. workout, work, do whatever you need, but this excess energy might bother you if you go to bed with too much in your body. Stay busy in simran, sangat, seva, learning, work, studying whatever. just stay busy. socializing with sangat who are clean is helpful. You’ll know if they are clean b/c you can feel their energy, or at the very least notice if you get increase of wrong thoughts around them working towards a large goal really helps to channel your focus and discipline (as noted above). avoid eating overly sweet or salty or spicy foods. This is especially important in the late afternoon. Avoid all achar from late afternoon onwards. The increased acidity from these foods irritates the sensitive nerves in the genitals, causing the surti to be pulled down. If the surti is just down there, that’s not such a big deal, but most of us will then start to get kaam thoughts b/c we lack discipline. don’t eat too much, only eat as much as the body needs. don’t eat from the hands of a vikaari person, their negative energy will mess with the food you eat. Bhagti things that help: continual simran, it might be easier if you plant your surti in one of the chakras, as it helps anchor it up high. the key is to prevent it from going to the lower chakra. going low isn’t bad, but just makes it more likely to have kaam thoughts b/c of their association with this area. imagine the star on Guru Nanak Sahib ji’s holy charan placed at this chakra, it will help raise your surti. to always have a recording of simran or bani playing helps. When one ear gets tired, switch the mp3 players headphone to the other ear. I used to do this even when watching tv or sleeping. There is a sakhi in which Baba Nand Singh ji advises once per week as maximum. If your partner is amenable it may help to sleep on opposite sides of the bed. Keep in mind that in grihast marg, especially with western partners, we have to be really careful of the other person's feelings. Most Sikhs nowdays are not willing to make sacrifices to advance, and to put forward the idea of making sacrifices in the bedroom is something that goes against most people's understandings, and might hurt their feelings.
  15. Xylitol

    Is Darwin's Theory of Evolution true?

    There was always a theorized missing link between humans and apes. Well, not too long ago the remains of humanoids were found that were placed so far back in the evolutionary past that the current, updated theory of evolution is that humans evolved from other human species, not from apes. It usually takes a long time for popular science to catch up with actual scientific discovery so you might not hear about this