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  1. Baba Biram Das Ji Maharaj

    Who was the next sant after Sant Balwant Singh (Sihore Wale) ji?
  2. kaam Lust

    Bro it's difficult but you need to stay busy. Even if you have nothing to do do some seva, there's always dishes to be washed shoes to be cleaned at the Gurdwara!! That sadhsangat will help protect you. Try to stay in their energy more by going to Gurdwara more often. This is the biggest, easiest thing you can do. On top of that, I found salty or overly sweet foods cause increase in kaam, especially when eaten in the latter half of the day. Same with achar taken in later half of day. Coffee/tea are also stimulating. Eating from manmukh people, their negative thought energy in the food will influence you negatively. Don't leave lots of excess energy in the tank. Work out, go for a run or take martial arts. Burn up that excess energy in useful activity.
  3. Ghost attacks.

    Not Sarbloh, just a regular mala, he picked up and japped something over. If you regularly use any mala it will raise it's vibrations and help focus your mind right when you pick it up. If anyone has any issues with bhoot etc best thing is to go meet a sant and get some help. I can tell you from personal experience that our progress on this path is much slower on our own. If we do sangat with a mahapursh (and obey their bachans) our progress will be much faster.
  4. Hello, I've experienced that pressure that you speak of during meditation. It's a very nice feeling. I recommend that you get a physical done checking your BP and cholesterol etc. Everything is probably fine but it's smart to rule possible health causes b/c you could have spiritual stuff happening at the same time as a health issue. If the tests come out fine, than just follow the general rule which is 'let whatever is happening happen, stay detached, and keep on keeping on with the simran'.
  5. The state of California recently lost a lawsuit forcing them to admit the dangers of cellphone radiation and publicly reveal a great deal of shocking (to the public) revelations about the dangers of cellphone emf. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/03/15/cellphone-emf-dangers.aspx For more on EMF safety see http://www.electricsense.com. You can also buy emf safety products from www.lessemf.com.
  6. Sitting on grass helps me be calmer while doing simran, I feel like I go deeper more easily.
  7. Or learn how to tie a dastaar properly so you can be like all other turban wearing people out there who have no problem like this whatsoever. Don't wear it so tight...
  8. Exactly, all are welcome. However, people are not welcome to try to change the dharam that the Guru ji's started, or the practices which they expected Sikhs to follow. Nobody ever said "If your names not Singh your not coming in".
  9. Kathakars commonly describe jog ras as something that is experienced only while the jogi is in deep meditation, but which disappears when the jogi leaves deep meditation. Naam ras, on the other hand, is experienced continuously b/c you can meditate as you do your worldly tasks. Although the degree of anand may change depending on how deeply you are able to focus on Naam. The higher up spiritually someone is, the more detached they are from the world, and therefore the greater their focus on Naam will be even while engaging in worlldly tasks.
  10. www.gursevak.com you'll find a slowed down Japji paath on there that is designed for santhya
  11. Health Miracles by Gurbani

  12. Shaheed Singhs are pleased by those who do jap and keep rahit. Basically live the ucha sucha life of gursikhs. A sadhu told me that we all get a shaheedi pehra around us when we take Amrit, but if a person fails to keep rahit than after some period of time (several weeks I think) the pehra is lost. If we live this lifestyle they can be around us, but we may not see or feel them. They often help in subtle ways, for example, if some people wish us harm they may change those peoples' thinking using their power. So the help can be subtle, not dramatic or visible at all, but still very significant.
  13. Yup. Lots of evidence on dangers of wireless radiation. This is why cellphones all come with earpieces and small print that says to use the ear piece. They are getting ready to protect themselves for when the inevitable wave of lawsuits begin over brain tumours etc caused by excessive cell phone use.
  14. The key when sitting in crossed leg postures is to just let the legs go to sleep. This will help overcome body consciousness. The feeling of the rug being off the ground etc is due to changes happening in the body, probably a purification of the inner ear channels (an area which is responsible for balance) creating an illusionary feeling. You can safely ignore it. There was a time when i used to feel like I was flying when I sat in asan.
  15. Actually, the crown chakra or brow chakra will also activate everywhere else. But a lot of people can't focus up there, but they can focus on naval chakra or heart chakra. The ideal is to focus on brow chakra and heart chakra at the same time with the greater portion of focus on the brow. if you cannot, then focus on the brow chakra. The heart chakra focus is very helpful b/c it opens up prem.