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  1. Premi

    How Watching TV can affect us

    I will listen to this
  2. That's a thread I'd like to read !
  3. Premi

    Mirpur 1947 – The Untold Story

    The link is your original post doesn't work. Where did you read this?
  4. *FOR UK SANGAT* Baba Ji is currently in the UK, and from 4th-17th September will be doing katha 7:15-8:15pm at Dashemesh Darbar Gurdwara, 99 Rosebery Ave, London E12 6PT. PM me if you need Baba ji's number
  5. Premi

    Trip to india suggestions

    *bump*. Anyone?
  6. Premi

    Why Sikhi failed to spread

    Interesting. Surely the reason that (espeically) 1st and 10th Guru travelled so far, and established Gurdwaras in these places is that one day, Sikhi will spread far. Maybe now we don't have free access to Gurdwaras in Pakistan for example, but in the future, the situation will somehow be very different,
  7. Premi

    Trip to india suggestions

    I too am planning to visit in the next few months, maybe stay for 2-3 weeks. I have always stayed with relatives in Ludhiana or Jalandhar. My main issue would be sorting accomodation so I can be more independent. I plan to start in Delhi (can stay with relatives there for a few nights). From there, in no particular order, I wish to visit some of the following at least: -Damdama Sahib -Mukstsar Sahib -Hazur Sahib - Gurdwaras around Patiala - Gurdwaras in HP and Haryana Anyone able to suggest how I go about doing this?
  8. Premi

    What You Guys Reading These Days?

    Will need to check these out, thanks
  9. I think this applies more to USA than Europe/ UK
  10. Premi

    Profession of Selling Meat

    Dealing with meat, tobacco, prostitution/pornography, crime - all are just wrong!
  11. Premi

    What You Guys Reading These Days?

    Anyone read any interesting books recently?
  12. Premi

    Books On Sikh History

    Where can I buy these online?
  13. Premi

    Rastafari Beliefs

  14. Premi

    Islam: A Good Religion?

    Probably a good religion but not so good people who follow it.
  15. Premi

    Britain’S Part-Time Wives

    I have never seen or heard of this. Can you show some evidence?