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  1. Okie dokes, it's been resolved... thanks Amrik for trying
  2. Lol thank you Amrik for at least trying... Sanj unfortunately is located in Toronto, a bit far from Edmonton.... But if anyone else from Canada has any idea it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks, ~Cj~
  3. Ok, this is in the proper category i know.... Anyways I really need to find some awesome djs out here in Edmonton, AB, Canada for a friends wedding reception on the 31st of July. If any of you have any sort of Information, it'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch
  4. I don't think they would have sold it. I think they may want to preserve it rather than put it on display. Which I think is smarter because if it's out in the public, more chances of it getting ruined/or someone may do something to it. Plus, it is apart of their family heritage too, we have our copies of SGGS w the main msgs from the Guru jis, how would having this help our spiritual progress. Another way of idolization if you ask me.
  5. Yo, let them do what they want, in the end Guru Gobind Singh Ji said (as well it's been mentioned by our other Gurus) Not to worship the pictures but to meditate on the name and the soul of our God... and wasn't it also said that whosoever worships Guru Gobind Singh jis pictures and glorifies him rather than focussin on the SGGS will be cursed... (i've heard that) so if they want to screw themselves over, I say let them... What are we going to get by protesting against ignorant and narrowminded political individuals....we are losing focus on ourselves--- we should strengthen our own identity and then nothing else will matter
  6. The way I see it, if we all keep an open mind, if someone discusses religious matters it won't hurt us will it... in fact it may strengthen us in some regards to see another individual having found peace within themselves... I have had the blessing of seeing many Sant jis and Swami jis and each one has encouraged me to continue the journey.... And if it really matters to you that they won't be preachin what you want to hear, then in the end you should at least respect what they are saying and not judge them for it, because they're doing what they're expected to...(try to think what would our Guru Jis do in such a situation)
  7. I think I've heard that from you somewhere else before Shaka I don't think you could ever leave this site for good... I don't think anyone else could for that matter... might take a break, but somehow we all comeback
  8. The reason why one should focus on the spiritual aspect of life today... esp when no one knows what's going to happen tomorrow....
  9. It's horrible and is just a wake up call I think to the USA that the gov'ts method of trying to quell "terrorism" is not the right way, otherwise incidents such as this would be not occurring... On another note, my family is supposed to be arriving in London later on today..... It's kinda hard when One doesn't have a direct way of knowing what's going on
  10. There's many sung versions of this, one by a gursikh(forgot his name), another by lakhwinder wadali and one by junoon... my personal favorite is the junoon one as it's like sufi rock!... beautiful fusion...
  11. kinda on a side note: hey did u know that the indian gov't is going to be passing a law (or they've already done it) to charge men that marry punjabi kurriyan in punjab w rape if they don't take her overseas (this is coming into effect as there has been an increasing number of men goin there, marrying girls for sex and then walking away from it....) Sad stuff this worlds coming tooo...
  12. oh it's sad, but damn i laughed tooo.... nice one guv...
  13. I'm sorry, but i disagree with a lot of you. I'm not amritdhari, but i feel i'm travelling on that path, and as a fellow human being feel strongly that one cannot impede on the rights of others. These people are a minority and if the majority has their will then basically what we're supporting is majority tyranny in society. And that opens up the way for other majorities to take a stand against any minority...isn't this what we were fighting against when france declared the banishment of religious wear! And yet most of the people here are like "this is against nature, shouldn't support it" "it's wrong!", excuse me but who are we to judge what God's created here, obviously it didn't just rise out of the blue here. Homosexuality has been studied in many ancient societies, it's just been finally given a spot light.... Just because these ppl have different views than us means that they're less human.... I support giving them the right to marriage and after that religious groups can decide whether or not they want to perform such rites....that has been left up to the Religious groups remember that...the gov't isn't forcing the Gurdhwaras to perform them if they don't want to.... So stop the nonsense ppl, because if we support majority tyranny today, something could very well be passed against us in the future (think of France)
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