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  1. Also, I would like to ask what is the purpose of covering the head when one is eating/drinking and going to the toilet? I think I may have heard one time that this is to prevent splashing of dirty water/waste and or food from the head.
  2. I know that this topic was posted 7 years ago, so it's not surprising that the links no longer work. Can anyone post new links? Thank you
  3. The beginning had transliteration of Panjabi into English, but not the later part. Could you please add it Veer ji? Thank you
  4. Why not split sleep between waking up at Amritvela and doing Paath. For example 4 hours sleep before waking, and then 2-3 hours of sleep again (if that fits in with going to work/school early).
  5. "It is home to a substantial community of Sikhs, the city’s most troublesome minority. Not only are Sikhs responsible for a very disproportionate share of crime, but they are culturally incompatible with white Canadians and flex their political muscle in ways that harm white interests. Canada’s Sikhs also have a history of vicious terrorism" This is ridiculous. There is no way they would be able to get away with writing this sort of rubbish in a national newspaper.
  6. I would think "Increasing your personality" means it makes you a stronger personality in your general dealings and with other people. People would respect you more perhaps too.
  7. I have it from a very good source (Gurdwara Karamsar, Ilford, East London) that Suleman is now living in Sacramento, California.
  8. Maybe my views were wrong, but sure seems to have ignited some debate, albeit on other countries! Going back to the BNP, does anyone else think Nick Griffin may actually be working as a government agent? He hasn't forwarded the BNP very much, which is exactly what the Govt would want, yet has been in power for so long. He does also have a public-school and Oxbridge education background as many of the spies and government agents do.
  9. Does anyone know of any Shabad I could do?
  10. She wasn't being very open about being Jewish when she was in the Mosque giving a speech. She also said the BNP would like to "drop you from planes into the sea" (or words to that effect) when addressing people in the Mosque (or was it the African people in the Church?). It isn't just the perceived economic issue (jobs, being given priority for housing) of immigrants changing what was once a completely white area, but a lot of politically correct people out there ignore the language and cultural issues. Would our relatives or forefathers in Panjab be happy if the pinds were swamped with immigrants who have arrived from completely different cultures, speaking their native languages etc? I doubt it. I think immigration ideally should be very gradual over a long period of time for it to work well, otherwise the balance of things changes too soon which makes people feel uneasy.
  11. I think probably like most of the World youth in Pakistan are turning at least a bit away from religion, but I get the impression it is on the whole not changing as much as other countries, like richer Arabic countries.
  12. There are no figures in this article on number of conversions. When going in and out of Central London I don't see that many white women wearing headscarves etc. The Daily Mail is a very right-wing newspaper which likes to sensationalise such issues, so I wouldn't take too much notice of what they are saying.
  13. I know that this is an old topic but I have become increasingly annoyed with my sleep recently. There are three aspects of my sleep that I want to address: 1)I find it generally difficult to get to sleep (definitely more than everyone I know). 2)I sleep very deep so I find it difficult to get out of bed (in other words, I'm lazy!) 3)I want to cut down the amount of sleep I need to feel refreshed (currently 7 hours) I know that there are a lot of lifestyle approaches, e.g. sleep hygiene rules, waking up at same time everyday, doing exercise, avoiding reading etc in bed, but I'm aware of those things already. Can anyone suggest a Bani/Shabad that I can do to help me with these sleep issues? Many thanks!
  14. Simply, I would like to know what are the meanings of the Gurus' names if anyone can share this knowledge, as I think it is important to know what the names of such important beings mean. I can only think immediately that 'Ram Das' means 'slave of God' but I'm stuck on the others
  15. Thanks for that. I went to the http://www.sgpc.net/historical-gurdwaras/i...as_in_india.asp site, but it definitely does not seem to list all Gurdwaras, and the pages are in some weird english (i think it's meant for Gurmukhi script translation, which i have installed, but it's not coming up right. Maybe it's just like with the Hukamnama, which does sometimes not come up correctly in Gurmukhi).
  16. Can the sikhawareness sangat please, if they know any, list links for all 'Waheguru' simran audio files on the net please
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