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  1. n e more like this??? absolutely bueatifulll!! also, which raagi is this by????
  2. truly an amooolak site!! soooo much katha keertan by soo many Chardeekala mahaaaaa pursh!! keep up the good work!!
  3. ok another Nanaksar maryada question... (maybe i shudve started another thread..) When reciting the Sampat Sukhmanee Sahib as prescibed by Baba Nand Singh jee maharaj you see after every astpadee the sampat of 'Sukhmanee Sukh Amrit Prabh Naam|| Bhagat Jana key Mnn Bisraam||'. However, after this comes there also come, in written form, '8'/'att' and the number of the astpadee just completed e.g. if you've just completed the 3rd astpadee then it will read att tin. I wanted to know why the numbers are necessary/whats the reasoning behind them? btw, for those interested, the other sampat is 'Satnaam Sri Vaheguroo' after reciting the salok.
  4. greeeeat Any rare vids of Bhai Sahib Bhai Balbeer Singh jee
  5. How do u use it 'right' please explain.. I heard that theres a way of holding mala (used by various mahapursh), something like only the thumb and one finger is suppose to be used (could be wrong). Also, are u suppose to go clockwise or anticlockwise (although if u turn it around it doesnt matter lol) Anyway, we can think of these as just technicalities but I suppose its good to know small jugiteaa as they do help if, again, 'used' in the right way
  6. Apparently this practice was phased out a while back due to the reasons as N30 singh mentioned, rightly so as well!!
  7. lol Nanank tey mukh ujlay, KETHEE SHUTEE NAAL || !!!!
  8. checked earler before the kam1825's post and was online! nows its off again
  9. Vaheguroo jee ka Khalsa Vaheguroo jee kee Fathey couple of questions: Having listened to many katha/vichar by Taksali Gurmukh pyarey including Giani Thakur Singh ji, they always start off with a shabad reciting the names of the ten Satgurus and ends with "Waheguroo je de fathey....Bigun banasan sohe" or something similar. Where is this from? Im guessing its from Gur Partap Suraj granth?? Also, where does "Nanak naam chardee kala Teray bhaney sarbat da balah" originate from? Lastly where does "Anand gunee nidan, Guru gareeb nivaaj" (mangala charan used by nearly all Raagee) originate from?? hope u can all help...!!
  10. mehagargs jee you can download all the Gurbanee ure asking 4 from: http://www.sikhnet.com/s/DownloadBanis btw theyre spelt differenlty on the website so ive pasted the sections that you'll be interested in: Jaap Sahib Tav Parsaad Svaye (Sraavag Sud) Kabyo Bach Baynti Chaupai Hope that helps...
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