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  1. Excellent. Nice to see someone that makes you feel proud and worthy.
  2. One of the most accurate explanations of western women. It pretty much nails the difference in behavior and psyche
  3. Dhandrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    I think that's a good joke; if it was meant to be? ... So, lets discuss Socrates because he quoted "Strong minds discuss ideas, Average minds discuss events, Weak minds discuss people." We could also discuss the disappointment you have with Socrates for stating this! "weak minds discuss people" is too broad of a quote to make really. My concern and correction is; yes, doing chugliyaan and nindiya is very weak minded. This is ONLY if one does the chugleee/talking with some degree of negative intention; which is directed towards a person who may no be there to defend themself. However, i don't feel there is anything weak about discussing someone's actions which are being perceived negatively by the majority. In this case Dhadrianwala's intentions are coming across as negative and harmful to the sikh public in general.
  4. More so. Lots of stories and tales from mahapurkhs have the core messages mistranslated and distorted over time. The listener receives the superficial understanding most of the time and has little idea if the gurmat message. Classic examples like the Ajamal and narayan story give incorrect messages that Ajamal simply uttered "narayan" without any dhyian on akaal purakh and was given a second chance on his near death experience.
  5. FIrst, there are many nishanees that gurbani mentions of WHEN you are out of lakh chaurasi. That is just one stage, it means mukhti from joons. Then there is the complete mukhti, which is when you are merged in Nirankar as if "absolute" -> completely dissolved.
  6. This is because your flow of prana is imbalanced and getting obstructed in places. In order to understand this, you have to realise that there is 1) Your physical body and 2) your subtle body (sukham) . In order to be enlightened, these have to be in harmony and in sync. That's why, your body is your temple. Whenever the energy accumulations in your sukham sareer get too vast, then they have to transform directly into your physical body. This is why emotions, feelings and states of mind all affect our physical body. Feeling shitty, depressed, stressed leads to popular symptoms of many physical ailments etc. I've repeatedly stressed in the past that it's important to maintain good posture and be seated upright when doing jap. This allows prana to flow more freely. Also note, that Yoga means to jog, which means to join/merge. True yoga is about the science behind joining your Sukham and physical sareer and to keep them vibrating at equal frequencies. First step is to jog your physical and subtle, your miri and piri, your inner and outer. After this, one can move further in order to jog self-jyot Waheguru jyot. It's all about how you abolish levels of duality and become more pure in order to merge with Akaal Purakh (joti jot milaayai) In my opinion, what you need to do and get stronger with is... focus on prana flowing with saas by doing the saas graas/saas saas techniques with slight navel pull in and out. Done properly, this should pave the path of flow without sudden obstructions and eruptions. Activate and keep all energy flowing upwards from navel.
  7. Insanity

    I can't recall where i may have mentioned it, but I have a good idea of what they are. Gurmantar should get you whizzing pass them after a few occasions. Then you move on to some higher planes with different sounds. No, it's not the sacha shabad yet. Sacha shabad is 24/7 and that's the beauty of it. My explanation is that these blasts and alternating amplitudes are like breakthrough sounds. Breakthrough meaning, the opening and activating of channels/nadis. These help to make way for the sukhmana naree to awaken. There are lots of dev loks and heaven planes. As you go higher and higher, the shabad gets closer. Remember that the shabad comes from Nijh Ghar in amritsar(amrit sarover). Don't get too concerned or mixed up into calling it dev lok shabad, because this may cause you some confusion later. You can pm me, and I can tell you my understanding of what level loks you may be at. You are just getting some teasers of intoxication yet. Just think what lays ahead? There will be days and weeks of constant intoxication where you will not sleep and be wanting to meditate 24/7. These peaks are out of this world, and your mind shall be celebrating "mann vajiyaah vadainyan" Excellent. Spoken like a true vadhbaghee. I wouldn't get too wrapped up about going into sunn until your foundations are strong. ....I know, ...I wasted so much time trying to rush into sunn samadhis. You wanna strengthen your foundations with gurmantar and the experiences it takes you through. Later, you'll be able to sit down and get into deep meditative states within seconds by going straight into antarghat. I'd recommend practicing rom rom jugtee with pure heart and energy. Once this gets pargat with kirpa, later stages become more controllable.
  8. Insanity

    What you are trying to describe is explained in gurbani, particularly Anand sahib. Read carefully from pauris 6 onward and especially pauris 10,11,12 onward. In short, the disassociation, the "so what"... "don't give a hoot" is because of the association with Naam. Getting attached to Naam means getting detached from maya (Emotionally). When you start getting attached to Naam and start following this connection, then it becomes the beginning of Bhagat path. This is where Anand sahb says "bhagati ki chaal narali" because a little later in that pauri it says.... ਖੰਨਿਅਹੁ ਤਿਖੀ ਵਾਲਹੁ ਨਿਕੀ ਏਤੁ ਮਾਰਗਿ ਜਾਣਾ ॥ Kẖanni▫ahu ṯikẖī vālahu nikī eṯ mārag jāṇā. The path they take is sharper than a two-edged sword, and finer than a hair. This is similar to the advait vedanta you mentioned above. To walk the path of non-dualism is the very fine line that's not either side of khanda.. I can talk a lot more about it and I know it's a lengthy period of confusion. When i was feeling similar and at times questioning my own sanity, I became at ease after being reassured by a gurmukh. I was told to ask myself and answer if "My mind felt more purified than previous and less clouded ?" You should ask yourself the same. SPOILER ALERT!!! Only after your mind becomes more purified, will your own Jyot (Anoop jyot) become pargat. This is also refereed to as "Jhill mill" because it is this jyot saroop of the mnd that "mils" (merges) with Waheguru jyot
  9. Wouldn't we say that bani, that which is composed by Mahaalla 2,3,4, etc. and referenced as "Nanak", came from beyond maya, whilst Gurus where in states of Chautha pad. This includes bhagat, batt bani for which there is also a lot of complementing Gurus bani.
  10. Simran

    Good question. The answer or the answers are all in Gurbani. Bani is the Guru, and the guru shows the sevak/student if they are following and treading the path to light correctly or not. What you will find in Gurbani is "NISHANEES"...("Insignia") There are so many of them and a lot of them are written esoterically in multilevel mystical shabads. This is because everybody's experiences will be unique and different to the student next to them. A certain student may get an asserting confirmation as they may be able to relate to it in one way or the other. This is why it is important to read gurbani, sing gurbani, listen to kirtan whilst doing your own inner recitations of bani as much as possible. Bani says....Nit uth gavoh prabh ki bani, aath pahar har simrahau parani. Many early nishanees can seem quite physical like tasting Amrit rass. Sweet nectar of amrit before naam is usually a nishanee for a taste of whats to come and to confirm that Waheguru is listening and acknowledging. This is often mistaken with amrit that comes later (naam amrit) , which is a whole different ball game that impels many different changes. The cycles of sounds(pavan shabads NOT anahad shabads) are also nishanees of channels/naadis opening up inside in order to activate the central sukhmana channel upwards.
  11. About sex

    That doesn't make sense. The universe runs in cycles with day-night, weeks, months, lunar etc.. the female shakti power is also in sync with lunar(female) energies. Fertility reaches peaks and troughs like most universal energies. Sikhi, gurbani or rehat doesn't stipulate that you can only have sex for reproduction, otherwise the female would be fertile at all times. Nowadays, it's easy to determine if one is infertile. Some marriages are not destined to have children, so does this couple never engage in intimacy? -> Will only lead to the marriage breaking down. Need to check the other thread with regards to kaam and how it's misunderstood. This is spot on. Even buddha speaks about this and how you should re-direct those energies in meditation towards spiritual practice. The prana is lost and wasted in kaam, but it can also be abundant if one does spiritual practice of enshrining God's naam or doing jaap at hirda. There are countless references of keeping the lord's name vibrating in the heart. Heart has an enormous amount electromagnetic energy that can keep a constant supply of vitality(prana).
  12. @Ragmaala Congratulations and well done, wishing you both all the heavenly and divine blessings. That's a tricky question but it does depend on your attitude and approach in such matters. I sense that your notion would be quite sensible , therefore it's wise to take these matters at a steady pace and let hukam lead the way. I'd say that it'a priority for both of you to understand the significance of anand karaj. Anand karaj is about marriage of the mind to the shabad(waheguru). The sacred ceremony asserts the unity and bond formed between your Two jyots (husband and wife) AND taking the pledge to pursue the journey in merging your Jyots with Waheguru Jyot. The meanings of anand karaj become deeper over time and that's the beauty of gurbani, (our guru) Having this understanding should help attain a mindset and attitude that can support the build up and strengthening of eternal and divine bonds between the two of you. These may already be there, but the sensible attitude will help flourish them naturally, i.e. the "Karaj" will grow stronger and the "anand" shall prosper further. As i said in the post above, 'kaam' is about the indries and shouldn't really be in the equation.. It's about the hirdas trying to merge in each other's jyot that lead to acts of intimacy. This is the true jyog and bhog, not the kaam desires of senses. I recommend practicing simran or quiet jap from the hirda area. This is not directly where physical heart is but it's, a little across to the center of chest area. As a medic, you will be aware that the heart area has so much dynamic activity which is continuously occurring with hukam. It's amazing with all the different chemical actions, contractions, electrical and magnetic charges that play. The heart's electromagnetic field is about 60 times greater than the brain(ECG to EEG), which is why it is imperative that you do jap in that area as it will have a greater chance or energizing your pineal gland area and the empty small cave above it (sehaj guffa). You wanna practice jap on hirda and when it's occurring with pace and you feeling energy, you wanna direct it upwards. You can feel the electromagnetic power from other's heart from a few feet away, especially if it's pumping unconditional energies of love and truth. (try it!)
  13. I'll reiterate my previous post above from last year again. I feel it's quite important and hopefully someone may understand the divine aspects of procreation and how the act of bhog can become an act of worship without any carnal pleasures. I understand that references like panch baeil, panch parhu, panch dokh are mistakenly translated as the panch dhoots, but they are actually referring to the panch indries of "body" . Five thieves, Panch dhoot, Panch chor etc are mostly referencing the five passions in the "mind" . In maya, the five gyan indries or five senses are controlled by the Mind and we also let them control the mind. We have desires for taste, smell, touch, sight and to hear. In terms of kaam, we let the gyan indries control the mind by letting the mind wanting to see kaami, to touch kaami, to hear kaami and to smell the scent of woman(kaami) . These are pure carnal desires and they are prevalent because Mind is not under control. Nirankar doesn't want you procreating if Mind's not under control does he? ... Yet we are foolishly taught and told about whats taboo as well as erotica, which gives the assumption that kaam is a necessary evil for creation of mankind. We convince ourselves that arousal and intimacy can only occur if gyan indries are directed towards kaam, meaning they are controlling mind and the mind isntt being controlled by Ek. Gurbani tell you this ਪੰਚ ਚੇਲੇ ਵਸਿ ਕੀਜਹਿ ਰਾਵਲ ਇਹੁ ਮਨੁ ਕੀਜੈ ਡੰਡਾਤਾ ॥੧॥Pancẖ cẖele vas kījėh rāval ih man kījai dandāṯā. ||1||Let the five passions be disciples under your control, O begging Yogi, and make this mind your walking stick. ||1|| and ਪੰਚ ਜਨਾ ਲੇ ਵਸਗਤਿ ਰਾਖੈ ਮਨ ਮਹਿ ਏਕੰਕਾਰੇ ॥੧॥Pancẖ janā le vasgaṯ rākẖai man mėh ekankāre. ||1||The five passions are kept under control, and the One Lord dwells in the mind. ||1|| We let our mind feed and be influenced by maya, Instead, we should let our soul/atma/spiritual self be the master of the mind . Not let maya drenched mind be the master of spiritual self. How do yo do this? ..... By doing simran to wash the mind of maya filth, then practicing to get single-pointed attention on the Nirankar. Eventually mind will be under subjugation and hopefully you are able to make it ik-mikh with the shabad. This stage will help the antar jyot to manifest and one can see their own jyot of soul/nirankar. This is when mind can recognize that it is jyot saroop (man tu jyot saroop hai) and that it had become a slave to maya and ego, but all along,... it's mool(root) was Nirankar. Now, the amazing part is that when man and woman are in the act of bhog, it becomes a very divine act of worship without a single element of kaam. This is where kaam is very misunderstood and foolishly accepted as a necessity. I can't really explain it any further because it can't be comprehended without experience.
  14. Yes, yippee!. .....I've been trying to say this and find someone who knows what i'm talking about. You got it boy! Physical strength, stamina, but more importantly the inner strength and feeling of bir ras and being fearless. As if you know you are protected. On top of this i can also connfirm that at my age my hair was beginning to thin quite rapidly. However, it made a u-turn and went heavier as well as changing color with lots of shades of light gold/brown. It had been jet black all my life. Oh yes, and the "glow" along with the radiance that can appear. Other's usually notice it first and when it first started happening; my wife would often say that my skin appeared as if i'd been having full beauty facials! I think this glow and radiance appears in your aura because other higher avastha gurmukhs take notice and you too may also notice some genuine gurmukhs on higher planes of consciousness. Enormous amounts of energy and very little sleep. Other's start worriyng thinking that you have insomnia. Quite often I have sat in simran for several hours from early amrit-vela at 2.00 /2.30 am until about 7.30 am when kids are getting up. Not explainable really. But you do realize the amount of spiritual energy that gets drained unknowingly by the ways in which most people live and spend their days, especially when they think they are doing things to relax. YES! this is when you can connect to the naam/shabad 24/7. Hammering and ignoring the 5 dhuts gives you control over maya. All of our maya ties and problems start off in the thought processes of Duality. It's either this or that.. When you have no thoughts and just focus on the EK, the dhoots start to back off a little. Good on you boy for kicking kaam in the face! I'm sure that your gonna reach even greater heights. There's a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about kaam and people think that it is necessary to procreate. It's not!