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  1. Uniting Nirgun and Sargun in Sunn Samadhi is a very high spiritual stage. When an ordinary person is blessed with it, they are transformed into a Sat Hirda. This is what happens when our Ardas is heard in the Dargah and we are blessed with this GurParsaad. This is a GurParsaad of a very high order. When the Nirgun and Sargun become one in an ordinary person then a Puran Sant Hirda is born. When an ordinary Hirda is transformed into a Sat Hirda in all physical and divine senses, then a Puran Braham Gyani comes into existence in the world. When the Nirgun and Sargun becomes one inside a person moving on the Bandgi path, He completes His Bandgi and is blessed with Puran Braham Gyan and achieves the Param Padvi. Nirgun is the One who is beyond the three aspects of Maya and cannot be seen with the physical eyes. He can only be seen and experienced with the divine eye, Dib Drisht – Gyan Netter. Nirgun is the divine super infinite power that we call “Ik Oankaar Sat Naam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Murat Ajuni Saibhun(g).” Sargun is the One who is present in every creation and operates the creation. This is the divine power that runs every creation. In human beings it is the life element, it is the soul that runs the physical body. It is the divine power present in the form of Sat Sarovars as a part of the Suksham Dehi which is the soul. This divine power is responsible for making us breath and pumping our heart. It keeps all of the organs of the body functioning and the body alive. In the same way this divine infinite power is present in every creation and keeps the creation running and operating. This divine power keeps the fire contained in the wood. The same divine power keeps hydrogen and oxygen together and makes it water. However, these are two completely incompatible elements and cannot be stored together. One is highly combustible and the other one is a catalyst for fire, but they are held together in the form of water which sustains life. Nirgun and Sargun become one when we are blessed with this divine wisdom that our physical body, which is part of Sargun, has been created by the Nirgun and is being run by the Nirgun which is the Infinite Divine Power – Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar Ji. This divine wisdom is called the Puran Tat Gyan, Puran Braham Gyan. Just as our physical body, which is Sargun, is the creation of the Creator and is run by Akal Purakh’s Nirgun Infinite Divine Power, so in the same way, every creation is created by the Creator and also run by His Infinite Divine Power. The Infinite Divine Power that runs the individual creations, being present in individual creations, is called His Sargun Saroop. The Infinite Divine Power that is beyond the three aspects of Maya is called His Nirgun Saroop. When the barrier of Maya is removed, then there remains no difference between the two. Sargun and Nirgun become one within us and such a soul merges with the Nirgun Saroop and becomes one with God. It is the Divine Truth that when we go beyond the three aspects of Maya and defeat Maya and kill our Haumai, then we being Sargun become one with Nirgun. Then there remains no difference between Nirgun and Sargun. This means merger in God. Also, since every creation is run by this Sargun Infinite Divine Power, this is how Akal Purakh is omnipresent and runs the entire creation. When Nirgun and Sargun become one in a person moving on this divine path of Bandgi, then the mind, Hirda, soul and body is taken over by the Infinite Divine Power and that person goes into a state of complete silence. This is a state completely free of thoughts and is called Sunn Samadhi. This is the highest level of Simran because when this happens then the entire mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into Naam Simran and is absorbed in Amrit. When we go into Sunn Samadhi then we are unable to tell how much time has passed. There remains no effect of time and space. In fact, we go beyond time and space during that period when our mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into complete silence. This stage of Bandgi has been called Maha Parmarath in GurBani. “Sunn samaadh maha parmarath,” this means that Sunn Samadhi is the most rewarding state of mind, Hirda, soul and body. When we go into Sunn Samadhi then whatever may be happening physically around us does not register. We do not hear anything; we have no thoughts at all in our mind and our Hirda, soul and body are filled with Amrit – we are in a state of complete eternal bliss. In Sunn Samadhi, our mind, Hirda, soul and body enters into complete peace and wherever there is complete peace there is complete silence and God appears right there and then. Our Rom Rom vibrates with Naam. Every cell of our body enters into Naam Simran. Our body is filled with Amrit. All of our Sat Sarovars become enlightened and overflow with Amrit. All of our Bajjar Kapaats open, including the Dassam Duaar and we are blessed with Panch Shabad Anhad Naad music in our Dassam Duaar on a continuous basis. This stage of spirituality and divine bliss is basically, beyond description, it can only be experienced and cannot be explained. When Nirgun and Sargun become one then there is a complete takeover of our mind, Hirda, soul and body by the Infinite Divine Power and all of our senses and body come under the Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh Ji. Those who are blessed with the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva, when focused on Naam Simran for long sessions go into Sunn Samadhi in a short period of time. The ones who dedicate and surrender themselves completely to the Guru with Tunn, Munn and Dhann are blessed with this stage of Bandgi very soon. Please keep in mind that your dedication and surrender at the Sat Charans of your Guru is not complete unless these actions are filled with trust, devotion and love for your Guru and also that there is no difference between the Guru and God. The ones who think that there is no difference between God and Guru are blessed with the GurParsaad of Sunn Samadhi very soon. The various stages of Naam Simran are explained with GurParsaad next. Please take some time to read this divine writing and to benefit from it. There are people whose life hae been totally transformed by Guru Daata Karta just by reading this divinely blessed writing. The Stages Of Naam Simran Ajapa Jaap is the spiritual condition of a person when Naam Simran goes on automatically in their Surat and then in their Hirda and so on as explained below. It means that Simran doesn’t stop at any moment day or night even whilst sleeping, talking, walking or eating. It carries on internally automatically and such a condition only comes with the GurKirpa and after a lot of Bhagti Kamai or can also be more easliy attained with the Kirpa of a Puran Braham Gyani. The normal sequence is as follows:- 1. Jaap (reciting) with the tongue (Rasna). This happens in Dharam Khand. 2. Jaap with the breath (Swaas). This happens in Gyan Khand and Saram Khand 3. Naam goes into your mind (Surat), into your thinking. It now becomes internal Simran and is no longer oral Jaap. This is a very good stage. This happens in Saram Khand and Karam Khand. Some people go into Samadhi at this stage. 4. Simran goes into the Hirda. This a much higher stage. This is where it goes on automatically and where the real Bhagti starts. One goes into Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi. This happens in Karam Khand. When you go into Samadhi the real Bhagti starts because your Bhagti account is opened in Dargah. 5. Simran travels to the Nabhi Chakra (navel area) and the Nabhi Kamal (lotus) blossoms. This is also in Karam Khand 6. Simran goes into the base of the spine area called the Mooladhaar Chakra and activates the Kundalini Shakti to rise up the spine. This is also in Karam Khand 7. Simran travels up through the spine to the brain area and back into the Surat where it completes the cycle. This is what the real Mala of Naam is. When this happens then the Gyan Netter and Dassam Duaar open and you form a permanent connection with Akal Purakh. You start to get the Braham Gyan directly from God. This happens in Sach Khand. The Anand (enjoyment) in Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi is beyond description. That is why the Maha Purakhs go into very deep meditation some time for days on end. You experience a lot of things during your Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi; see a lot of things; meet a lot of Sants and Gurus; see Param Jyot; have conversations with the Sants and Akal Purakh and even more that is beyond description. This is the stage when all of the divine doors, the Bajjar Kapaats are opened and there is a continuous flow of Amrit filling the body. 8. The Simran in Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi continues until Nirgun and Sargun become one. At this point Simran goes into Rom Rom, meaning that every bit of your body does Naam Simran. Your Suksham Dehi becomes as pure as gold. Your entire body is drenched with Naam Amrit all of the time. You become Braham Leen (absorbed in God) and reach the Atal Awastha. These stages are beyond description and GurBani explains it best, “Sat chit anand ghar hamare,” “Gurmukh rom rom har dhyae,” and “Sargun nirgun nirankaar sunn samadhi aap, apan kia nanka apan hi fir jaap.” One lives in Puran Parkash all of the time and listens to Ilahi Kirtan (divine inner Kirtan) all of the time. It is just an incredible experience. This is when one becomes Sat Ram Dass and is directed by the Almighty to serve the Sangat. This is what your target should be when you have been prompted to move on the Bhagti Marg. Just to illustrate how much more powerful one stage is than another, we can put it like this:- 1000 x Naam Jaap with the Rasna = 1 Naam Jaap with the Swaas. 1000 x Naam Jaap with the Swaas = 1 Naam Simran in the Surat. 1000 x Naam Simran in the Surat = 1 Naam Simran in the Hirda and beyond. Doing Simran in the Hirda and beyond is the most rewarding. Just doing Naam Simran once in the Hirda is 1000,000,0000 times more powerful than doing 1 Jaap with the Rasna.. Some people may think that we are getting into counting the benefit and it is correct to say that we should not indulge in counting how much Simran we have done as God is beyond calculations and it will just lead us into ego. However, this example is just a way to make the Sangat understand the differences between Jaap and Simran of Naam. The numbers above are not exact calculations, but just a way of saying that the rewards of doing Naam Simran in the Hirda are phenomenally higher than doing Jaap with the Rasna or Swaas. However, for beginners if you do Jaap with you Rasna, your Rasna will become Pavitter – holy. By doing Jaap along with your Swaas, your Swaas will become Pavitter. By doing Naam Simran in your Surat, your mind will become Pavitter. This is exactly what you need to do to make your mind Pavitter. This is how you will gain control over your mind, “Munn jeete jag jeet,” “Munn tu jyot saroop hai.” This is how you will be able to rise above the mental sicknesses of Panj Doots, Trishna, Nindya, Chugli, Bakhili, Raj, Joban, Dhann, Maal, Roop, Ras and Gandh. When Naam Simran goes into the Hirda it does so by itself under GurKirpa and makes the Hirda Pavitter. A Pavitter Hirda then becomes Maha Parupkari and Dana Dina, Nirbhao, Nirvair and so on. It begins absorbing all of Akal Purakh’s vital qualities and becomes a Puran Sant Hirda. It achieves Jivan Mukti which is the Param Padvi and receives the Braham Gyan direct from Braham. One does not become a Sant by wearing a Chola (white religious dress, symbols, long hair, turban, mala and so on) and following religious rituals and conducting religious ceremonies. The true definition of a Sant is the Hirda that becomes Puran Sachyara (completely full of Truth). The Hirda becomes a Sant when the Naam Rattan (jewel of Naam) goes into the Hirda and becomes the foundation stone. Please try to understand what a Sant truly is and pray to get the Naam Rattan planted into your Hirda too. After being planted in the Hirda the Naam goes into the Nabhi and spine and so on. All of this happens by itself under GurKirpa and not by our own efforts. It will only happen under Hukam. The higher state of Amrit is Naam Amrit and “Prabh ka simran sabh te uncha,” “Har simran me aap nirankaara,” “Kinka ek jis jee basave taki mahima gani naa aawe,” “Har ke naam samsr kichu naahin,” “Tudh baajh kudo kood,” “Eh dhan sancho howo bhagwant.” So please try to make your life cleaner by rising above the Panj Doots, killing your desires and not indulging in Nindya. Rise above all the doubts, Dubidha and Dharam Ke Bharams. Follow the Braham Gyan of GurBani in your daily lives. Become a Puran Sachyara, serve the Truth and achieve your goal of Jivan Mukti. You will make more progress on this path by following and living according to GurBani. Simran is the most important ingredient in GurBani. By living according to GurBani and doing more and more Simran, you become more and more Sachyara – full of Truth. Your Atmik Awastha (spiritual state) will keep on moving upwards through the five Khands and in Sach Khand you will reach Chad Di Klaa. This is a very high stage of spirituality. It is the completeness stage. It comes only after reaching the Atal Awastha. This is when the soul is always in the Nirlep Awastha meaning that it cannot be distracted or deviated no matter what is happening around you. Regardless of what is going on around you no doubts and Bharams come inside you regarding the Gur, Guru and GurBani. This is the highest stage of Bandgi. It is the Puran Braham Gyan stage; the Param Padvi stage; the Sach Khand stage when nothing can break you from the Gur, Guru and GurBani. This is when you have completely won over Maya. At this stage you:- · become single vision, · are unaffected by worldly Sukh or Dukh, · have no animosity with anybody, · feel no effect from your Ustat or Nindya, · are always absorbed in the Almighty, · are always doing good for others, · are not harming nor hurting anyone, · have won over the Panj Doots, desires and Maya. This state of Chad Di Klaa comes through Naam. The SatGuru’s prayed to God that if it is in God’s will, then Naam Chad Di Klaa be given to everyone in the whole world for their upliftment, “Nanak naam chad di klaa. Teray bhanay sarbatt da bhalla.” When you are in this state of Chad Di Klaa you also help others to reach it too. That is a Sant’s reason for being in this world. Returning to the meaning of this Astpadi, for the Guru all are same, each one of the Sangat is equal and has equal opportunity to be blessed with this GurParsaad, but our spiritual progress depends upon how much we give up at the Charan Sharan of the Guru. Our gains are according to our dedication, surrender, trust, devotion and love for the Guru. Many people complain that they are not able to focus on Naam Simran and that they cannot sit very long for Naam Simran. The basic reason for their inability to focus on Naam Simran is their lack of dedication, lack of complete surrender, lack of trust, lack of devotion and love for the Guru. Bandgi is very simple and easy – just give up everything at the Charan Sharan of the Guru and Guru will take care of the rest. We humbly request at the Charans of those who complain about very little or no spiritual progress despite them living a very religious life for a long time, to dedicate themselves at the Charan Sharan of the Guru in a practical way,. Giving Tunn means dedicating yourself to Seva with your physical body such as long sessions of Naam Simran. Giving Munn means literally following the words of the Guru and giving Dhann means giving one tenth of your earnings at the Charans of the Guru. All of this should be backed with trust, devotion and love for the Guru and if you do so then there is no negative power that is powerful enough to stop you from being blessed with the GurParsaad. Astpadi. jab akaar ih kachh na daristaytaa. paap Punn tab kah tay hotaa. jab Dhari aapan sunn samaaDh. tab bair biroDh kis sang kamaat. jab is ka baran chihan na jaapat. tab harakh sog kaho kiseh bi-aapat. jab aapan aap aap Paar Braham. tab Moh kahaa kis hovat bharam. aapan khayl aap varteejaa. nanak karnaihaar na doojaa. 1. Sunn Klaa is the highest divine power of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. It has been described in GurBani that the entire creation is created by the Creator using His Sunn Klaa. Sunn means complete silence, complete peace and Klaa means the divine power. The following GurParsaadi article describes this Salok by Dhan Dhan SatGuru Nanak Patshah Ji, “Sunn Klaa Aprampar Dhari.” This Divine Truth explained in the following article is that Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji was sitting Himself in Sunn Samadhi for a very long period of time before He created Himself and His Naam and then He created the creation. Complete silence and complete peace has therefore, been His Infinite Divine Power. The ones who go into this state of mind, Hirda, soul and body are blessed with the Infinite Divine Power which transforms them completely. Then for them, the Nirgun and Sargun becomes one when everything is taken over by the Infinite Divine Power. The person in this stage sees, feels and experiences the presence of this Infinite Divine Power in every creation and when this happens then there remains nothing else to know or do. The Omnipresent One is seen everywhere, everything is seen happening with this Infinite Divine Power, the logic ends, and Infinite Divine Power takes over. Sunn Klaa – God’s Highest Divine Power Of Complete Silence This article aims to give a glimpse of the Total Truth. Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham’s highest and most powerful divine status which is described by the following Shabads:– · Sunn Klaa: God’s highest divine power is that of complete silence. · Sarabh Klaa Bharpoor: God is full of all the super divine powers. · Aprampar: God is the self-created Creator who is Infinite, has no boundaries and has no dimensions. · Sarav Viapak:. God is omnipresent. · Agam Agochar: God cannot be seen or observed through the five senses. The Divine Eye, Dib Drisht, is required to see, hear and feel Him within. The entire creation has originated from the Sunn Klaa, this is God’s highest divine power of complete silence and complete stability. As well as being the highest divine power, Sunn Klaa is also the highest level of spiritual attainment. This is where the soul experiences perfect silence as there are absolutely no thoughts and no distractions in this state of complete stability. Sunn Klaa is the state that Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar has remained in for countless Ages. This is the state in which He lives and this is where He can be realized. Any soul which reaches this level of complete silence achieves and realizes Him, that is also why GurBani says, “Sunn smaadh maha parmarath.” This is where the soul merges with the Almighty. This part of Infinity is Braham Himself. A merged soul is not distracted at all by Maya and completely stable. After complete realization the soul remains in this state permanently. This is where all of the spiritual and eternal powers come into a soul and then there remains no difference between such a soul and Paar Braham Himself. Such a soul becomes a:- · Puran Sant SatGuru, · Puran Braham Gyani, · The GurParsaadi Naam Amrit Ka Daata, · The GurParsaadi Naam Ka Beopari, · a living God on Earth, · “Nanak braham gyani aap parmeshwar,” · “Braham gyani mukt jugat jeea kaa data,” · “Braham gyani puran purakh vidhataa,” · “Banak sadh prabh bhed naa bhaaee,” · “Ram sant dohen ek hain.” Maaroo Mehulaa 1 Sunn klaa apranpaar dhhaaree. SGGS 1037-1038 In the Salok we are now discussing, God has been very kind upon us by giving us the Braham Gyan about this highest level of Eternity, spirituality and divinity known as Sunn Klaa. “Maaroo Mehulaa 1” means that Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar has given us this Braham Gyan through Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Nanak Patshah Ji who Himself had achieved that level of Eternity. Let us try to understand it and bring these priceless jewels and diamonds inside us and by doing so learn the purpose of our human life and achieve salvation – Jivan Mukti. This power of complete silence, Sunn Klaa, is the highest eternal power of Eternity – Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar. There is nothing above this Divine power where there is a complete silence and no distractions, complete stability. This is where Almighty resides and lives. This is where he remotely controls and executes His Hukam. Such a state of spirituality and eternal power is known as Sunn Klaa. This is where there is nothing less than complete silence. Such a state is also defined as Param Jyot Puran Parkash. This is also sometimes referenced as Braham Khand – the inner most part of Sach Khand where the Creator and only Doer resides. When a soul reaches the level of Bhagti where there is complete silence, complete freedom from thoughts and no distractions, then that soul has won over everything. That soul has won over the mind and Maya – Panj Doots and all desires. Such a soul becomes one with the Almighty. Then there remains no difference between Akal Purakh and such a soul. It becomes a Puran Sant SatGuru, a Puran Braham Gyani by virtue of this highest level of Eternal Power. Sunn klaa apranpaar dhhaaree. Aap niraalum apur apaaree. Aapae kudhurath kar kar dhaekhai sunnuhu sunn oupaaeidhaa 1. The self-created Creator who is Infinite, has no boundaries, has no dimensions, has been in existence even from the beginning of this universe, because He is the only Creator and the only Doer. All of His eternal and Divine powers are His own creations. The Creator creates the entire nature from Sunn Klaa – from the Eternal Power of complete silence, and then watches it with eternal happiness. This means that the entire nature – the entire universe, has originated and been created by the Creator from this eternal power of Sunn Klaa. Poun paanee sunnai thae saajae. Srisatt oupaae kaaeiaa gurr raajae. Agan paanee jeeo joth thumaaree sunnae kulaa rehaaeidhaa 2. Look at the wonders of the Sunn Klaa – the most wonderful life giving eternal entities air and water have also been born from the Sunn Klaa, “Pawan guru pani pita mata dharat mahatt.” Look at the importance of these two natural elements air and water, how divinely they have been gifted to us by the Almighty. These two elements are free and equally available to each and every soul, each and every creation of the nature. There would be no life without these two elements. With every breath the Pawan Guru goes inside us, and water is the father – Pani Pita. It is as pious and pure as the Almighty Himself. Look at the Earth, it is another life giving entity, without which we could not survive. This is the Dhan Dhan Divine wisdom of GurBani. Let us bring these Gyan Ke Moti (pearls of wisdom) inside us and make a Mala of these priceless diamonds and jewels in side us. This is the real Mala of Naam, of Braham, of the divine qualities of Braham. That is the real Mala and we should all earn this Mala. After the creation of these life giving divine gifts, the Creator created all the living beings like us and other species . The body of each creation is the fort for a soul. So He created a fort, a place for the soul to live. The creation of the human body is a place for our soul to live now and was created from five elements – air, water, fire, earth and sky (space/ether). The soul which is the Jyot of Braham, the infinite part of the Braham, the Nirlep undistracted part of the Braham, which is not effected by Maya, was instituted in this fort of the body. Sunnuhu brehumaa bisun mehaes oupaaeae. Sunnae vuruthae jug subaaeae. Eis pudh veechaarae so jun pooraa this mileeai bhurum chukaaeidhaa 3. Brahma, Mahesh (Shiva) and Vishnu are the Devtas which are worshipped instead of the Creator by some communities. But, even they were created by the Creator from the Sunn Klaa. Such is the Eternal Power of the Sunn Klaa that Dhan Dhan Shri Par Braham Parmeshwar has remained there for a countless number of Ages. Each Age is called a Yug, such as Sat Yug, Treta Yug, Dwapper Yug and now Kal Yug. Each Yug lasts countless years. The soul which earns this most powerful eternal blessing of Sunn Klaa, becomes complete in Himself. This means that soul gets Himself absorbed in the Almighty, becomes a Roop of Braham, the infinite part of the Braham. Anybody who comes in contact with such a highly eternally and spiritually blessed soul will become like Him too. Such a soul is also described as an Apras Aparas in GurBani. When we come into contact with such a soul we are eternally blessed by them and eventually become like them. In the company of such an Apras Aparas all the doubts in our mind vanish. Sunnuhu suputh surovur thhaapae. Jin saajae veechaarae aapae. Thith suth sar munooaa gurumukh naavai fir baahurr jon n paaeidhaa 4. The construction of the Sat Sarovars – the seven seas meaning the seven energy centres (chakras) in the Suksham Dehi (soul body) were also created by the Creator from the Sunn Klaa. The activation of these Amrit Sarovars can only be achieved through Sunn Samadhi. Let us talk a little bit more about these Sat Sarovars – seven seas of Amrit, which are created by the Creator inside our human body. These are the centers of divine powers and the source of Amrit inside our human body, they are present in:- 1. Trikuti – center of the forehead, which is also called the Gyan Netter, 2. the throat centre, 3. the Hirda Kamal, heart centre 4. the Nabhi Kamal, navel centre, 5. the sex organ centre, 6. the lower portion of spine which contains the Kundalini Shakti, and 7. the top of the head – Dassam Duaar. These are all activated by the divine and eternal blessings when the GurParsaadi Naam – Sat Naam goes into them. And when the cycle is completed starting from focusing the Surat in the Trikuti area, then the Naam travels down to the throat centre, the Hirda Kamal, then Nabhi Kamal, then to the sex organ centre and Kundalini and up through the spinal cord channels called Ida, Pingla and Sushmana and hits the Dassam Duaar and back into the Trikuti. When these Amrit Sarovars are enlightened, a continuous flow of Amrit starts in the entire body. This creates the real Naam Ki Mala and Ajapa Jaap all through this cycle. The activation of this Naam Ki Mala is a GurParsaadi game and happens only when we do GurParsaadi Naam Simran sitting in Sunn Samadhi. It happens by itself, not by our own efforts, but by the eternal blessings of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar and the GurKirpa of such a soul who has realized this Sunn Klaa, a Puran Sant SatGuru, a Puran Braham Gyani. The soul who is able to activate these seven seas of Amrit becomes Jivan Mukt and such a soul is a Gurmukh soul. A Gurmukh soul means the soul who has completely surrendered Himself to the Guru and has taken His wisdom – GurMat, and left the DurMat and Sansarik Mat behind. Sunnuhu chundh sooruj gainaarae. This kee joth thribhuvun saarae. Sunnae alukh apaar niraalum sunnae thaarree laaeidhaa 5. The creation of the sun, moon and sky was also done by the Creator from the Sunn Klaa. There is His Jyot in all these entities too. The invincible and Infinite Braham remains self supported and doesn’t need any assistance in any form or in any way, is totally independent and unique and remains absorbed in Himself only. Sunnuhu dhhurath akaas oupaaeae. Bin thhunmaa raakhae such kul paaeae. Thribhuvun saaj maekhulee maaeiaa aap oupaae khupaaeidhaa 6. The Earth and sky are also created from His Infinite super powers of Sunn Klaa. All of these entities sun, moon, earth and sky remain in their respective positions without any support from any source, except Himself. The entire creation has been tied into the rope of Maya. This means that all of these material creations are run by Maya. The Sargun Saroop of Dhan Dhan Shri Paar Braham Parmeshwar remains under the jurisdiction of Maya. He is also the Creator of His Sargun Saroop and He is the destroyer of His Sargun Saroop. This means everything living in the Creation is perishable, only His Infinite portion is indestructible. That part is the Truth, the complete Truth and that is His own Nirgun Saroop. Sunnuhu khaanee sunnuhu baanee. Sunnuhu oupujee sunn sumaanee. Outhubhuj chuluth keeaa sir kuruthai bisumaadh subadh dhaekhaaeidhaa 7. All four sources of life Andaj, Jeyraj, Seytaj, Utpujh and their communication channels – e.g. their languages are also created by the Creator sitting in Sunn Klaa. The entire universe takes birth from Himself, the Origin and after destruction or perishing, or dying goes back to Him. The wonderful creation of the entire vegetation is also one of His wonderful actions. All these creations are born from the Sunn and when they are destroyed they go back to Sunn. All His creations are under His Hukam. Sunnuhu raath dhinus dhue keeeae. Oupath khupath sukhaa dhukh dheeeae. Sukh dhukh hee thae amur atheethaa gurumukh nij ghur paaeidhaa 8. The wonderful creation of day and night is also done by Him. He is the one who gives birth and death to the life. He is the one who gives the worldly happiness and sorrows in life – meaning that birth and death is also under His Hukam and our sorrows and happiness are also part of His creation. The cycle of life and death is also His creation. Basically, this is a part of His Sargun Saroop, which operates under Maya. Only a Gurmukh can overpower Maya and find His original home – which is the infinite part, Param Jyot Puran Parkash of the Almighty. Saam ved rig jajur athhurubun. Brahma mukh maya hai thre gun. Thaa kee keemath kehi n sukai ko thio bolae jio bolaaeidhaa.9. The four Vedas that were written by Brahma are the Rig Ved, Jajur Ved, Saam Ved and Arth Ved. These were written by Brahma under Hukam from Akal Purakh. This means that all this divine knowledge presented in the Vedas by Brahma came from the Almighty only. The three aspects of Maya were also produced by Akal Purakh. This means that Maya is also the creation of Dhan Dhan Akal Purakh Ji. Maya completely runs a normal person’s life. Only the Puran Sants are not under Maya, they always remain one with Akal Purakh and Maya serves them instead of directing them. Maya remains under the feet of such Puran Sants, Puran Braham Gyanis. There are three Gun (aspects) of Maya:- 1. Tamo Gun: Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Ahankaar; duality; hatred. 2. Rajo Gun: Asa, Trishna and Mansha – desires. 3. Sato Gun: Daya – kindness; Santokh – contentment; Dharam – religion; Jat – control over lust; Sat – the Truth. The soul which concentrates and operates under the Sato Gun of Maya is eventually eternally blessed and gets involved in the GurParsaadi game, then does Puran Bhagti and breaks through all of the barriers of Maya, wins over Maya and goes back to the infinite part of Braham, becomes one with Braham. There is no price for Infinity. It cannot be bought, it can only be attained through pure, pious and unconditional love, sacrifice and service to Him. Then such a soul understands His Puran Hukam and speaks the complete Truth, sees the Truth, hears the Truth and serves the Truth. Sunnuhu suputh paathaal oupaaeae. Sunnuhu bhuvun rukhae liv laaeae. Aapae kaarun keeaa apurunpar subh thaero keeaa kumaaeidhaa.10. He is the Creator of all the Khand Brahmands (realms and worlds) are all His creation. All these things are then looked after by Him. He is the Origin and there is nothing beyond Him. He is Supreme and takes care of everything by Himself. Ruj thum suth kul thaeree shhaaeiaa. Junum murun houmai dhukh paaeiaa. Jis no kirupaa kurae har gurumukh gun chouthhai mukath kuraaeidhaa.11. The souls which are absorbed in Him remain in the infinite part of Him and the other creations remain under His control through Maya and its three aspects. Every thing is under His Hukam. The most serious mental sickness is the Haumai, which also is a part of the Maya’s Tamo Gun and is also created by Him. The entire cycle of life and death is due to Haumai, which is the deepest sickness. The person who is blessed eternally by Akal Purakh gets involved in the GurParsaadi game. He has completely surrendered Himself to a Puran Sant SatGuru, a Puran Braham Gyani who has broken all the barriers Himself. The Puran Sant SatGuru has won over the three properties of Maya completely. Such a Sant SatGuru takes your soul into the fourth stage – Karam Khand and eventually gets your soul relieved of Maya and gives you salvation – Jivan Mukti. Sunnuhu oupujae dhus avuthaaraa. Srisatt oupaae keeaa paasaaraa. Dhaev dhaanuv gun gundhhurub saajae sabh likhiaa kurum kumaaeidhaa.12. The ten Avtaars have also been born from the Almighty. There are ten such Bhagats, who are the Avatars of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar in various Ages. He is also the Creator of Shiva, Devi-Devtas, but these entities were born to work and bring the rest of the souls closer to the Almighty. However all of these entities called themselves gods and started to get themselves worshipped and ignored the worship of Akal. All of these Devi-Devtas were and still are under Maya. None of them could break the barriers of Maya. These so called gods are responsible for their own condition due to their own deeds. There is only one way to win over the Maya and break out of the infinite loop of Maya and go back to the infinite part of Braham and that is the complete surrender to the Gur and Guru, to become a Gurmukh, to earn the Guru’s words and serve the Guru and to remain forever at the Charans of the Guru. Gurumukh sumujhai rog n hoee. Eih gur kee pourree jaanai jun koee. Jugeh jugunthar mukath puraaein so mukath bhaeiaa path paaeidhaa.13. The person who recognizes this infinite power of Infinity – the Sunn Klaa, cannot be effected by any of these mental sicknesses of Maya. However, rare are the souls who can understand this unlimited power of the Sunn Klaa. Throughout all Ages this path of following the Guru has been the way to achieve salvation. This path is the ladder of the GurParsaadi Naam Simran in Sunn Samadhi. Only this can bring the soul closer to Almighty. The soul first goes into Samadhi in Karam Khand and then into Sunn Samadhi. This is where the Almighty can be realized. The door to Sach Khand can be opened in Sunn Samadhi and the soul can enter Sach Khand. This is the highest level of Eternal Blessings – GurParsaad. This can only happen in the Gur Sangat of a Puran Sant SatGuru, a Puran Braham Gyani. Very rare are those souls who can understand this divine wisdom and follow it, but such souls who do are relieved of all the sicknesses of Maya and obtain respect in the Dargah of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar. Punch thuth sunnuhu purugaasaa. Dhaeh sunjogee kurum abhiaasaa. Buraa bhulaa dhue musuthak leekhae paap punn beejaaeidhaa.14. The human body is made of the five elements as discussed earlier and this is all the creation of the Creator only. Our deeds, actions and reactions are recorded. If we sow bad, we reap bad. If we sow good, we reap good. This means that all of our sorrows are due to our bad deeds and all our happiness is due to our good deeds, so we should sow only good deeds. Why do you sow bad deeds when you know that you will have to reap your bad deeds yourself? This is why everyone’s fate is different, because everyone’s deeds are different. The souls who sow more good deeds and accumulate their good deeds to such a level where they are recognized by Braham Himself, are eternally blessed by Him. Oothum sathigur purukh niraalae. Subadh ruthae har ras muthuvaalae. Ridhh budhh sidhh giaan guroo thae paaeeai poorai bhaag milaaeidhaa.15. A Sant SatGuru is Puran which means that He has completely merged into the Almighty. He has won over Maya and has penetrated and absorbed Himself into the infinite part of the Almighty. Such souls remain absorbed in the GurParsaadi Naam Amrit of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar. Only those souls who have the pre-ordained destiny – Bhaag, meet the Sangat and gain the eternal blessings of a Puran Sant SatGuru. They win over Maya and go back and merge into His Nirgun Saroop. The spiritual powers and divine wisdom comes only to such souls which remain absorbed in the Almighty. Eis mun maaeiaa ko naehu ghunaeraa. Koee boojhuhu giaanee kuruhu nibaeraa. Aasaa munusaa houmai sehusaa nur lobhee koorr kumaaeidhaa.16. Akal Purakh is addressing us all and urging us to understand this game of Maya, its three properties and its adverse affects on our daily life, the most sickening being the cycle of life and death, “Janam maran da rog.” However, this game of Maya can only be understood if we replace our own wisdom with the Guru’s wisdom. There is no other way because the Guru has achieved Infinity so only He can tell us how we can do it. If you don’t follow the GurMat then you will remain under the control of Maya and remain in suffering. The person who understands and obtains all of the divine qualities of the Almighty, gets absorbed in Him. This means you will have to bring inside you all of the divine qualities of Braham to be like Him. Only then will He absorb you into Himself. Sathigur thae paaeae veechaaraa. Sunn sumaadhh suchae ghur baaraa. Naanuk nirumul naadh subudh dhhun such raamai naam sumaaeidhaa.175.17. In summary, we cannot achieve salvation without Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi, which is a GurParsaadi game and comes to us only in Karam Khand and Sach Khand. We should all therefore try to understand its importance as discussed in the above divine wisdom and pray for getting the eternal blessings of the GurParsaadi Naam. Samadhi and Sunn Samadhi come to us only when we are involved in a GurParsaadi Gur Sangat of a Puran Sant SatGuru. This is because He is Amrit Kaa Daata, Naam Amrit Kaa Daata. Having His Sangat will bring us close to the Almighty and enable us to break the barriers of Maya, to win over Maya and to achieve Jivan Mukti. There is no other way to do it. You should all therefore watch your daily deeds, do Naam Simran, completely surrender yourself to the Charans of the Guru, then you will one day be blessed with the GurParsaad. Coming back to this Astpadi, there are many people who try to find logic behind everything, but fortunately or unfortunately there is no logic behind Divinity. As long as there is logic that is visible to the mankind it is called science, but as soon as the logic ends then the Infinite Divine Power takes over. Science is only very a small part of the entire game of Akal Purakh Ji. Therefore, those who go for logic remain trapped in logic, but the ones who become firm believers in this Infinite Divine Power are blessed with advancement in their spirituality. When this Infinite Divine Power takes over us, we are blessed with this divine sense that every creation exists and operates due to this Infinite Divine Power. We realise that the entire creation is all in One. Our individuality is eliminated, duality vanishes and everywhere and in everything God’s Infinite Divine Power is seen to be prevailing. Therefore, when there is no duality there remains no difference between Paap (sins) and Punn (virtues). This means that after reaching this level of spirituality all our Karams become Punn Karams. Paap is eliminated and Punn takes over completely. When there are both Paap and Punn, then that is living in duality. But, when Paap is eliminated then there is only Punn and that makes us Ik Drisht. This means that whatever the person at the level of spirituality does is for the benefit of the Sangat. Absolutely everything He does is for the benefit for others, even though under logical thinking we may not think so. The end of duality within us comes under the blessing of the Puran Braham Gyan and for a Puran Braham Gyani there is no difference between one person or another. He is Ik Drisht. For Him, the entire Sangat is the same. He is Nirvair as He has no animosity with anyone. His love for every creation is the same as His love for God because He sees the Infinite Divine Power in every creation. For Him God is prevailing in every creation, so what is good and what is bad? God is in every creation so it cannot be good or bad, it is the same everywhere and in every creation. For such a blessed soul, the Infinite Divine Power takes over everything else. The shape, size, color or creed, nationality, religion, caste and so on of a person has no meaning. God is God whether it is in a dog or in a person. God’s Infinite Divine Power is same whether it is in a tree or in an animal or in a person. When we search and go to the origin of everything then there comes a point where logic ends and Divinity takes over. Let us take an example of electricity. On the face of it electricity looks like an invention of the human brain. Look at all of theories behind it and texts about how it is generated and how it works. Science goes as far as saying that electricity is due to the electrons and protons. But, then we ask, “what is the force or power that creates the electrons and protons in the first place?” Then logic ends right there. Then we realize that the electrons and protons were already there. The power or energy was already there. The human brain has just discovered it. The human brain has just realized what was already there. This is why one of the famous laws of physics says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. All of the energies and powers that we use in our daily life, whether it is gasoline that runs the car or the gas that cooks our food, were already here, created by the Creator. The human brain has just discovered them and brought them to use. An ordinary human brain is not capable of creating any completely new building block, but it has been blessed with the power to discover the creation and that is what it does. At the same time, when it tries to reach the origin of anything then its logic ultimately fails and that is where Divinity takes over. INFINITE DIVINE POWER TAKES OVER WHERE LOGIC ENDS. Looking for logic is Haumai, going beyond logic is Divinity. The entire creation is a play created by God, but at the same time the basis of this play is the Truth – Sat. The entire play is based on His Infinite Divine Power of silence and peace, Sunn Klaa. The one who goes into complete peace and silence becomes Sat and is the winner in His game. The one who is lost in the falsehood of Maya is the loser and continues to lose as long He stays under the influence of Maya. The winner is beyond Maya so is beyond the pains and sorrows inflicted by attachment. As long as there is attachment, Moh, there are sorrows and pains. The basic reason behind family relationships is Moh. Moh is nothing but the fear of losing worldly possessions, properties and relationships. This fear is due to attachment which is the root cause of all of the worldly pains and sorrows. When there is no attachment, there is no fear of losing and we become fearless. Only then there is no pain and sorrow left. Attachment is due to the illusion of false belongingness. The Truth is that everything we have been collecting or trying to save is all perishable and is all false. When the GurParsaad of the Infinite Divine Power takes over then all of these illusions are washed away and the divine wisdom – Puran Braham Gyan appears, which is again Infinite Divine Power. When all illusions and Dubidha end then the Infinite Divine Power takes over and this is the only thing that prevails, and what prevails is called Sat. Therefore, the entire creation is a play of Akal Purakh, only His Infinite Divine Powers prevail and there is no other power than His power. Jab hovat prabh kayval dhanee. Tab bandh mukat kaho kis ka-o ganee. Jab aykeh har agam apaar. Tab narak surag kaho ka-un a-utaar. Jab nirgun prabh sehaj subhaa-ay. Tab siv sakat kahhu kit thaa-ay. Jab aapeh aap apnee jot dharai. Tab kavan nidar kavan kat darai. Aapan chalit aap karnaihaar. Nanak thaakur agam apaar. 2. Dhan Dhan SatGur Sachey Patshah Ji is continuing to give us the Puran Braham Gyan about the spiritual status of a person who gets blessed with Sunn Samadhi and whose Nirgun and Sargun becomes one. Nirgun means beyond the three aspects of Maya. God is Nirgun and Formless. However as Sargun, He is Infinite Divine Power that is the Creator and Operator of the entire and every creation. The Infinite Being is Formless, but at the same time is also the Creator and Operator of all forms. Almost the entire human population operates under the three aspects of Maya. Only the ones who go beyond the three aspects of Maya are blessed with the GurParsaad of Nirgun and Sargun becoming one within them resulting in the Infinite Divine Power taking over them completely. At this stage there remain no shackles of Maya around them. There are no Bandhans (ties) with anything of Maya. There remains no attachment of any kind with anything. This means there is freedom. This freedom is called salvation. This freedom is available to every soul in this universe, but most people still choose to live the life of a slave of Maya. There is no treasure bigger or better than the Infinite Divine Power that is available to us in the form of this freedom, but most people chose to collect the scum of Maya. Does it make sense to stay drenched in the scum of Maya and ignore the infinite divine treasures? This Infinite Divine Power cannot be seen with the normal five senses of a human being. How can we see something which is infinite with limited means? Therefore, for seeing, experiencing and feeling this Infinite Divine Power we have to be blessed with the divine power and this divine power is available to those who go into Sunn Samadhi and whose Nirgun and Sargun becomes one. Then there is a complete merger with Akal Purakh and we become an inseparable part of the Mansarovar – Gur Sagar, Omnipresent, then heaven or hell doesn’t mean anything. This is a Divine Truth that the Dargah (Realm of Truth, God’s Court) is above heaven (realm of the Devi-Devtas, gods and goddesses). So, when we earn a place in Dargah then what else is lacking? Dargah is above everything else. All of the Devi-Devtas are all below Dargah. Even Lord Shiva is below the Dargah of Akal Purakh. This is a Divine Truth that this divine power of reaching the Dargah is available only and only to the human beings. This divine power is not available to any Devi-Devtas. That is why all of them long for birth in human life. Only then can they reach Dargah. Therefore, those who are blessed with Sunn Samadhi and for whom Sargun and Nirgun becomes one are above the Devi-Devtas. We have been born in this human life with the divine Jyot inside us and this divine Jyot is the Infinite Divine Power. Our body is being run by this Jyot and this Jyot has been placed by God Himself inside our Hirda. When we are born we are free, then, why would we chose to live as a slave of Maya? It is a Divine Truth that when a child is born, all his Bajjar Kapaats are open. All of his Sat Sarovars are enlightened and Dassam Duaar is open. The body of a new born is filled with Amrit. But, as the child grows, he tastes Maya and starts to like Maya due to the influence of Maya on the family and slowly becomes a slave of Maya himself. If this new born child can be kept away from the influence of Maya then as he grows he will become a Puran Braham Gyani for sure. However, it is practically very difficult to keep a child away from the influence of Maya, but at least parents can themselves focus on Sat Ki Karni so that the child will also engage in Sat Ki Karni and Maya will have minimal effect. As he grows it will be easier for Him to focus on Naam, Naam Simran and Naam Ki Kamai. By playing Kirtan close to a new born and as they grow up focusing them on Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai and Bandgi will help them to stay close to God. Those who are blessed with the GurParsaad of Sunn Samadhi, whose Nirgun and Sargun becomes one, are blessed with Sehaj Subhaa. This means that they are also blessed with Sehaj Samadhi. Sehaj Samadhi is a continuous Samadhi, never ending, forever. However, this is all His game, it is a GurParsaadi play. This GurParsaad is available to us as a new born child. If saved and focused on we can make our spiritual dreams come true. This GurParsaad is available to us on a continuous basis, all we have to do is to go to the source of this GurParsaad and give up everything to Him with complete surrender and with trust, devotion and love. With this eternal blessing our Nirgun and Sargun will become one and we will go into Sunn Samadhi and then the Infinite Divine Power will take over everything and we will forever become one with this Infinite Divine Power. When that happens then everything else will be meaningless for us as there is nothing bigger and better than this Infinite Divine Power. There is no place better than the Dargah. Abhinaasee sukh aapan aasan. Tah janam maran kaho kahaa binaasan. Jab puran kartaa prabh so-ay. Tab jam kee taraas kahhu kis ho-ay. Jab abigat agochar prabh aykaa. Tab chitar gupat kis poochhat laykhaa. Jab naath niranjan agochar agaadhay. Tab ka-un chhutay ka-un bandhan baadhay. Aapan aap aap hee acharjaa. Nanak aapan roop aap hee uparjaa. 3. Dhan Dhan SatGur Sachey Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to give us the divine wisdom about the Mahima of the GurParsaad of Nirgun, Sargun and Sunn Samadhi in these divine words. This divine GurParsaad’s Mahima is beyond description, but here is a glimpse of some of the divine treasures that this GurParsaad brings us:- · immortality, · Sehaj Samadhi, · Sada Sukh – never ending eternal happiness, · merger in the Abhinaasee meaning nothing will be able to destroy us, · freedom from the cycle of death and birth, · the state of Puran Purakh, · out of drinking the poison of Maya and instead filling with Amrit, · the Puran Braham Gyan, the blessing of divine wisdom allowing us to understand the divine qualities of the Almighty, · realization that it is His Infinite Divine Power that makes everything happen around us and everywhere, · the divine sense by opening our divine eye. God is beyond the normal five senses of human being, but with the divine eye we are able to see, feel and experience Him, · clearance from the effect of all of our Karni not only from this life, but from all previous lives, · salvation. When the Infinite Divine Power takes over everything for us then we realize that there is only one Naath. This means that God is the owner of everything. He is the Master of everything. He is Niranjan meaning that He is beyond the darkness of Maya. He is beyond the three aspects of Maya. He is Agochar meaning that He is incomprehensible with the normal five senses and only the divine sense can recognize and realize Him. He is Agaadh meaning He is the Infinite Divine Power that is Omnipresent and only He could create Himself. Only He could create the entire creation. Only He could run this entire creation. Being Infinite He has no form. How can the Infinite be defined in measurable terms? So that makes Him Formless. Nirankaar means formless. Being Infinite means He is Formless. Oankaar means formless and only He Himself could make Himself formless or infinite. The Infinite One has no ties, no boundaries, and no attachment. Therefore, when this Infinite Divine Power is realized and when this Infinite Divine Power takes completely over us then what else remains to be achieved? Nothing. All that remains is this Infinite Divine Power and this Infinite Divine Power is the One which prevails forever for all times. Jah nirmal purakh purakh pat hotaa. Tah bin mail kahhu ki-aa dhotaa. Jah niranjan nirankaar nirbaan. Tah ka-un ka-o maan ka-un abhimaan. Jah saroop kayval jagdees. Tah chhal chhidar lagat kaho kees. Jah jot saroopee jot sang samaavai. Tah kiseh bhookh kavan tariptaavai. Karan karaavan karnaihaar. Nanak kartay ka naahi sumaar. 4. When our Nirgun and Sargun becomes one and our mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into complete silence, then there is only one Infinite Divine Power that remains and prevails. That Infinite Divine Power has been called Nirmal Purakh, the Master of all beings; the Immaculate Being; the One which was, which is and which will remain so and which is the Eternal Truth. Everything else is perishable. When this Infinite Divine Power is realized then:- · our mind, Hirda, soul and body is completely cleansed. · All of our sins from this life and all previous lives are washed away instantaneously. · The effect of all of our good or bad deeds from this life and all previous lives is washed away. · We are completely cleansed from inside out. The inside and outside become the same. · Our Hirda is filled with divine Param Jyot Puran Parkash. · Our Hirda is filled with all of the infinite divine qualities. · Our mind is replaced by Param Jyot. · Our soul becomes completely weightless. It was carrying the weight of all of our deeds from this life and all previous lives we have been through. · Our Suksham Dehi becomes Kanchan Dehi. · Merger happens with Niranjan – the One who is beyond three aspects of Maya. · Merger happens with Nirankaar – the One who is formless being infinite and Omnipresent. · Merger happens with Nirbaan – the One who is beyond death and birth, is always Mukt, the one who rules over Maya, the one who rules over everything, the king of kings; · We eliminate from inside us the Maan (honour) Abhimaan (dishonour) – the ego, Ahankaar, Haumai and our individuality will be killed and the Infinite Divine Power will prevail over everything. There is only one Jagdees, meaning the One who is the · Creator, · Doer, · Giver of life, · Prevailer in the form of divine power in every creation, · infinite Divine Light that keeps the entire universe running. When this Infinite Divine Power is inside us and is keeping us operating, when this Infinite Divine Power is present everywhere, then who are you deceiving or cheating or being fraudulent with? When you cheat, deceive or do any kind of fraud you are doing it to this Infinite Divine Power. You are not doing it to anybody else, but to God Himself. So please think for a second, are you so crazy that you will try to cheat, deceive or do fraud with God? By cheating, deceiving or doing fraud you are only hurting yourself. But, when our Nirgun and Sargun becomes one and the Infinite Divine Power takes over, then we are saved from cheating, deceiving, or being fraudulent to anybody anywhere. This Infinite Divine Power is the Jyot inside us which gives life to our body, which runs our heart, which runs our breathing process, which is running the blood inside our body. When Nirgun and Sargun becomes one for us then this Jyot inside us becomes one with the Param Jyot and loses its false identity and becomes Param Jyot. When this happens then there remains nothing else to be achieved. The thirst for the Eternal Truth is quenched. Even the hunger for the Darshans of Akal Purakh disappear. Contentment takes over. All desires are fulfilled. Everything becomes complete by merging in the Infinite Divine Power. Everything happens and every creation operates in accordance with the divine laws framed by this Infinite Divine Power of Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. He is this Infinite Divine Power and this Infinite Divine Power prevails everywhere and in every creation. The entire creation runs under His command – Hukam and nobody can judge or measure His Infinite Divine Power. This is called complete realization and is available only to those who are blessed with the GurParsaad of this Infinite Divine Power. Jab apnee sobhaa aapan sang banaa-ee. Tab kavan maa-ay baap mitar sut bhaa-ee. Jah sarabh klaa aapeh parbeen. Tah bayd katayb kahaa ko-oo cheen. Jab aapan aap aap ur dhaarai. Ta-o sagan apasgan kahaa beechaarai. Jah aapan ooch aapan aap nayraa. Tah ka-un thaakur ka-un kahee-ai chayraa. Bisman bisam rahay bismaad. Nanak apnee Gat jaanhu aap. 5. This Infinite Divine Power is the divine grace and divine glory that comes with the GurParsaad of Nirgun and Sargun becoming one forever. The GurParsaad of divine glory is blessed when the Infinite Divine Power takes over everything else and there remain no other relationships except this divine relationship with God. When this divine relationship with Divine Truth comes into existence, then all of the worldly and family relationships become false. Then we are blessed with this divine wisdom which makes us realize that all of the family relationships are false. The real and truthful relationship is this divine relationship with the Divine Truth. This divine relationship is the relationship of Naam – Sat Naam. All of the glory and grace that we are blessed with is due to this Infinite Divine Power of God due to our merger in Him. All of the divine powers are hidden in this Divine Truth, the Infinite Divine Power. All of the Ridhis and Sidhis live at the Charans of this Infinite Divine Power, because this Infinite Divine Power is the Creator of the Ridhis and Sidhis as well. This infinite divine relationship is not achieved by reading any books or Vedas. Neither can this divine relationship be achieved just by reading or hearing GurBani. The only way that this divine relationship can be achieved is by doing what GurBani is telling us to do. Doing GurBani is the key to success and not merely reading or hearing GurBani. Therefore, please focus efforts in doing GurBani and not merely reading on a daily basis. When we start doing GurBani then we practically realize what GurBani says and our spiritual progress goes on to the fast track. When this Infinite Divine Power is everything and our Hirda gets filled with this divine Amrit, then there remain no good or bad omens. Every moment belongs to this Infinite Divine Power then there remain no illusions or delusions of any good or bad omens. Good or bad omens are just illusions and delusions, Bharams, that put us into Dubidha and nothing else. End of Bharams – illusions and delusions is Bandgi and brings merger with the Gur and Guru. Living a life full of illusions is the one of the main reasons for no spiritual progress. The illusions are raised in our mind while living under self wisdom and worldly wisdom, but when the Infinite Divine Power takes over us, we are blessed with divine wisdom and this divine wisdom washes away all of the illusions. Merger in this Infinite Divine Power makes us one with God, so there remains no Guru and no disciple, since Guru and the disciple are the same Infinite Divine Power then the Guru and disciple become one. This is why GurBani has called a Puran Braham Gyani, “Braham gyani aap nirankaraa,” “Braham gyani aap parmeshwar,” “Braham gyani mukt jugat jea ka daata,” and “Braham gyani puran purakh vidhataa.” GurBani also calls SatGuru a Bohithaa which means SatGur is a Ship which ferries us across this Bhavsagar to the Dargah. When we are ferried across and are given a place in the Dargah then there remains no difference between the Guru and us. There remains no difference between the Thakur – God and us. Looking at this GurParsaadi divine quality of God which renders all His divine powers upon us when we become one with Him, it leaves us feeling wonder struck. This wonderful divine quality of Paar Braham Param Pita Parmeshwar Ji leaves us feeling wonderstruck. This is the height of His kindness that He makes us like Him and gives us all of His divine powers. Therefore, only God knows what He does and how He does it. With His Infinite Divine Powers His capabilities cannot be and should not be challenged as He can do anything beyond the imagination of an ordinary person. Only He knows His own divine powers and nobody else can know all of His capabilities and divine powers. That is why His Mahima is beyond description, nobody has been able to know Him completely and describe Him completely and nobody will ever be able to do so. That is why He is called Agam, Agochar, Agaadh, Aprampar, Anant, Beant and by many such names. We can only make our life worthwhile by focusing on achieving this GurParsaad. Jah achhal achhayd abhayd samaa-i-aa. Ohaa kiseh bi-aapat maa-i-aa. Aapas ka-o aapeh aadays. Tihu gun ka naahee parvays. Jah aykeh ayk ayk bhagvantaa. Tah ka-un achint kis laagai chintaa. Jah aapan aap aap patee-aaraa. Tah ka-un kathai ka-un sunnaihaaraa. Baho bay-ant ooch tay oochaa. Nanak aapas ka-o aapeh pahoochaa. 6. SatGur Sachey Pancham Patshah Ji is very kindly continuing to tell us what happens to those souls who are blessed with the GurParsaad of this Infinite Divine Power when their Nirgun and Sargun becomes one and they are blessed with Sunn Samadhi and all of the infinite divine treasures as a part of this GurParsaad. Everything is changing on a continuous basis. Every creation is changing at every moment. If we look at our self we will notice that we are constantly changing. With every moment that passes our life is changing, our body is changing, even our skin is changing on a continuous basis. This is called the aging process. Everything else around us is changing and moving towards its physical end. Anything that is born or created in time and space has to meet its end one day. There is only one thing that is beyond this process of change. There is only one thing that has no effect of time and space. This Infinite Divine Power is beyond Maya and this One thing is Divinity – the Infinite Divine Power – Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. That is why this Infinite Divine Power is called, “Achal, Achhayd, Abhayd.” This Infinite Divine Power has created Himself. This Infinite Divine Power has created the entire creation. This Infinite Divine Power has created all of the divine laws. This Infinite Divine Power is unique and is the One that kept Himself beyond the process of change. That is why it is called Sat. That is why His Name is Sat Naam. This never changing status of this Infinite Divine Power has been explained as “Achal, Achhayd, Abhayd,” by SatGur Pancham Patshah Ji. Those souls which are absorbed in this Infinite Divine Power also become “Achal, Achhayd, Abhayd,” like Him and go beyond Maya. This is also called Atal Awastha in Puran Bandgi process when we go beyond Maya by defeating Maya as a part of our Puran Bandgi process. We cannot be disturbed by Maya any more. We are unshaken by anything or any circumstances. We cannot be deceived by Maya any more. Winning over Maya is winning over the Panj Doots and desires. Maya then becomes our servant. Panj Doots then leave our body and live under our Charans. No more drinking this poison and this poison is replaced by the GurParsaad of Amrit. Our Hirda goes into full and complete contentment and all of our desires are fulfilled. This means no more desires, no more burning in the fire of desires. Going beyond Maya means going beyond three aspects of Maya and merging with this Infinite Divine Power – Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. When Bandgi reaches this merger stage this Infinite Divine Power takes over. Our Bandgi is recognized and blessed as Puran Bandgi by Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji then we perform Namaskaar to our self. When we get a Hukam from within to perform Namaskaar to our self, it means our Bandgi is complete. Our Rom Rom has been blessed with Amrit, we have physically gone into Rom Rom Naam Simran. Our entire body is filled with Amrit, all of our Sat Sarovars have filled up with Amrit. There are various spiritual things that happen when our Bandgi is blessed and accepted as complete. People get different kinds of visions and spiritual experiences. Performing a Namaskaar to yourself means you have completely realized God within yourself and you are performing Namaskaar to the Infinite Divine Power that is running your body. Some Bhagat’s when sitting in Samadhi find their forehead goes and touches their own feet by itself. This is the stage that is called, “Aapas ka-o aapeh aadays.” When we are blessed with this divine GurParsaad then basically, we have gone beyond the three aspects of Maya into Atal Awastha. This means we have defeated Maya, this means that we have defeated Panj Doots and all of our spiritual desires have been fulfilled. This means we have become desire free and our Hirda has gone into complete contentment. This is the stage when the Infinite Divine Power takes over completely and all of our worries and anxiety disappears. Until this happens there is a feeling of uncertainty that keeps bothering us. Thinking about past and future is the reason for this feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. Worries and anxiety are due to this feeling of uncertainty that keeps us gripped. But, when the Infinite Divine Power takes over then everything appears exactly the way it is and all of our illusions, worries and anxiety disappear and we are blessed with a divine feeling of satisfaction, contentment, bliss, happiness, joy, and we feel filled up with a feeling that the entire creation is our family. This divine experience is unique and when we go into completely thought free stage, when our mind, Hirda, soul and body goes into complete silence, then there is nothing that remains to be asked or told, then the complete silence tells the story. The complete silence means no disturbance to mind, Hirda, soul and body. This is the height of eternal bliss and divine happiness so what else remains to be told or listened. This GurParsaad of Infinite Divine Power is the highest of the highest divine power and there is nothing beyond this Infinite Divine Power and only this Infinite Divine Power has the capability to take us to this Infinite Divine Power. There is no other way that will take us to this Infinite Divine Power. We can only reach this Infinite Divine Power by losing our own individuality. When individuality is lost then the Infinite Divine Power is completely realized and merges us into Himself. Just as a drop of rain goes back to the ocean and loses its identity and individuality and becomes the sea, in the same way losing our identity and individuality we are blessed with this GurParsaad of merging into this Infinite Divine Power. Jah aap rachi-o parpanch akaar. Tihu gun meh keeno bisthaar. Paap punn tah bha-ee kahaavat. Ko-oo narak ko-oo surag banchhaavat. Aal jaal maa-i-aa janjaal. Ha-umai moh bharam bhai bhaar. Dookh sookh maan apmaan. Anik parkaar kee-o bakh-yaan. Aapan khayl aap kar daykhai. Khayl sankochai ta-o nanak aykai. 7. That part of the creation which is visible to the naked eye is nothing but Maya. Any creation that has shape, dimensions, and color is nothing but Maya. This way the entire world that is visible to an ordinary person is all just Maya and is operated under the three aspects of Maya. The three aspects of Maya are the rulers of the entire creation that is visible to us. This is the divine Khel. The game that has been created by the Infinite Divine Power, which we call God, Akal Purakh or Paar Braham Parmeshwar. Maya is His creation too and Maya operates under the divine laws of His court which is called the Dargah. Just focus on yourself for a few minutes and the world around you. The entire world is so attractive that people get lost in the world. Some are lost in family relationships. Some are lost in the collection of properties and money. Some are lost in earning name and fame in society. Some are lost in their profession and in acquiring professional expertise that will bring them prootions and power. The bottom line is that everyone has their own priorities and to fulfill them they are working day and night. But, in this pursuit they have been completely taken over by Maya and have not noticed the effect of this upon them in the real divine sense. If you analyze your activities you will find that they all fall under one of the three aspects of Maya. That is why this world has been called the Bhavsagar. It is like a large pool of water that has diamonds and jewels sitting at the bottom which people are busy collecting. Many times people have to face many obstacles in reaching these treasures. Many times they choose to adopt unfair means to reach these treasures. Many times people have to face severe pain and sorrow to reach these treasures. However, God is sitting outside the pool and watching them playing this game that He has left them to play. This pool is full of worldly treasures and attractions and is being operated by Maya. Maya is in control of people and all of their activities whilst they are busy in collecting and saving these worldly treasures. In this process some are able to gather some treasures, whilst others are not so successful. This is like building a sandcastle on the beach which will be washed away by the next wave. In this way people have just become puppets in the hands of Maya. They have become a slave of Maya. They are being forced to drink this poison of the Rajo and Tamo aspects of Maya due to their Karni. Look at your forefathers, they were doing the same thing that you are doing now, but what did they take with them? And what are you going to take with you when death comes to your body? When you leave this world then all of your properties, bank balances, relationships, name and fame, positions and authorities will not go with you. Instead, you will carry the weight of all of your deeds to be born in some place in some form of life to keep on going through the same process again and again. At the same time there are some who are focused on the Sat aspects of Maya and are not so much into collecting and saving these worldly treasures, and are engaged in Daya, Dharam, Santokh and Sanjam, which is Sat Ki Karni. Such people are bound to achieve the GurParsaad one day. If nothing else happens, at least they will be blessed with another human life to keep working towards the GurParsaad. But, the ones who are absorbed in Rajo and Tamo aspects have little or no chance of finding their way out from this Bhavsagar. In order to help all of us, God with His utmost kindness sends the Sants, Bhagats, Braham Gyanis and SatGurus to help us find a way out of this Bhavsagar. When we go into the Seva of such souls and give up everything at their Sat Charans then we are blessed with the GurParsaad. Going to the Sat Charans of these Maha Purakhs is based on our Sat Ki Karni which forms our destiny to meet such a soul. Through these Maha Purakhs God explains to us how we can get out of this web of Maya. As a part of this divine play of God, He sent the SatGuru Sahibs in this world to help us all find a way out of the Bhavsagar. Dhan Dhan SatGuru Sahibs with their utmost kindness have given us GurBani which tells us in every Shabad how we can get out of this web of Maya. In the same way, there have been and there still are such souls in the world who can help you to find your way out of this web of Maya. Some do take advantage of these Maha Purakhs and give up everything at their Sat Charans with Tunn, Munn and Dhann and are blessed with the GurParsaad which frees them and blesses them with merger into the Infinite Divine Power. When this happens then there remains only One Infinite Divine Power, everything becomes false and a part of this divine play of God. The web of Maya contains illusions, delusions, Bharams, Dubidha, sorrows, pains, Maan, Apmaan, hell and all such negative forces that keep people drenched in its scum. The GurParsaad takes you out of it. At the end there remains only one Infinite Divine Power. Everything else is perishable and perishes one day for sure. Jah abigat bhagat tah aap. Jah pasrai paasaar sant partaap. Duhoo paakh ka aapeh dhanee. Un kee sobhaa unhoo banee. Aapeh ka-utak karai anad choj. Aapeh ras bhogan nirjog. Jis bhaavai tis aapan naa-ay laavai. Jis bhaavai tis khayl khilaavai. Baysumaar athaah agnat atolai. Ji-o bulaavhu ti-o nanak daas bolai. 8.21. Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Parmeshwar Ji’s divine play has been called the GurParsaadi Khel (the Game of Eternal Blessings) in this GurParsaadi writing. This Khel is GurParsaadi and this book is a part of the GurParsaadi Khel. That is why under the Puran Hukam of Akal Purakh Ji this book has been written trying to give you a glimpse of His infinite Mahima, the Mahima of His Naam, the Mahima of His Sants and Bhagats. The Sant and Bhagat is the Mahima of Akal Purakh, that is why He appears in His Sants and Bhagats. Wherever there is a Sant or a Bhagat sitting, God is right there. When the Infinite Divine Power takes over then a Sant is born. When the Infinite Divine Power takes over then a Bhagat is born from within us. When the Infinite Divine Power takes over our person then a Braham Gyani comes into power. Basically, there is no difference between a Sant, Bhagat, Braham Gyani, SatGur and a Khalsa. Therefore, Khalsa, Sant, Bhagat, Braham Gyani or a SatGur is the Mahima – glory of Akal Purakh Ji. God is represented by these Maha Purakhs on this Earth and these Maha Purakhs are always present on this Earth. In the Dargah, God is represented by Himself and among this world of Maya, God is represented by these Maha Purakhs. For a spiritually illiterate person the Dargah and the Earth are two ends, and these Maha Purakhs make both these ends meet through them. The Infinite Divine Power of Dargah is present on the Earth in the form of these Maha Purakhs. In both places this Infinite Divine Power is prevailing. Both the Dargah and world is being run by this Infinite Divine Power. As a part of His divine play He creates Sants, Bhagats, Braham Gyanis, SatGurus, Khalsas and Gurmukhs and blesses them with His divine powers. The ones who while sitting on Earth reach the Dargah and make a place for them in there, are blessed with His divine powers. The ones who follow His divine laws with His own command and achieve the GurParsaad, are blessed with this Infinite Divine Powers while physically sitting on this Earth, but at the same time sitting in the Dargah as well. That is why GurBani says wherever there is a Sant sitting the Dargah is right there. Wherever there is a Braham Gyani sitting, the Dargah is right there. Wherever there is a SatGur, sitting the Dargah is right there. And where there is Dargah there is no rule of Maya. So sitting at the Charans of a Sant is sitting in Dargah and beyond three aspects of Maya. This is why a Sant is the Mahima of Akal Purakh, because God makes the Dargah appear where there is a Sant present on this Earth and that is where both ends meet – Earth and Dargah. Earth becomes Dargah. Earth becomes Dhan Dhan where there is a Sant sitting. Our Simran and our Sat Karams are all carried out only by the grace of God. That is why it is called GurParsaad – the GurParsaad of Naam, Naam Simran, Naam Ki Kamai, Puran Bandgi and Seva. This GurParsaad is blessed to us only with the divine commandment. In fact, we do nothing. We are capable of doing nothing. Everything is carried out by the Infinite Divine Power. That is why the highest level of divine blessing is when this Infinite Divine Power takes over and our individuality and our identity is lost. Living in this world of Maya our focus on the Sat Karams and our prayers, our Ardas, and our complete surrender at the Sat Charans of the Guru bring us this GurParsaad. Our real life begins when we are blessed with the GurParsaad and this Infinite Divine Power takes over everything for us. This is called Jivan Mukti, then living in this world, we become internally detached. We will live in Sehaj Samadhi at every moment. At the same time enjoying all of the facilities of life and ruling over Maya. When the Infinite Divine Power takes over then whatever we say is the word of this Infinite Divine Power. Everything we do is under the Hukam. That is why GurBani is the word of the Infinite Divine Power. That is why the Shabad is the Guru as the Shabad is the Hukam and the Hukam is the Guru – it is the Infinite Divine Power. This Infinite Divine Power is Sat and this Sat is Dhan Dhan Paar Braham Pita Parmeshwar Ji. Blessed with Puran Braham Gyan when we look at any creation and every creation and try to go to its origin we find that every creation is proof of His amazing and infinite divine powers. The end of logic gives birth to the divine wisdom. Then we start to realize how surprising is His every creation. How it has originated and how it is run by this Infinite Divine Power. With this happening to our mind, Hirda, soul and body we are freed from the rule of Maya and find our self lost in nature all of the time. In this way we are able to enjoy everything in our life without being affected by Maya and at the same time being absorbed in nature – God.
  2. An excellent explanation worth reading. Clearly explains the goal we are trying to achieve when doing simran. The penny finally dropped for me when I read this article. A Seeker’s Guide to Samadhi Samadhi is a hot topic in yoga circles. Some practitioners believe samadhi and enlightenment are synonymous. Others think samadhi leads to enlightenment, while yet another group is convinced samadhi makes the mind go blank. Some of those seeking samadhi hope it will fall into their hands if they pray hard enough, and others believe the techniques of yoga and meditation will push them toward samadhi or pull samadhi toward them. In the 30 years of my career as a teacher, I have encountered many students and seekers from different walks of life. I have found them to be good people, very sincere. All of them have an essential qualification in common—a burning desire to have a direct experience of samadhi. Trying to attain samadhi without having a clear idea of what it is, without adopting a systematic approach, and without completing the preparatory steps is like trying to build a skyscraper when you have never seen one, do not have a blueprint, and do not know how to lay a foundation. You will waste your time and energy and reach nowhere. Just as mastery in any field—surgery, physics, music—requires prolonged, systematic preparation, so does attaining the highest goal of yoga. This goal is attainable only for those who follow a system. The Bhagavad Gita, one of the most acclaimed texts of yoga, delineates the key prerequisites. It holds that the practice of yoga is painless for those who adopt a balanced diet, balanced exercise, balanced thinking, balanced sleep, and who perform their actions with balanced understanding. These five elements are essential in laying the foundation for a meditation practice. Those who overeat or indulge in fasting suffer from various diseases. Those who exercise too much or too little suffer from exhaustion or sloth. Those who think too much or who fail to use their mind properly become the victims of anxiety or stupor. Those who sleep too much or too little suffer from inertia or hallucinations. Those who act without a balanced understanding of their actions and the consequences of their actions suffer from doubt and fear. When we design our practice against the backdrop of these five elements, our vitality, endurance, comprehension, freshness, and spontaneity expand. As these qualities expand, so does our capacity to concentrate. It is on this solid foundation that you place the formal threefold practice of yoga sadhana: dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (spiritual absorption). These three are like the three stages of a pilgrimage. Let’s say you decide to enhance your understanding of spirituality by making a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash. For several weeks before you set out, your entire focus is on preparing for your journey—gathering the necessary clothes and equipment, packing, and then taking the long flight to Nepal. Once in Nepal, you shift into survival mode for the six-day jeep ride along bumpy dirt roads to Mount Kailash. You can hardly breathe because of the high altitude and the thick dust; the sun is blinding and the shocks on the jeep are so bad you feel like your spinal cord is being shattered. You feel hot all day, cold all night, and weak and tired most of the time. Then comes the slow, arduous climb up around Mount Kailash and back down again. During this three-day hike, you can take only one step, one breath at a time. At first it takes all your effort, then you find your inner rhythm, and once you do, it’s as if the mountain itself lifts you up and carries you. Upon reaching the summit, you find yourself filled with great delight and a sense of fulfillment. When you return home, it takes almost a month to recuperate. But you remember the exquisite joy you felt when you reached the peak. That sublime feeling stays with you like a sweet whisper calling you to return to your inner Self. That’s what this progressive threefold practice entails: first comes concentrated effort, known as dharana; second, the effortless flow of being there with full awareness of yourself and your entire surroundings, known as dhyana; and third, becoming one with that state of experience brought about by this effortless flow. This is known as samadhi. The Yoga Sutra, the central text of yoga philosophy and practice, calls these three steps samyama. By stringing dharana, dhyana, and samadhi together, the technical term samyama tells us that there is a natural process of starting our practice and reaching the goal of the practice. Most aspirants must follow this process. There is a rare exception—one that flows from complete surrender to God, which is not easy to come by. The grace of God has its own selection process. When it comes, it comes. And when it does not come, it does not come. Therefore let us focus on the three elements that depend on our human effort: dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. Step by Step The first step, dharana, is loosely translated as “concentration.” The Yoga Sutra gives a specific definition of this word: “to confine the mind or fix it in a well-defined space.” Space is infinite. Because it does not have shape, color, or form, identifying space is very difficult. Therefore, to confine the mind to a space, you have to first separate it from the rest of infinite space by putting a border around it. In discussing concentration, Vyasa, the foremost commentator on the Yoga Sutra, advises bringing the mind to a space that is well defined, such as the area around your navel center, the heart center, the center between the eyebrows, or to a particular external point, such as a flame or a particular image. Once you have decided to bring your mind to the center of your forehead or your heart center, for example, you must then select an object to occupy that space. The object you select—the cross, the Star of David, an image of Ganesha, a yantra, or a mantra—facilitates the mind’s ability to stabilize itself in the confines of that space. Yet when you focus your mind on that object, you’ll soon notice that it is also contacting many other objects in addition to the one you have chosen. In other words, the mind is distracted. Distraction is the mind’s tendency to contact various objects at a fast speed and forget both the main object it was supposed to be aware of and the space in which it was supposed to be confined. Rather than giving in to the habit of distraction, bring your mind back to the chosen object and allow your mind to focus on that. By repeatedly practicing this process of bringing the mind back, you will develop a habit of maintaining that object in your mind field for a longer period. If the object of concentration stays in your mind for a longer period of time than the objects that distract you, you have achieved a state of concentration. Concentration and distraction flow side by side. The only difference is that one stream—the stream of concentration—is stronger, heavier, fuller than the other. That defines concentration. It’s not that your mind is no longer becoming distracted, but that the object of concentration stays in your mind longer than the distracting objects do. As concentration matures, it turns into meditation, or dhyana. This is the second step. Meditation begins when the process of focusing your mind on the object occupying that space is not interrupted by any other thoughts, or the mind stays on that object for a long period of time without much interruption. So dhyana is a continuation of dharana; your meditation is a more mature state of your concentration. Students often wonder at what point the process of concentration turns into meditation. Many saints and yogis say that if your mind remains concentrated on one object for at least 12 breaths, you have achieved a state of meditation. If within that 12-breath period, your mind shifts from one object to another object, you are still at the stage of concentration. Think of oil pouring from one container to another container. Oil is thick and viscous so it pours out in an unbroken stream. The unbroken flow of your stream of awareness is meditation. And when this process of unbroken awareness lengthens further, it matures into the third step, samadhi. Samadhi dawns when your mind becomes completely absorbed in the object occupying the space to which you have confined it. In samadhi, the process of concentration, the object of concentration, and the mind that is trying to concentrate or meditate all have become one. The mind is no longer focusing on the object in an objective manner. All that remains in awareness is the content, the essence, of that object. In other words, in samadhi you are aware only of the essence and not of the details. For example, if you have been meditating on the cross, you are no longer aware that it is made of the finest ebony or is covered with gold. All that remains is awareness that it is an object laden with a great sense of sanctity and divinity, that it indicates your relationship with that higher divinity. That feeling is there—that is all. And in that feeling it appears as if the object does not have any form of its own. It is totally devoid of any form. All that remains is pure awareness. That’s called samadhi. Let’s examine the difference between meditation and samadhi. In meditation you are fully one-pointed, but that one-pointedness simply refers to the fact that your mind is focused on one object. When you analyze it, you see that deep down, the mind is not perfectly one-pointed. In meditation you are still aware of yourself as a meditator and at the same time you are aware of the object of meditation and of the process of meditation. So three things are going on continuously in your mind: (1) you know you are meditating, (2) you know on what you are meditating, and (3) you know you are the meditator. However, you have only one mind and that mind cannot be broken into pieces. It’s not that one part of your mind is on yourself, and another part is on the meditative objective. It’s a matter of intensity. When you are meditating you are more intensely aware of the object of your meditation, for example, than you are of either yourself or the process of meditating. So one stream is the major stream flowing in your mind field and the other two streams are secondary. In samadhi, the process of concentration, the object of concentration, and the mind that is trying to concentrate or meditate all have become one. As you practice focusing the mind on the object of your meditation, eventually your awareness becomes so focused on that object that not the tiniest part is left to analyze, feel, and think that you are the meditator and this is the process of meditation. It requires an exclusive absorption in the object of your meditation for these three streams to merge. That is why in English samadhi is called “spiritual absorption.” No part of your mind is left to maintain the awareness of anything other than the object of your meditation. Then neither internal nor external causes distract you. You are simply in a state of deep stillness, tranquility. And that state may last 30 seconds or two minutes (much longer when you become well practiced), and then suddenly you become aware of some external sound, or you think of checking your e-mail, or you remember you have to meet someone, and you slip from samadhi and become outwardly oriented. You realize you are sitting on your meditation cushion and you still have some practice time remaining, so then you start all over again, making an effort to go from concentration to meditation to samadhi. If you have been practicing for a long time it does not take too long to get back to a heightened state. It may take just a fraction of a second for you to fall from samadhi to concentration, but you can also climb back up very quickly if you have gained maturity in your practice. If not, it may take some time, even though the memory of that joyful state of samadhi is still there, and the passage to reach there is also very fresh in your memory. Your daily practice reinforces the joyful experience of samadhi, making your memory stronger, clearer, and deeper, thus enabling you to retrieve that memory at will. The memory pertaining to the experience of samadhi empowers you to reach samadhi faster and more effortlessly. That is why consistent daily practice is the way to reach and retain the experience of samadhi. Signs of Spiritual Progress Before you enter a state of samadhi, there is a thrill of experiencing stillness. And there are experiences which go with stillness that may distract you, such as clairvoyance or extraordinary sensory experiences. These experiences are called siddhis—yogic accomplishments for those who have never experienced samadhi, and obstacles for those who have experienced it. These siddhis, regardless of how profound or shallow they are, how meaningful or meaningless, are signs that you are on your way to samadhi. As a practitioner, you should not be anxious about these signs nor should you have any fear if these signs appear. Simply keep your focus on your destination, your main goal, which is samadhi itself. Furthermore, anxiety regarding when you are going to reach there, doubt about whether or not you will reach there, fear of never reaching there, and worry about what will happen to you and your loved ones if you do reach there are the breeding grounds for distraction. Not making a big deal about samadhi and yet striving to reach it in the most natural manner is the way to protect the mind from all possible distractions. That is why yogis say, “Work hard but take it lightly. Achieve the highest but don’t make a fuss about it.” This attitude, called vairagya (dispassion or non-attachment), is necessary for protecting and nurturing your practice. You have heard it said that practice makes perfect. But it is important to remember that it is only perfect practice that makes you perfect. Building a practice can be compared with building a house. A house can be small or big, simple or elaborate. A house can be fitted with lots of amenities or can lack even the most basic facilities. Such is the case with a practice. It can be profound or shallow. It can be designed to take us all the way to samadhi or simply conform to cultural expectations. The function of the practice determines the form. The loftier the form and the grander the goal and objective, the more detailed the architectural plan must be. The most important aspect of this plan is building a foundation that is capable of supporting the structure you wish to erect. The fundamentals of any fruitful practice are those from the Bhagavad Gita delineated earlier: balanced diet, balanced exercise, balanced thinking, balanced sleep, and performing our actions with balanced understanding. Next comes cultivating a conducive posture. The posture most conducive to our practice is one in which the head, neck, and trunk are in a straight line, the shoulders are relaxed, and the breath serene. Then comes uniting our mind and breath with each other. Uniting the forces of our breath and mind allows us to concentrate with the fewest distractions, thus enabling us to concentrate for a longer period of time on our chosen object. Prolonged concentration matures into meditation, and meditation matures into samadhi. The repeated experience of dharana, dhyana, and samadhi deepens our memory of samadhi. In subsequent practice sessions, this memory both pushes us toward samadhi and pulls samadhi toward us. There comes a time when this process becomes absolutely effortless. This effortless state of samadhi is called dharma megha samadhi, a samadhi laden with a cloud of virtues—spiritually uplifting and enlightening experiences. From this emerges an indescribable state of awareness devoid of all desires, including the desire for any benefit from samadhi other than samadhi itself. This is the state of nirbija samadhi—the highest samadhi, which sages like Patanjali and Buddha experienced. May we, their students, one day also attain this luminous experience.
  3. Wgkwgkf plz sangat g help me i am doing simran bhagti in this way i have learend from audio tapes of different bhaisab g plz guide me is it the right path I am doing simran for 10 min after that i do saas giras for few minutes may be 2 minutes and after that i start to keep my mind focus on my ears trying to listen after keep trying to listen the voice of air or in punjabi the' soo soo 'voice become more audible and there i sarted to fall into that voice and i stays there for 15 min today when i started reading gurbani from my gutka sahib i fell like my mind dont want to read gurbani instead my eyes started to close again to go back into sunn (which i feel is sunn ) My doubts are tht i m not falling into sukhneendre di avasta i have read regarding this in some book tht it is the enemy of gursukh plz guide me is my khoj is in right direction Waheguru g
  4. I've really been confused about this topic for the past few weeks so I thought I would ask about it. I tried looking through other topics but because my knowledge/terminology is limited I kept getting even more confused. Could someone help me understand what the types of sleep are? I commonly drift into a sleep where there is complete stillness and peace but many gurmukhs have said to try and stay awake/focus on jaap. I recently came across this video and it gives a decent explanation of what happens: But my question is - is any spiritual progress being made in this sleep? Why don't I hear anything in this sleep? What has to occur on a sukham level for sound to arise? I think the main confusion has to do with the fact that the mind is "still" (while in that sleep) but there is no sound - But I thought sound would be heard when the mind is still. Many other sounds are heard outside of sleep but none of them are true shabad. Just as an FYI - these are just questions that I keep having and want to clear them up. I'm not trying to stay in sleep for long periods of time. It happens frequently but I go back to gurmantar as soon as I'm awake.
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