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Found 1 result

  1. Ganesha Mantras Shree Ganesh Ashtottaram is the stotram that tells us the 108 Ganesha mantras to invoke the Lord of Wisdom. It is believed that this ashtottaram is very dear to Lord Ganesha and by reciting this ashtottaram one can get the desired results. The remover of all obstacles and all problems, the one who gives the phalam (results) of all the work done, the one who gives all types of siddhi (wealth); I bow to the Lord who is the Leader of those who cannot be led by anyone. Ganesha is the Lord of wisdom and prosperity. He gives boons to his devotees and fulfill their desires. He is also known as the remover of all obstacles. Ganesha is the Lord who can be easily pleased with devotion and love. He will ward off all your problems and all evils that are in your life. To please Ganpati there are many Ganesha mantras in all Upanishads,Puranas and Vedas (Holy scriptures of Hindus). Many of them are easily accessible, but here we are giving those mantras which are also called as Ganesha Sarvabhishta Siddhi Mantram). These Ganesha mantras give prosperity and fulfill all your desires. Lord Ganesha blesses his worshippers with all the amenities and prosperity: The Lord among all who are born in the mountains. The one who holds lotus flowers in his hands. The one who is considered to be the God among elephants. The one who is the slayer of elephants, The one who stays at many places. Pause. The one who is for his devotees. The one who is one tusked. I worship and pray to him. The one who uses the mouse as his chariot. The one who holds modakas (sweet delicacies) in his hands. The one who has pitch black ears. The one who wears Janeu (holy thread). The one who is dwarfish in his appearance. The son of Lord Shiva. The remover of obstacles and problems. I offer my sincere namaskaram (prayers) to you. Uchishtha Ganesh Sadhna is often called as the “Quintessence of all Ganesha Mantras”. We can pray to the Auspicious deity any time, no particular Lunar day or propitious time is needed. Rishi Munis (sages) had written in many Ganesh Scriptures, that Ganesha’s worship is to be done while eating fruits or his favorite modaks (laddoos). This chanting of mantras is also known as “Mantra Japa”. To gain Siddhi (prosperity) or desired results from this mantra Japa, one should at least chant these 16,000 times. The influential Ganesha mantras that can help everyone to achieve success in life is as follows. The person who does the recitation of Atharva Shirsham becomes an exceptional orator. The person who fasts on the fourth lunar moon becomes a learned and knowledgeable person. These are the words of the famous saint Atharva. The illusion of the most divine power of the world will make one fearless and strong.
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