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Found 3 results

  1. Good for people looking for original Panjabi texts. https://www.scribd.com/user/88680449/rehatnama
  2. Bhai Desa Singh's Rehatnama was part of a intense discussion on this forum a few weeks ago, about Sri Dasam Granth. This rehatnama was discarded from the discussion on the grounds that it claimed that Bhai Desa Singh wrote: "at this place once Jassa Singh Kalal used to live"... I have been reading through the rehitnamas I can find on the net and find in this rehatnama the line, which I have romanised: "Ta mo Jassa Singh kirpal, bast bhae sukh so bahut kaal" (126) The footnote says this is a reference to Sultan ul Quam Jassa Singh Ahulwalia. I'm not too sure about this, as it would be quite absurd that anyone would mistake the name "kalal" simply for the name it is, and the personality to whom the name belonged to. To me, if I were to read it, it would say that it refered to a benevolent Jassa Singh. Also, if there was no doubt that this was a reference to Sultan ul Quam, it wouldn't necessarily mean that the rehatnama was written after Sultan Sahib's death in 1783. It just means that he lived there at one time. So it could have been at more or less any time in Sultan Sahibs' lifetime, even decades before. Unless I've read it wrong. If you wish to read it : https://archive.org/details/RehatnamaBhaiDesaSingh
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. CyberSangat ji (I hope that's appropriate to say), I'm kind of new to this site, and I came here mainly because of the load of questions I had. A few of them are about the 'Khalsa Rehatnama', found in the Gutkas issued by Baba Santa Singh ji of the Buddha Dal. I find It to be quite strange. It had portions from Bhai Nand Lal Singh Ji's Bani (his Rehatnama and Tankhanama in specific), a portion from a Gurbilas, Suraj Prakash (I think) and a few other select paurdees (stanzas) from other Rehatnamas and Granths. Why is it like that? Who Compiled the 'Khalsa Rehatnama' of the Buddha Dal? Why are only a select few paurdees in the Buddha Dal's Rehatnama? Also, I know a Akhand Kirtani Jatha Singh and he reads a 'Khalsa Rehatnama' which is a compilation of like 6-7 different Rehatnamas and shabads from Sarbloh Granth and Sri Dasam Patshahi Ki Granth during Amritvela after Nitnem, he has them written down in a few papers. I have never heard of, known of, or seen a Singhni or Singh do that. Is it like an AKJ version of the 'Khalsa Rehatnama' or something? I haven't even seen Akj Singhs or singhnis do something like that. I do paath of a few Rehatnamas, but I don't understand why the Buddha Dal's 'Khalsa Rehatnama' is so short and cut up.
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