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Found 1 result

  1. The following was explain by tenth master himself. Satguru jee proved to the sangat that Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Rai Dev Bedi jee Maharaaj is greater than Sri Raam Chandar jee and Sri Krishan jee. Note: Daas has condensed the information. The website can be accessed for more information, if anyone is interested. It is a long read but it has great information. Firstly, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Rai Bedi jee Maharaaj is a Pooran Tam Avtaar, while Sri Raam Chandar jee and Sri Krishan jee are Pooran Avtaars. Pooran Tam Avtaar is greater then Pooran Avtaar. Please see below: Quote 6.) Pooran Tam Avtar- This is the highest Avtar. This was Guru Nanak Dev Ji. All avtars are made of satogun but according to Gurmat the early avtars were created out of maya, and hence caught up in it. Guru Nanak Dev Ji however was a 100% mirror reflection of God, and hence he was not hampered by the obstacles which hampered the earlier avtars. Unquote [1] Next, Maharaaj uses five criteria and proves that Satguru jee is the greatest. Quote 1.) Shakti- Shakti is power. Ram Chandar displayed his power from an early age. When his mother went to worship an idol of her goddess. He moved the idol and took it’s place. Krishna too showed his powers to his mother, Devki. Knowing he used to have a tendency to eat dirt she forced him to open his mouth, and through it she saw the entire cosmos. Guru Nanak Dev Ji however did not give into the temptations of demonstrating his shakti. He even instructed his Sikhs to not give into the temptations of showing of these powers. When he was born, at the ambrosial hour (Amritvela) all the demi-gods came to worship him. They seated him on a throne and bowed down to him. They rubbed sandalwood into his skin and adorned him in various ways, all to show their devotion. They even did an ardass in front of him. That along with being the protector of humanity he should also remember the demi-gods. Mata Tripta Ji, Guru sahib’s mother awoke while the demi-gods were midway through their prayers. The demi-gods on seeing her vanished. At first Mata Ji thought she had been dreaming. But then she saw her child adorned like a prince. She came close to him. It was then, to prevent her from finding out about his powes and to conceal them Guru Nanak Dev Ji started crying, and seeing her child in distress she easily let the curtain of forgetfulness be drawn over her mind. Guru Sahib eschewed demonstration of powers and placed emphasis on bhagti. It is only the result of Bhagti one gets powers but these should not be accepted as being a sign, that Bhagti is complete. There is even more bhagti left to do afterwards. 2.) Viaktee- Viaktee is the form of being. The physical form. A glaring difference between Guru Nanak Dev Ji (Pooran Tam Avtar) and Ram Chandar/Krishna (Pooran Avtar) is their facial features. Guru Nanak Dev Ji grew a very beautiful and long beard whereas the Pooran avtars had none. Gurmat says that one of the biggest reasons for an individual’s desire to cut kesh is physical pleasures. The Pooran Avtars did not have any facial hair. When Ram Chandar left Ayodhya to marry Sita in Janakpuri, all the royal maidens were entranced by his beauty. On seeing this he told them that he will satisfy their desires in the Dwaper Yug. In the Dwaper Yug Krishna’s viaktee was one of lust. The maidens became the gopis and hence Ram Chandar satisfied their lust. Above is a mural depicting how Krishna stole the gopi’s clothing and hid with them, in order to watch the nude maidens. Ram Chandar and Krishna both kept youthful forms and as a result were not able to eradicate the cardinal sin of lust. Guru maharaj however let his body age as per Waheguru’s hukam and did not seek any physical pleasures. 3.) Pragya- Pragya is the name of a person’s knowledge of God. Ram Chandar had two masters in his life. Rishi Vashist. He spent 68 days with him in order to gain an understanding of creation. This is found in Vashist purana. (We will be putting up excerpts from this purana very soon). Ram Chandar then spent 8 days with Rishi Vishwamitar in order to learn Shastarvidya, the science of weapons. Ram Chandar and brother Lakshman do seva of Vishwamitar. Krishna’s spiritual master was Rishi Darbasha, who taught him the knowledge of God in 8 days, whereas his martial master was Rishi Sandeepan who taught him Shastarvidya in 64 days. Guru Nanak Dev Ji however was born learned from the start. He did not need any Guru or teacher at all. His Guru was the shabad and he was above the teachings of the vedant, upanishads and qoran etc. When his parents sent him to Pandit Gopal Panday in order to learn maharaj taught Panday the essence of Waheguru and creation. On the third day Pandit Ji told maharaj’s parent that he (Guru Nanak) was the creator of all knowledge and there was nothing he could teach him. Baba Kalu then took maharaj to Mulla Noor Deen, however the Guru gave an exalting discourse to the Mulla which changed his life. The other avtars adopted masters, but maharaj adopted no one as a master instead masters adopted him as a master. Guru Nanak Dev Ji at school with Mulla Noor Deen, his father and other students. Guru Nanak Dev Ji never had to use any weapons, his shastar was the shabad. However he still taught Shastarvidya to Baba Buda Ji, the shastarvidya given to him in sachkhand which was returned to him in his sixth form. No avtar in terms of Shakti, Pragya and Viakat can even come an inch close to Guru Sahib. 4.) Kartab- Kartab is the showing of one’s skills. In Treta-yug the age of Ram Chandar was 10,000 years! During this time Ram Chandar only showed his kartab in the 14 years he spent in exile. After 14 years of exile he went back to Ayodhya and made a promise, that under him no parent will lose their child. It was then that a Brahman came to him and asked him to resurrect his son or otherwise accept the title of a liar. Ram Chandar asked the Brahman how his son died, the Brahman replied that a shudra (dalit) was reading the scriptures and praising God thats why. Ram Chandar went to the residence of the Dalit, Shambuk and resurrected the Brahman’s son by cutting of Shambuk’s head and killing him. This account is found in both the Dasam Granth and the Balmiki Ramayan. By accident Ram Chandar fought against his sons Love and Kush. His sons injured or killed his entire army including Ram Chandar. Only due to the goodness of Sita he was brought back to life. Still Ram Chandar passed the reign of the kingdom over to his two sons. This was due to his attachment with his family. Krishna after killing Kans he placed his maternal grandfather named Ugarsain on the throne to rule the kingdom. This showed his attachment to his family. However Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji for the first 28 years stayed in the city of Sultanpur and worked in the granary. After doing this they went into the Beas River and went to heaven there. Here they adopted God as their only spiritual master. They were given the root incantation here and following which saved all of humanity with the knowledge of the Lord. They travelled far and wide doing this. They did not speak of any other demi god or prophet other then God. Guru maharaj and Salis Rai Jeweller, a devotee maharaj met on his journeys in India. Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not show any attachment to their sons but showed may feats of skill. Instead of installing one of their sons in their position they appointed one of their disciples. Guru Nanak Dev Ji met many evil kings such as Devloot, Lajvarad and Babur. Rather then killing them they gave them knowledge in order to make them understand the message of God and to help humanity. The demon Kauda, the thieves Bhumai and Sajjan were made to repent what they were doing and became saints. They made all the evil people good with the teachings they imparted. They saw no difference between social class, gender, age, etc and imparted the same message to all the people of the world. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in order to avoid many troubles showed much skill. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not show any less skill then any other incarnation. They actually showed greater skill then all others. 5.) Aayoo, or acts performed for the good of others. Ram Chandar lived for 10,000 years. Due to listening to the Brahmans they killed a person of a low caste. They also handed the reign of the land to his two sons. Krishna lived for 1,000 years. He believed Jadva to be an egotistical person due to this he got Rishi Darbasha to curse him so that he would die. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a king and a saint at the same time. In order to bring any other being back to life they never killed another. By bringing that person back to life they would give them the name of God so that they could save and bring back to life many other people. This is the same with the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 10th Sikh Gurus. The third Guru, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji whilst the spiritual master of the Sikhs for 22 years no one died in the village of Gobindwal. No matter if old or young no one died during the 22 years that Sri Guru Amar Das Ji was in the city of Gobindwal. No one was ill as well. This showed that the Guru’s of the Sikhs were greater then that of the incarnations. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji lived for 70 years and during that time travelled more then Ram Chandar and Krishna did. Ram Chandar and Krishna never travelled further then Indian and Sri Lanka. Guru Nanak Dev Ji went to Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Tibet, Sikam, Burma, Africa, Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Russia. They travelled to these countries and more all by foot. In the ballads written by Bhai Gurdas Ji it states the Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji actually travelled the whole world and met all the people of all nations. Guru Nanak Dev Ji saved that many souls that they cannot all be accounted for. In such a small life Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji helped an infinite number of people. They got the root incantation from heaven and spread it through the seven lands of India and all of the continents throughout the world. They taught all the people to meditate on the name of the one true Lord. They started the faith of Sikhism. They created the true congregation. They made other people meditate on the Lord. Unquote [1] [1] - https://sikhunity.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/pooran-tam-avtar/ The above clearly proves that Satguru Sri Guru Nanak Rai Dev Bedi jee Maharaaj is the greatest. Bhul chuk maaf
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