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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody, I've studied the trend of visitors to www.satgur.net and based upon that, I think that it would more helpful for everyone if I once a week post something health related. So, this is first post. If anyone on this forum does not like posting my messages or don't want me to link to Satgur.Net, then please let me know and I'll stop posting. The intention is very clear: To help everyone by spreading the knowledege. Knowledge is everything. Do you know that Heart Attack can be stopped within a minute with extremely simple Mudra (Hand Gesture) OR Herbs (Cayyene Pepper, Hawthorn), Acupressure (pressing points on Hands), Polarity Therapy (Working with Brachial Plexus)? It has been noticed that running to emergency is more dangerous in case of heart attack provided you know the above mentioned techniques. Do you know that most of the cholesterol is being produced by Liver and if you've high cholesterol then you should take care of Liver and not Heart? Do you know that you can avoid Angioplasty or Even Bypass surgery? Do you know that a simple Onion with Ginger can keep your blood thinner and purify it without side-effects? Do you know that walking on bare-earth with barefoot can cure improper heart beat, heart's electrical problems, and cholesterol? If you want to learn more please visit: http://satgur.net/HealthIssue/Detail/1 It is simple for me to provide the link here instead of re-doing all the formatting and pictures on this forum.
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