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Found 1 result

  1. This is in reply to material posted by a Guest in other thread. I will speak from personal experience and my personal beliefs in Guru Ji. I do not care about the authenticity of Charitropakhyan from historical perspective. Since, the Chaupai Sahib is well approved by all the Panth, Charitropakhyan comes along with it. Baba Nand Singh ji took the rehraas from Hazoor Sahib, which includes the dohra about 405 Charitars. If there was anything controversial , Baba Ji will not have approved it. That alone is enough for me personally to have faith in words of Guru and Sant Mahapurush, I will not change that at any cost, no matter how many historical sources this and that you provide me. There are two questions that I would like to address, and some questions that I would like to ask Anti-charitropakhyan people in the end. 1) How can Guru Gobind Singh Ji write erotica ? 2) If this is bani, why is it not read in front of sangat in diwans ? Ans 1 : Can Guru Ji write erotica ? It really is the fault of those who view it as erotica. When they make such a statement, they are basically assuming that Guru ji is on the same mental level as them. They assume that Guru Ji is affected by Lust, that Guru Ji will get excited when they will write such erotic material or tales. They assume that Guru ji like us find the form of woman attractive or get desires just like them. These people view Guru as a normal human being with desires like them. They think that Guru ji finds this material sexy, just like they do. They are making all these assumption based on their human nature. They do not know anything about the nature of their Guru. They are judging Guru based on their limited experience of reality & bondage of sexual desires, and their own insecurity. Just like no one can know about God, no one can know about the Nature of Guru. We can only say he is beyond and beyond. Neo Singh often does a good job in describing such states of non-duality untouched complete awareness, as evident from Akal Ustat. Now I will give my own example. I went through medical school. I have touched breasts, I have done manual vaginal physical examinations with my hands touching each and every portion you can imagine, I have done Pap Smear examinations taking samples from the cervix, I have assisted in deliveries of babies and witnessed the tearing & all the emotional drama. I have witnessed the female form in its fullest, deepest & grossest state. I have dissected bodies, penises and vaginas. Do you know what was the state of my mind during my exposure ? It was neutral. There was no sexual feelings associated with anything at all. Instead the opposite happened. My libido had decreased to zero after doing those pap smears and handling crazy mothers during delivery. I was not excited at all at the sight of breast or female form. I was just in that state. The atmosphere was very professional & such thoughts never arose. Thus, if someone like me , who is lowly nothing, can experience this state of non-attachment to female body & loss of libido after so much exposure, do you think that Guru Gobind Singh Ji who is the creator himself, the one who created Maya will be affected when writing sexual descriptive tales. Ans 2 : If this is bani, why is it not read in front of sangat in diwans ? Consider this bani as something which is for certain advanced Sikhs who hold positions of great responsibility spiritually and politically, or saints who need to learn the antics of great maya before they can reach their ultimate goal. Only those who are medical students & Doctors are allowed to witness & perform the procedures on female body that I mentioned above. Not every joe blow can come in and touch a woman's breast. This is years of rigorous training for a transformation of a medical student into a doctor or surgeon. Think of medical student as someone who risen above sexual desires and surgeon as a brahmgyani who reached his final destination. If you teach this bani to someone who has not even read Guru Granth Sahib or has not even risen above the Lust, it will definitely seem as erotica. And all these people are only projecting their own insecurities , fears and weaknesses through their anti-charitropakhyan stance. 3) Why so many graphic details ? When you want to bring a piece to life, details are included from a poetic standpoint. The details of sex positions, the voices of bed squeaking, ejaculation of sperm, deceit, or others etc recreate the scene and bring it to life. If you are getting excited reading this then you have a lot of work to do. Obviously, this was not meant for everyone. If you are getting weak in your knees reading this obviously you need to do a lot of work. Go apply Guru Granth Sahib in your life before you get to reading these so called erotic tales.
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