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Found 2 results

  1. I have been watching Mahabharat again recently and came to the part where Lord Krishna becomes a peace envoy for the Pandavs and asks King Dhritrashtr for the Pandavs kingdom to be returned. Naturally Durodhyan objects, and Krishan then offers plan B, where he says the 5 Pandavs would be content with 5 villages only. Duroyodhhna replies that he wount give even a pin-prick of land to them, and then war starts and there is immense loss on both sides. When watching this it reminded me of the current situation in Kashmir, and how the indian govt is pouring so much of its money into holding onto Kashmir by force. Wouldn't it be better to let Kashmir go, if they really want to be free and concentrate on those people who actuallu want to live in india as indians? So many people dying of poverty could be helped. Isn't the indian govt just as stubborn as Durodhyan and making the same mistake ?
  2. Having watched Mahabharat for a 2nd time, I woould like to start a topic on its characters and what characteristics they represented. To me having watched this again, it stands out that there is more than a storyline to be followed. There is a very good reason why this story is an epic, which is also mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib JI, and also Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth as well.
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