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Found 1 result

  1. Trying to Sidh a Jaap/Mantar can be very dangerous at times. Daas talked to a Gurmukh (who is of a good avastha) about Gurbani Mantar Sidhi. He mentioned about a person, who became mentally ill, while trying to sidh a Mantar. He had to be cuffed. His head was massaged and he was made to sleep for a long time. After all this, he became better, but did not completely recover from it. From his experience (he is close to 50), in most cases, where people have tried to Sidh a Mantar, it has resulted in a negative impact on the person. One might wonder, how come Gurbani is having a negative impact on a person? The answer is simple. It is not Gurbani, which is at fault, but the limitation of the human body. An ordinary human's body is incapable of absorbing the immense energy released by Gurbani. For example, a person like me cannot maintain the same diet as that of a professional weight lifter. Due to their profession, they are able to digest large quantities of food, which is impossible for a regular person. Similarly, Brahamgyanis/Advanced Spiritual beings can absorb the power of Gurbani, which would be difficult for a normal person/Jagayasu/Spiritual beginner. How does one gain Mantar Sidhi? Jaap of the mantar is done on a daily basis (at specific times) Jaap has to be done with full concentration and love The Mantars should be pronounced correctly Strict hygiene protocols (body and surroundings) have to be followed No type of sexual activity can be performed, during the entire time frame For some Jaaps, one has to face a specific direction Water has to be kept nearby Other specific acts/protocols as mentioned in the Granths There is a big difference in doing an "x" amount of recitations of a Jaap in the above prescribed way, as opposed to doing it otherwise (spreading it out in a day, facing any direction, changing locations, etc). Jaaps, which are done for any worldly desires should be fine. Examples Jaap for a job Jaap to find a suitable life partner Jaap for wealth/health, etc Gurbani Mantar Sidhi (in some cases) must be performed under the supervision of an Ustad (Teacher), who has already acquired the Sidhi. It could be also be done under a Brahamgyani. Daas would like to thank @mrhsinghk, as he was the one who gave me an insight into this very pertinent matter via pm. Thanks Paaji. Bhul chuk maaf
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