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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I’m 18 now. I have been doing meditation for two weeks now, after watching Sandeep Maheshwari’s basic meditation video on YouTube. When I meditate, I listen to the high frequency type sound ringing in my ears, along with another sound that I can’t really describe. To relate to the best, it’s like the sound of rain. I follow Radha Soami Satsang Beas. Naam Daan is given to sangat older than 25 yrs of age. I was just wondering, should I continue doing meditation without naam daan? I’ve built an interest in spirituality in a short period of time and I’m confused now. Pls someone guide me.
  2. Dhan Shri Satnam Waheguru! I am actually a Hindu living in Pakistan. But I felt that this question would be best answered by a Sikh rather than a Hindu because many Hindus do not seem to understand the significance of Naam Daan. I am actually a devotee of Shri Sain Satram Das Sahib of Raharki village. And I have noticed that the concept of union with God (moksha) in Sikhism and in Hinduism do not show any type of discrimination in the slightest bit to me. Everything that I have been taught by Sain Satram Das Sahib, I have seen that in Sikhism. And so I do not consider Hinduism separate from Sikhism Although, some people will disagree with me on this. But here in the villages of Pakistan, the relationship between Sikhs and Hindus is so loving, that one would not be able to tell if they follow separate religions. Hindus consider the ten Sikh Gurus as their own spiritual masters, and Sikhs here consider personalities like Sain Satram Das Sahib as their own spiritual master. But this was just some knowledge I thought would be good to share as this is my first time posting on this forum and so I wanted to be friendly with you all. My real question actually is that if one attains Naam Daan from a Satguru, does it ensure that the devotee will always be on the path of oneness and that he will never go astray? And that he will never feel any absence or lack of faith and that any question that he has regarding God and spirituality will be answered in any way? Because recently I have had a lot of such questions and I thought that I will definitely get the answers to these questions after attaining Naam Daan. So is this true? Your answer to this question will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for taking some time to read this! And please forgive me if I said anything foolish or offensive.
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