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Found 3 results

  1. Sat Sri Akal Singho, I am new to this forum but I have read many threads so far and I am extremely disturbed. I came to this site thinking that the Singhs here would be a good representation of Gurmat philosophy. However, thread after thread, all I am seeing is bigotry. Several users here are prejudiced and make generalized statements without incurring any warnings from the Moderator. For instance, I see Gurmukhs on this site who seem to have great knowledge on Gurbani saying things like "Indian muslims this", "Punjabi Hindus this". "Oh the Hindus did this, The Muslims did this".... I mentioned this on another thread about Reconciliation and I am saying this here again: please refrain from generalizing. It is black and white labelling that has caused so much problems for our Panth. Blaming any community as a whole for the actions of a few individuals is blatantly wrong and should be denigrated by the forum Moderator swiftly. When the Mughal hukumat attacked GuruJi, Guru Sahib did not blame the Muslims. When Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked Harmandir Sahib, Sant Baba Deep Singh Ji did not blame Muslims. Our Panth cannot remain Tyar Bar Tyar if we think in terms of black and white. We have to think critically. If we blame communities as a whole then we are allowing the media and other anti-Sikh individuals and organizations to give examples of bigotry. The Taliban was used by Western media outlets to defame the Muslims of the world. Likewise, Ajaib Singh Bagri was used by the Indian Govt to malign the Sikhs. We must take an educated approach. The moderator on this website must also play his/her role and step in and correct our Bhais when they make these kind of mistakes. If we do not fix our terminology then we are to be blamed for our Panth's gradual denigration. I say gradual because there are too many people who blame whole communities. If we blame Punjabi Hindus for Punjabi Suba, then they can blame us, as a whole, tomorrow for electing Badal and allowing him to unleash a reign of terror across the state of Punjab. We must be aware. We have to be vigilant. We cannot allow people from our own ranks to make bigoted statements. They hurt our whole community. I for one cannot stand anyone generalizing. The moderator should take action and make his actions public and publicly denounce statements that target a whole community. I am going to outline some examples: 1. The Mughals and SOME (note the word Some... not all Pahari Rajas attacked) Hill Rajput Rajas attacked Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib did not blame Muslims, Hindus, or Rajputs as a whole. 2. Ahmad Shah Abdali attacked Harmandir Sahib. Baba Deep Singh Ji did not blame Muslims. 3. 1984 Genocide : Indian Govt Cats blamed Hindus as a whole. True Sikhs blamed the Indian Govt of Rajiv Gandhi and gave credit to individuals such as Gen. Sinha et al, and did not blame Hindus as a whole. 4. 1947 Partition: We should not blame Muslims as a whole. I remember reading an article where a fellow Sikh explained how the Muslim League attacked Hindus and Sikhs in West Punjab and were successful in portraying the attacks as an organic Muslim insurgence. However, it was an orchestrated, British-mandated (Muslim League is an extension of the West--- so is Pakistan and slowly India as well) affair. We have to blame ourselves for not realizing that the attacks against Hindus and Sikhs were actually sponsored by agencies of the West. We bought the lie and reacted just as nefariously as the supposed "Muslims" did and contributed to the destruction of India's history. We contributed to the destruction of Afghanistan, Balochistan, Bengal, Punjab, Sindh, and Kashmir. When I say WE I mean all Sikhs and Hindus and Muslims that bought the lie of partition. We lost Nankana Sahib and I remember seeing pictures of dozens of Gurdwaras in Pakistan deteriorating and I was dumbfounded. The British split all peoples of South Asia that would have formed any resistance to their corporatist and capitalist agenda. I remember listening to Bani from Dasmesh PitaJi and I remember reading something about Russia and China marching into Hind and how 400 Million Hindus would perish or something and that the whole nation would take amrit and they would fight back as Khalsay and Reign supreme. I am unsure as to where I came across this Bani, if someone can help me find it, I will greatly appreciate it. But my point is, we have to be aware and blame people SPECIFICALLY. The MODERATOR should STEP IN anytime anti-gurmat comments are made and when people generalize. US BLAMING HINDUS MUSLIMS AS A WHOLE IS LIKE SOMEONE BLAMING US FOR THE ACTIONS OF BADAL!!!!! DONT YOU SEE WHAT YOUR DOING! DONT BE IGNORANT! BE AWARE! WAKE UP! Bhul Chuk Maaf Karayo Satnaam
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