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Found 1 result

  1. The Sick Parasite Network, or for short SPN, has long been a bastion of lies and double-standards for many years. Especially under that cretin "aman" who is an admin there. This guy can't even stand up to debate anything. Its so easy to catch this rat and his boyfreind karminder out on many lies they tell on that forum. This aman can't even write a response without his anus leaking. Their only response is to ban members who expose amans/karminders lies an stupidity. The biggest rat of them all karminder can't even stick to his OWN "facts" ! At one place he claim the 70 year absence of the Sikhs from Sachkhand Sri HariMandir Sahib led to the Udasis introducing Sri Dasme Patshahs Granth Sahib to rival Guru Granth Sahib. Then on another piece of trash he writes "the british financed another granth to rival Sri Guru Granth Sahib" which was then called the Dasam Granth. Only fools and parasite would venture there and enjoy it.
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