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Found 4 results

  1. Came across a YouTube channel that has great videos on deep subject of Simran
  2. Wgkwgkf plz sangat g help me i am doing simran bhagti in this way i have learend from audio tapes of different bhaisab g plz guide me is it the right path I am doing simran for 10 min after that i do saas giras for few minutes may be 2 minutes and after that i start to keep my mind focus on my ears trying to listen after keep trying to listen the voice of air or in punjabi the' soo soo 'voice become more audible and there i sarted to fall into that voice and i stays there for 15 min today when i started reading gurbani from my gutka sahib i fell like my mind dont want to read gurbani instead my eyes started to close again to go back into sunn (which i feel is sunn ) My doubts are tht i m not falling into sukhneendre di avasta i have read regarding this in some book tht it is the enemy of gursukh plz guide me is my khoj is in right direction Waheguru g
  3. I've really been confused about this topic for the past few weeks so I thought I would ask about it. I tried looking through other topics but because my knowledge/terminology is limited I kept getting even more confused. Could someone help me understand what the types of sleep are? I commonly drift into a sleep where there is complete stillness and peace but many gurmukhs have said to try and stay awake/focus on jaap. I recently came across this video and it gives a decent explanation of what happens: But my question is - is any spiritual progress being made in this sleep? Why don't I hear anything in this sleep? What has to occur on a sukham level for sound to arise? I think the main confusion has to do with the fact that the mind is "still" (while in that sleep) but there is no sound - But I thought sound would be heard when the mind is still. Many other sounds are heard outside of sleep but none of them are true shabad. Just as an FYI - these are just questions that I keep having and want to clear them up. I'm not trying to stay in sleep for long periods of time. It happens frequently but I go back to gurmantar as soon as I'm awake.
  4. Naam abyaasis will appreciate the contents of thiis video.Enjoy. This pangtis were taken from Ang 1162 He is like the sky, stretching across the lower, upper and middle realms. araDh uraDh mukh laago kaas. In the profoundly silent celestial realm, He radiates forth. sunn mandal meh kar pargaas. Neither the sun nor the moon are there, oohaaN sooraj naahee chand. but the Primal Immaculate Lord celebrates there. ||5|| aad niranjan karai anand. Know that He is in the universe, and in the body as well. so barahmand pind so jaan. Take your cleansing bath in the Mansarovar Lake. maan sarovar kar isnaan. Chant "Sohang" - "He is me." sohaN so jaa ka-o hai jaap. He is not affected by either virtue or vice. ||6|| jaa ka-o lipat na ho-ay punn ar paap. ||6|| He is not affected by either high or low social class, sunshine or shade. abran baran ghaam nahee chhaam. He is in the Guru`s Sanctuary, and nowhere else. avar na paa-ee-ai gur kee saam. He is not diverted by diversions, comings or goings. taaree na tarai aavai na jaa-ay. Remain intuitively absorbed in the celestial void. ||7|| sunn sahj meh rahi-o samaa-ay. ||7|| One who knows the Lord in the mind man maDhay jaanai jay ko-ay. - whatever he says, comes to pass. jo bolai so aapai ho-ay. One who firmly implants the Lord`s Divine Light, and His Mantra within the mind jot mantar man asthir karai. - says Kabeer, such a mortal crosses over to the other side. ||8||1|| kahi kabeer so paraanee tarai.
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