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Blue Rider

The Hidden Beauty Of People All Around Us

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check it out, the dukh in the kids voice, the beauty in his voice, yet people walk by everyday without a second look.

Just got me thinking about the same concept in general, we are immersed in our own lives, own bubbles, and forget to admire the beauty of kudrat.

rwgu iblwvlu mhlw 5 dupdy Gru 8

raag bilaaval mehalaa 5 dhupadhae ghar 8

Raag Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla, Du-Paday, Eighth House:

<> siqgur pRswid ]

ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

mY nwhI pRB sBu ikCu qyrw ]

mai naahee prabh sabh kishh thaeraa ||

I am nothing, God; everything is Yours.

eIGY inrgun aUGY srgun kyl krq ibic suAwmI myrw ]1] rhwau ]

eeghai niragun ooghai saragun kael karath bich suaamee maeraa ||1|| rehaao ||

In this world, You are the absolute, formless Lord; in the world hereafter, You are the related Lord of form. You play it both ways, O my Lord and Master. ||1||Pause||

ngr mih Awip bwhir Puin Awpn pRB myry ko sgl bsyrw ]

nagar mehi aap baahar fun aapan prabh maerae ko sagal basaeraa ||

You exist within the city, and beyond it as well; O my God, You are everywhere.

Awpy hI rwjnu Awpy hI rwieAw kh kh Twkuru kh kh cyrw ]1]

aapae hee raajan aapae hee raaeiaa keh keh t(h)aakur keh keh chaeraa ||1||

You Yourself are the King, and You Yourself are the subject. In one place, You are the Lord and Master, and in another place, You are the slave. ||1||

kw kau durwau kw isau blbMcw jh jh pyKau qh qh nyrw ]

kaa ko dhuraao kaa sio balaba(n)chaa jeh jeh paekho theh theh naeraa ||

From whom should I hide? Whom should I try to deceive? Wherever I look, I see Him near at hand.

swD mUriq guru ByitE nwnk imil swgr bUMd nhI An hyrw ]2]1]117]

saadhh moorath gur bhaettiou naanak mil saagar boo(n)dh nehee an haeraa ||2||1||117||

I have met with Guru Nanak, the Embodiment of the Holy Saints. When the drop of water merges into the ocean, it cannot be distinguished as separate again. ||2||1||117||


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Vahigurooo, i feel the pain in him, its evident, you can tell he has suffered quite a bit and very emotionally drained kid. I only wish if someone can show him little direction towards gursikhi bairag marg which has bhagats from all caste and all professions pravan in gurbani, bhagat ravidas who was cobbler yet bhramgyani tasted his own atam ras. With bairaag and gyan one may look like beggar in the society eyes but they are kings of kings. May Vahiguroo give him shakti and show him right direction, at this vulnerable/emotional state, one could turn to be total atheist because of experience or lack of understanding or one could totally turn out to be tyagi bairaagi atma.

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