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Meditation - My Experiance, Am I Allowed To Share?

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Jis ke seer upar tum Swami so dukh kaise pawe ....Dhan ho tusi bhaisaab.

During driving i use to jaap the Gur Gayatri (Gobinde Mukande) and overcame fear. When i use to drive to work in the evenings i use to do Gur Gayatri , now its mornings so i jaap the mool mantar.

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Ang 788

The selfless service of the Gurmukhs is approved; in celestial peace, they live the essence of reality.

gurmukh sayvaa thaa-ay pavai unman tat kamaahu.

They receive the wages of their labor, begging at the Door of their Lord and Master.

maskat lahhu majooree-aa mang mang khasam daraahu.

O Nanak, the Court of the Lord is overflowing and carefree; O my True Carefree Lord, no one returns empty-handed from Your Court.

naanak pur dar vayparvaah ta-o dar oonaa naahi ko sachaa vayparvaahu.

Ang 789

O Nanak, the bags of coins are brought in

naanak badraa maal kaa bheetar Dhari-aa aan.

and placed in the Court of our Lord and Master, and there, the genuine and the counterfeit are separated.

khotay kharay parkhee-an saahib kai deebaan.

The mind runs around in the ten directions; the Guru holds it still.

dah dis ih man Dhaavdaa gur thaak rahaa-i-aa.

Everyone longs for the Name, but it is only found through the Guru`s Teachings.

naavai no sabh lochdee gurmatee paa-iaa

Ang 790

The Gurmukh is free of conflict and strife, and sees the One Lord, pervading everywhere.
gurmukh jhagarh chukaa-i-on iko rav rahi-aa.

Recognizing that the Supreme Soul is everywhere, he crosses over the terrifying world-ocean.
sabh aatam raam pachhaani-aa bha-ojal tar ga-i-aa.

His light merges into the Light, and he is absorbed into the Lord`s Name.
jot samaanee jot vich har naam sam-i-aa.

Ang 801

How can I cross over the poisonous world-ocean?
ki-o taree-ai bikhi-aa sansaar.

The True Guru is the boat to carry us across. Pause
satgur bohith paavai paar. rahaa-o.

The wind of Maya blows and shakes us,
pavan jhulaaray maa-i-aa day-ay.

but the Lord`s devotees remain ever-stable.
har kay bhagat sadaa thir say-ay.

They remain unaffected by pleasure and pain.
harakh sog tay raheh niraaraa.

I wander around, sad and depressed, seeking the jewel of the One Lord.
ha-o fira-o udaasee mai ik ratan dasaa-i-aa.

This priceless jewel is not obtained by any efforts.
nirmolak heeraa milai na upaa-i-aa.

That jewel is within the body, the Temple of the Lord.
har kaa mandar tis meh laal.

The Guru has torn away the veil of illusion, and beholding the jewel, I am delighted.
gur kholi-aa parh-daa daykh bha-ee nihaal.

One who has tasted it, comes to know its flavor;
jin chaakhi-aa tis aa-i-aa saad.

Ang 804

Meeting with the Holy Saints, meditate on the Name of the Lord.
mil saaDhoo har naam Dhi-aa-ee-ai.

Meditating on the Guru`s Feet, sinful mistakes are erased. Pause
kilbikh kaatai bhaj gur kay charnaa. rahaa-o.

All other rituals are just worldly affairs;
avar karam sabh lokaachaar.

One may contemplate the Simritees, Shaastras and Vedas,
simrit saasat bayd beechaaray.

but only by chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is one saved and carried across.
japee-ai naam jit paar utaaray.

Ang 806

The Ambrosial Bani of God`s Word is the Unspoken Speech.
akath kathaa amrit parabh baanee.

Says Nanak, the spiritually wise live by meditating on God.
kaho naanak jap jeevay gi-aanee.

The Guru, the Perfect True Guru, has blessed me with peace and tranquility.
saaNt paa-ee gur satgur pooray.

Peace and joy have welled up, and the mystical trumpets of the unstruck sound current vibrate.
sukh upjay baajay anhad tooray.

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Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji states on Ang 821

The Shabad, the Word of the True Guru, is the light of the lamp.

satgur sabad ujaaro deepaa

It dispels the darkness from the body-mansion, and opens the beautiful chamber of jewels. Pause

binsi-o anDhkaar tih mandar ratan koth-rhee khulHee anoopaa. rahaa-o.

I was wonderstruck and astonished, when I looked inside; Icannot even describe its glory and grandeur.

bisman bisam bha-ay ja-o paykhi-o kahan na jaa-ay vadi-aa-ee.

I am intoxicated and enraptured with it, and I am wrapped in it, through and through.

magan bha-ay oohaa sang maatay ot pot laptaa-ee.

Ang 822

Chanting the Name of the Lord of the Universe, Gobind, Gobind, Gobind, we become like Him.

gobind gobind gobind ma-ee.

Since I met the compassionate, Holy Saints, my evil-mindedness has been driven far away. Pause

jab tay bhaytay saaDh da-i-aaraa tab tay durmat door bha-ee.

The Perfect Lord is perfectly pervading everywhere. He is cool and calm, peaceful and compassionate.

pooran poor rahi-o sampooran seetal saaNt da-i-aal da-ee.

Sexual desire, anger and egotistical desires have all been eliminated from my body.

kaam kroDh tarisnaa ahaNkaaraa tan tay ho-ay sagal kha-ee.

Truth, contentment, compassion, Dharmic faith and purity - I have received these from the Teachings of the Saints.

sat santokh da-i-aa Dharam such santan tay ih mant la-ee.

Says Nanak, one who realizes this in his mind, achieves total understanding.

kaho naanak jin manhu pachhaani-aa tin ka-o saglee sojh pa-ee.

Ang 824

Deep within the nucleus of his mind and body, is God.

man tan antar parabh aahee.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Ang 831

Through the lifestyle of Truth, the True Lord comes to dwell in the mind. saachee
rahat saachaa man so-ee.

The self-willed manmukh talks about it, but does not practice it.

manmukh kathnee hai par rahat na ho-ee.

He alone is a spiritual teacher, who lovingly focuses his consciousness on the Word of the Shabad.

so gi-aanee jin sabad liv laa-ee.

Listening, hearing and believing, one beholds the Divine Light.
Sun sun maanai vaykhai jot.

His bonds are broken, enshrining the Name of the One Lord.

banDhan tootay ik naam vasaaman.

Ang 832

Trapped by the three qualities, people come and go, far from the Lord.

tarihu gun upjai binsai dooray.

Serving the Guru, the treasure is found.

gur sayvaa tay lahai padaarath.

With the Naam in the heart, one always prospers.

hirdai naam sadaa kirtaarath.

And in the Court of the True Lord, you shall not called to account.

saachee dargeh poochh na ho-ay.

One who obeys the Hukam of the Lord`s Command, is approved at the Lord`s Door.

maanay hukam seejhai dar so-ay.

Serving the True Guru, the Naam shall dwell in your conscious mind.

satgur sayv naam vasai man cheet.

Meeting with the Guru, the Name of the Lord comes to mind. Without the Name, other loves are false. Pause

gur bhaytay har naam chaytaavai bin naavai hor jhooth pareet. rahaa-o.

So do that work, which the Guru tells you to do.

gur kahi-aa saa kaar kamaavahu.

Contemplating the Word of the Shabad, you shall come to the home of celestial bliss.

sabad cheeneh sahj ghar aavhu.

Through the True Name, you shall obtain glorious greatness.

saachai naa-ay vadaa-ee paavhu.

One who does not understand his own self, but still tries to instruct others,

aap na boojhai lok bujhaavai.

is mentally blind, and acts in blindness.

man kaa anDhaa anDh kamaavai.

How can he ever find a home and a place of rest, in the Mansion of the Lord`s Presence?

dar ghar mahal tha-ur kaisay paavai.

Serve the Dear Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts;

har jee-o sayvee-ai antarjaamee.

deep within each and every heart, His Light is shining forth.

ghat ghat antar jis kee jot samaanee.

Ang 833

The True Name is known through the True Word of the Shabad.

saachaa naam saachai sabad jaanai.

The Lord Himself meets that one who eradicates egotistical pride.

aapai aap milai chookai abhimaanai

The Gurmukh chants the Naam, forever and ever.

gurmukh naam sadaa sadaa vakhaanai.

Serving the True Guru, duality and evil-mindedness are taken away.

satgur sayvi-ai doojee durmat jaa-ee

Guilty mistakes are erased, and the sinful intellect is cleansed.

a-ugan kaat paapaa mat khaa-ee

One`s body sparkles like gold, and one`s light merges into the Light.

kanchan kaa-i-aa jotee jot samaa-ee.

Meeting with the True Guru, one is blessed with glorious greatness.

satgur mili-ai vadee vadi-aa-ee.

Pain is taken away, and the Naam comes to dwell within the heart.

dukh kaatai hirdai naam vasaa-ee.

Imbued with the Naam, one finds eternal peace.

naam ratay sadaa sukh paa-ee.

Obeying the Gur`s instructions, one`s actions are purified.

gurmat maani-aa karnee saar.

Obeying the Guru`s Instructions, one finds the state of salvation.

gurmat maani-aa mokh du-aar.

O Nanak, those who follow the Guru`s Teachings are saved, along with their families.

naanak gurmat maani-aa parvaarai saaDhaar.

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I was reading the following pangti's on Ang 834 and it reminded me of this guidance I once heard.

Only the Creator Lord Himself knows the state and condition of everyone; the Lord Himself makes all the arrangements.
har gat mit kartaa aapay jaanai sabh biDh har har aap bana-ee-aa.

The treasure of jewels is found in the ocean of the Guru`s Teachings. The treasure of devotional worship is opened to me.
ratan padaarath gurmat paavai saagar bhagat bhandaar khulH-ee-aa.

This body is the field of karma; the Gurmukhs plow and work it, and harvest the essence.
ih sareer karam kee Dhartee gurmukh math math tat kadha-ee-aa.

The priceless jewel of the Naam becomes manifest, and it pours into their vessels of love.
laal javayhar naam pargaasi-aa bhaaNdai bhaa-o pavai tit a-ee-aa.

Become the slave of the slave of the slave, of that humble being who has become the devotee of the Lord.
daasan daas daas ho-ay rahee-ai jo jan raam bhagat nij bha-ee-aa.

I dedicate my mind and intellect, and place them in offering before my Guru; by Guru`s Grace, I speak the Unspoken.
man buDh arap Dhara-o gur aagai gur parsaadee mai akath katha-ee-aa.

The self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in attachment to Maya; their minds are thirsty, burning with desire.
manmukh maa-i-aa mohi vi-aapay ih man tarisnaa jalat tikha-ee-aa.

Following the Guru`s Teachings, I have obtained the Ambrosial Water of the Naam, and the fire has been put out. The Word of the Guru`s Shabad
has put it out.

gurmat naam amrit jal paa-i-aa agan bujhee gur sabad bujha-ee-aa.

This mind dances before the True Guru. The unstruck sound current of the Shabad resounds, vibrating the celestial melody of the horn.
ih man naachai satgur aagai anhad sabad Dhun toor vaja-ee-aa.

The instruction went something along the lines:

Think of the mind as field and the weeds are your thoughts. Your job is simply to use the Gurmantar as the folk and your breath the action of pushing the folk in and out. Keep digging out those weeds and clean the field and keep it weed free. The seeds of the anhad shabad which Waheguru has already planted within you just needs to be given the opportunity to sprout. Like a farmer tending to his field everyday you must also do this as much as possible.

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Allot of guidance given by Guru Nanak Dev Ji on Ang 838

Bilaaval, First Mehl, T`hitee ~ The Lunar Days, Tenth House, To The Drum-Beat Jat:
bilaaval mehlaa 1 thitee ghar 10 jat

The First Day: The One Universal Creator is unique,
aykam aykankaar niraalaa

immortal, unborn, beyond social class or involvement.
amar ajonee jaat na jaalaa.

He is inaccessible and unfathomable, with no form or feature.
agam agochar roop na raykh-i-aa.

Searching, searching, I have seen Him in each and every heart.
khojat khojat ghat ghat daykhi-aa.

I am a sacrifice to one who sees, and inspires others to see. Him.
jo daykh dikhaavai tis ka-o bal jaa-ee.

Through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, the Mansion of the Lord`s Presence is revealed within the home of one`s own heart. Pause
gur kai sabad mahal ghar deesai.

The Second Day: Those who are in love with another, come to regret and repent.
doojai bhaa-ay lagay pachhutaanay.

They are tied up at Death`s door, and continue coming and going.
jam dar baaDhay aavan jaanay.

What have they brought, and what will they take with them when they go?
ki-aa lai aavahi ki-aa lay jaahi.

The Messenger of Death looms over their heads, and they endure his beating.
sir jamkaal se chotaa khaahi.

Without the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, no one finds release.
bin gur sabad na chhootas ko-ay.

Practicing hypocrisy, no one finds liberation.
pakhand keenHai mukat na ho-ay.

The True Lord Himself created the universe, joining the elements together.
aapay sach kee-aa kar jorh.

He made the earth and the sky into places to live.

Dharat akaas kee-ay baisan ka-o thaa-o.

He created day and night, fear and love.

raat dinant kee-ay bha-o bhaa-o.

The One who created the Creation, also watches over it.
jin kee-ay kar vaykhanhaaraa.

There is no other Creator Lord.
avar na doojaa sirjanhaaraa.

The Third Day: He created Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,
taritee-aa barahmaa bisan mahaysaa.

the gods, goddesses and various manifestations.
dayvee dayv upaa-ay vaysaa.

The lights and forms cannot be counted.
jotee jaatee ganat na aavai.

The Fourth Day: He created the four Vedas,
cha-uth upaa-ay chaaray baydaa.

the four sources of creation, and distinct forms of speech.
khaanee chaaray banee bhaydaa.

He created the eighteen Puraanas, the six Shaastras and the three qualities.
asat dasaa khat teen upaa-ay.

He alone understands, whom the Lord causes to understand.
so boojhai jis aap bujhaa-ay.

One who overcomes the three qualities (Tamo gun -> Rajo gun -> Sato gun), dwells in the fourth state.
teen samaavai cha-uthai vaasaa

Prays Nanak, I am his slave.
paranvat naanak ham taa kay daasaa.

The Fifth Day: The five elements are demons.
panchmee panch bhoot baytaalaa.

The Lord Himself is unfathomable and detached.
aap agochar purakh niraalaa.

Some are gripped by doubt, hunger, emotional attachment and desire.
ik bharam bhookhay moh pi-aasay.

Some taste the sublime essence of the Shabad, and are satisfied.
ik ras chaakh sabad tariptaasay.

Some are imbued with the Lord`s Love, while some die, and are reduced to dust.

ik rang raatay ik mar Dhoor.

Some attain the Court and the Mansion of the True Lord, and behold Him, ever-present.
ik dar ghar saachai daykh hadoor.

He alone is emancipated, whom the Lord and Master emancipates.
ta-o chhootai jaa khasam chhadaa-ay.

He follows the Guru`s Teachings, and enshrines devotional worship.
gurmat maylay bhagat drirh-aa-ay.

The Sixth Day: God organized the six systems of Yoga.
khastee khat darsan parabh saajay.

The unstruck sound current of the Shabad vibrates of itself.
anhad sabad niraalaa vaajay.

If God wills it so, then one is summoned to the Mansion of His Presence.
jay parabh bhaavai taa mahal bulaavai.

One who is pierced through by the Shabad, obtains honor.
sabday bhayday ta-o pat paavai.

Those who wear religious robes burn, and are ruined.
kar kar vays khapeh jal jaaveh.

Through Truth, the truthful ones merge into the True Lord.
saachai saachay saach samaaveh.

The Seventh Day: When the body is imbued with Truth and contentment,
saptamee sat santokh sareer.

the seven seas within are filled with the Immaculate Water. (Guessing that is a reference to the 7 chakras)
saat samund bharay nirmal neer.

Bathing in good conduct, and contemplating the True Lord within the heart,
majan seel sach ridai veechaar.

one obtains the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, and carries everyone across.

gur kai sabad paavai sabh paar.

With the True Lord in the mind, and the True Lord lovingly on one`s lips,

man saachaa mukh saacha-o bhaa-ay.

one is blessed with the banner of Truth, and meets with no obstructions.
sach neesaanai thaak na paa-ay.

The Eighth Day: The eight miraculous powers come when one subdues his own mind,
astamee asat siDh buDh saaDhai.

and contemplates the True Lord through pure actions.
sach nihkayval karam araaDhai

Forget the three qualities of wind, water and fire, (alias again of Rajo; Sato; Tamo)
pa-un paanee agnee bisraa-o.

3 quality aliases
Tamo-Gun / Fire / Mehesh (Shiv ji) / Patal Lok (Sea) : Sex behavior; Anger; Greed; Attachment; Pride
Rajo-Gun / Wind / Bhrama / Bhoom Lok (Land) : Hopes; Wishes; Desires; Anxiety; Worries;
Sato-Gun / Water / Vishnu / Akash Lok (Sky) : Compassion; Contentment; Humility; Tolerance; Moral Control

and concentrate on the pure True Name.
tahee niranjan saacho naa-o.

That human who remains lovingly focused on the Lord,
tis meh manoo-aa rahi-aa liv laa-ay

prays Nanak, shall not be consumed by death.
paranvat naanak kaal na khaa-ay.

The Ninth Day: The Name is the supreme almighty Master of the nine masters of Yoga, the nine realms of the earth, and each and every heart.
naa-o na-umee navay naath nav khanda. ghat ghat naath mahaa balvandaa.

This whole world is the child of Maya.
aa-ee pootaa ih jag saaraa

I bow in submission to God, my Protector from the very beginning of time.

parabh aadays aad rakhvaaraa

He was in the beginning, He has been throughout the ages, He is now, and He shall always be.
aad jugaadee hai bhee hog.

He is unlimited, and capable of doing everything.
oh aprampar karnai jog.

The Tenth Day: Meditate on the Naam, give to charity, and purify yourself.

dasmee naam daan isnaan.

Night and day, bathe in spiritual wisdom and the Glorious Virtues of the True Lord.
an-din majan sachaa gun gi-aan.

Truth cannot be polluted; doubt and fear run away from it.
sach mail na laagai bharam bha-o bhaagai.

The flimsy thread breaks in an instant.
bilam na tootas kaachai taagai.

Know that the world is just like this thread.
ji-o taagaa jag ayvai jaanhu.

Your consciousness shall become steady and stable, enjoying the Love of the True Lord.
asthir cheet saach rang maanhu

The Eleventh Day: Enshrine the One Lord within your heart.
aykaadasee ik ridai vasaavai

Eradicate cruelty, egotism and emotional attachment.
hinsaa mamtaa moh chukhaavai.

Earn the fruitful rewards, by observing the fast of knowing your own self.
fal paavai barat aatam cheenai.

One who is engrossed in hypocrisy, does not see the true essence.

pakhand raach tat nahee beenai.

The Lord is immaculate, self-sustaining and unattached.
nirmal niraahaar nihkayval.

The Gurmukh is emancipated, practicing Truth.
chhootai gurmukh saach kamaa-ay.

The Twelfth Day: One whose mind is not attached to the twelve signs,
du-aadas mudraa man a-uDhootaa.

remains awake day and night, and never sleeps.
ahinis jaageh kabeh na sootaa.

He remains awake and aware, lovingly centered on the Lord.
jaagat jaag rahai liv laa-ay.

Those who become detached, and conquer the five enemies
ateet bha-ay maaray bairaa-ee.

- prays Nanak, they are lovingly absorbed in the Lord.
paranvat naanak tah liv laa-ee.

The Twelfth Day: Know, and practice, compassion and charity.
du-aadasee da-i-aa daan kar jaanai.

Bring your out-going mind back home.
baahar jaato bheetar aanai.

Observe the fast of remaining free of desire.
bartee barat rahai nihkaam.

Chant the unchanted Chant of the Naam with your mouth.
ajpaa jaap japai mukh naam.

Know that the One Lord is contained in the three worlds.
teen bhavan meh ayko jaanai.

Purity and self-discipline are all contained in knowing the Truth.
sabh such sanjam saach pachhaanai.

The Thirteenth Day: He is like a tree on the sea-shore.
tayras tarvar samud kanaarai.

But his roots can become immortal, if his mind is attuned to the Lord`s Love.

amrit mool sikhar liv taarai

Then, he will not die of fear or anxiety, and he will never drown.

dar dar marai na boodai ko-ay

Without the Fear of God, he drowns and dies, and loses his honor.

nidar bood marai pat kho-ay

With the Fear of God in his heart, and his heart in the Fear of God, he knows God.
dar meh ghar ghar meh dar jaanai.

He sits on the throne, and becomes pleasing to the Mind of the True Lord.

takhat nivaas sach man bhaanai.

The Fourteenth Day: One who enters into the fourth state,
cha-udas cha-uthay thaaveh leh paavai.

overcomes time, and the three qualities of raajas, taamas and satva.
raajas taamas sat kaal samaavai.

Then the sun enters into the house of the moon,
sasee-ar kai ghar soor samaavai.

and one knows the value of the technology of Yoga.
jog jugat kee keemat paavai.

He remains lovingly focused on God, who is permeating the fourteen worlds, the nether regions of the underworld, the galaxies and solar systems.
cha-udas bhavan paataal samaa-ay. khand barahmand rahi-aa liv laa-ay.

Amaavas - The Night of the New Moon: The moon is hidden in the sky.
amaavasi-aa chand gupat gainaar

O wise one, understand and contemplate the Word of the Shabad.
boojhhu gi-aanee sabad beechaar

The moon in the sky illuminates the three worlds.
sasee-ar gagan jot tihu lo-ee

Creating the creation, the Creator beholds it.
kar kar vaykhai kartaa so-ee.

One who sees, through the Guru, merges into Him.
gur tay deesai so tis hee maahi.

The self-willed manmukhs are deluded, coming and going in reincarnation.
manmukh bhoolay aavahi jaahi.

One who establishes his home within his own heart, obtains the most beautiful, permanent place.
ghar dar thaap thir thaan suhaavai.

One comes to understand his own self, when he finds the True Guru.
aap pachhaanai jaa satgur paavai

Wherever there is hope, there is destruction and desolation.
jah aasaa tah binas binaasaa.

The bowl of duality and selfishness breaks.
footai khapar dubiDhaa mansaa.

Prays Nanak, I am the slave of that one, who remains detached amidst the traps of attachment.
mamtaa jaal tay rahai udaasaa. paranvat naanak ham taa kay daasaa.

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Ang 844 Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji:

I have no other spiritual wisdom, meditation or worship; the Name of the Lord alone dwells deep within me.

mai avar gi-aan na Dhi-aan poojaa har naam antar vas rahay.

I know nothing about religious robes, pilgrimages or stubborn fanaticism; O Nanak, I hold tight to the Truth.

bhaykh bhavnee hath na jaanaa naankaa sach geh rahay.

The night is beautiful, drenched with dew, and the day is delightful,

bhinrhee rain bhalee dinas suhaa-ay raam

when her Husband Lord wakes the sleeping soul-bride, in the home of the self.

nij ghar soot-rhee-ay piram jagaa-ay raam

The young bride has awakened to the Word of the Shabad; she is pleasing to her Husband Lord.

nav haan nav Dhan sabad jaagee aapnay pir bhaanee-aa

So renounce falsehood, fraud, love of duality and working for people.

taj koorh kapat subhaa-o doojaa chaakree lokaanee-aa.

Awake, O bride of splendored eyes, and chant the Word of the Guru`s Bani.

jaag salonrhee-ay bolai gurbaanee raam.

Listen, and place your faith in the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.

jin sun mani-arhee akath kahaanee raam.

The Unspoken Speech, the state of Nirvaanaa - how rare is the Gurmukh who understands this.

akath kahaanee pad nirbaanee ko virlaa gurmukh boojh-ay.

Merging in the Word of the Shabad, self-conceit is eradicated, and the three worlds are revealed to her understanding.

oh sabad samaa-ay aap gavaa-ay taribhavan sojhee soojh-ay.

Remaining detached, with infinity infusing, the true mind cherishes the virtues of the Lord.

rahai ateet aprampar raataa saach man gun saari-aa.

The Lord is calling you to the Mansion of His Presence; O soul-bride, He is the Lover of His devotees.

mahal bulaa-irhee-ay bhagat sanayhee raam.

Following the Guru`s Teachings, your mind shall be delighted, and your body shall be fulfilled.

gurmat man rahsee seejhas dayhee raam.

Conquer and subdue your mind, and love the Word of the Shabad; reform yourself, and realize the Lord of the three worlds.

man maar reejhai sabad seejhai tarai lok naath pachhaan-ay.

Her mind shall not waver or wander anywhere else, when she comes to know her Husband Lord.

man deeg dol na jaa-ay kat hee aapnaa pir jaan-ay.

Sri Guru Ram Das Ji :

Very fortunate are those happy soul-brides, who have the jewel of the Naam upon their foreheads.

vadbhaagee-aa sohaaganee har mastak maanaa raam.

The Gurmukh eradicates self-conceit, and constantly chants the Name of the Lord.

gurmukh aap gavaa-i-aa nit har har jaapai raam.

The Lord is found only through this human incarnation. This is the time to contemplate the Lord.

maanas janam har paa-ee-ai har raavan vayraa raam.

The Guru has implanted within me the Name of the Inaccessible Lord God; my mind and body are drenched with the Lord`s Love.

gur har parabh agam drirh-aa-i-aa man tan rang bheenaa raam.

Ang 845

Seek out the Lord God, your only true Friend. He shall dwell in your mind, by great good fortune.

har parabh sajan lorh lahu man vasai vadbhaag.

The True Guru shall reveal Him to you; O Nanak, lovingly focus yourself on the Lord.

gur poorai vaykhaali-aa naanak har liv laag.

The Lord, the Lord God, is pleasing to her mind; the Lord`s Name resounds within her.

har parabh har man bhaa-i-aa har naam vaDhaa-ee raam.

Through the Perfect Guru, God is obtained; she is lovingly focused on the Lord, Har, Har.

gur poorai parabh paa-i-aa har har liv laa-ee raam.

The darkness of ignorance is dispelled, and the Divine Light radiantly shines forth.

agi-aan anDhayraa kati-aa jot pargati-aa-ee raam.

Searching, the seeker has found the Lord with the Saints.

khojee khoj laDhaa har santan paahaa raam.

I have met the Beloved Saints, and they have blessed me with their kindness; I contemplate the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.

milay sant pi-aaray da-i-aa Dhaaray katheh akath beechaaro.

With my consciousness centered, and my mind one-pointed, I meditate on my Lord and Master, with love and affection.

ik chit ik man Dhi-aa-ay su-aamee laa-ay pareet pi-aaro.

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Continued from above....

The Meeting with Waheguru

The date for my wedding is set, and cannot be changed; my union with the Lord is perfect.

saahaa atal gani-aa pooran sanjogo raam.

Gathering together, they arrive with poise and grace, and love fills the minds of the bride`s family.

mil ikatar ho-ay sahj dho-ay man pareet upjee maanjee-aa.

Her light blends with His Light, through and through, and everyone enjoys the Nectar of the Lord`s Name.

mil jot jotee ot potee har naam sabh ras bhogo.

Prays Nanak, the Saints have totally united me with God, the All-powerful Cause of causes.

binvant naanak sabh sant maylee parabh karan kaaran jogo.

God has entered the home of my heart; I touch the Guru`s feet.

parabh ghar aa-i-arhaa gur charnee laagee raam.

Grasping the Guru`s feet, I awake in peace and poise. All my desires are fulfilled.

gur charan laagee sahj jaagee sagal ichhaa punnee-aa.

My hopes are fulfilled, through the dust of the feet of the Saints. After such a long separation, I have met my Husband Lord.

mayree aas pooree sant Dhooree har milay kant vichhunni-aa.

Night and day, the sounds of ecstasy resound and resonate; I have forsaken my stubborn-minded intellect.

aanand an-din vajeh vaajay ahaN mat man kee ti-aagee.

Prays Nanak, I seek the Sanctuary of my Lord and Master; in the Society of the Saints, I am lovingly attuned to Him.

binvant naanak saran su-aamee satsang liv laagee

By blessed destiny, I have found my Husband Lord.

bhaag sulakh-naa har kant hamaaraa raam.

The unstruck sound current vibrates and resounds in the Court of the Lord.

anhad baajitraa tis Dhun darbaaraa raam.

Night and day, the sounds of ecstasy resound and resonate; day and night, I am enraptured.

aanand an-din vajeh vaajay dinas rain omaahaa.

Disease, sorrow and suffering do not afflict anyone there; there is no birth or death there.

tah rog sog na dookh bi-aapai janam maran na taahaa.

There are treasures overflowing there - wealth, miraculous powers, ambrosial nectar and devotional worship.

riDh siDh suDhaa ras amrit bhagat bharay bhandaaraa.

Loving our God with mind and body, let`s ravish and enjoy Him.

man tan paraym karay tis parabh ka-o raavah raam

Lovingly enjoying Him, we become pleasing to Him; let`s not reject Him, for a moment, even for an instant.

kar paraym raavah tisai bhaavah ik nimakh palak na ti-aagee-ai

Let`s hug Him close in our embrace, and not feel shy; let`s bathe our minds in the dust of His feet.

geh kanth laa-ee-ai nah lajaa-ee-ai charan raj man paagee-ai.

With the intoxicating drug of devotional worship, let`s entice Him, and not wander anywhere else.

bhagat thag-uree paa-ay mohah anat kathoo na Dhaavah

Prays Nanak, meeting with our True Friend, we attain the immortal status.

binvant naanak mil sang saajan amar padvee paavah.

I am wonder-struck and amazed, gazing upon the Glories of my Imperishable Lord.

bisman bisam bha-ee paykh gun abhinaasee raam

He took my hand, and held my arm, and cut away the noose of Death.

kar geh bhujaa gahee kat jam kee faasee raam.

Holding me by the arm, He made me His slave; the branch has sprouted in abundance.

geh bhujaa leenHee daas keenHee ankur udot janaa-i-aa

Pollution, attachment and corruption have run away; the immaculate day has dawned.

malan moh bikaar naathay divas nirmal aa-i-aa

Casting His Glance of Grace, the Lord loves me with His Mind; my immense evil-mindedness is dispelled.

darisat Dhaaree man pi-aaree mahaa durmat naasee

Prays Nanak, I have become immaculate and pure; I have met the Imperishable Lord God.

binvant naanak bha-ee nirmal parabh milay abhinaasee

The rays of light merge with the sun, and water merges with water.

sooraj kiran milay jal kaa jal hoo-aa raam

One`s light blends with the Light, and one becomes totally perfect.

jotee jot ralee sampooran thee-aa raam.

I see God, hear God, and speak of the One and only God.

barahm deesai barahm sunee-ai ayk ayk vakhaanee-ai.

The soul is the Creator of the expanse of creation. Without God, I know no other at all.

aatam pasaaraa karanhaaraa parabh binaa nahee jaanee-ai.

Prays Nanak, they alone know this, who drink in the subtle essence of the Lord.

binvant naanak say-ee jaaneh jinHee har ras pee-aa.

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru

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Next few angs and pangtis I read in SGGS were very enlightening...

Ang 877

Bani Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji:

Where is that door, where You live, O Lord? What is that door called? Among all doors, who can find that door?

jit dar vaseh kavan dar kahee-ai daraa bheetar dar kavan lahai.

For the sake of that door, I wander around sadly, detached from the world; if only someone would come and tell me about that door.

jis dar kaaran firaa udaasee so dar ko-ee aa-ay kahai.

How can I cross over the world-ocean?

kin biDh saagar taree-ai.

While I am living, I cannot be dead. Pause

jeevti-aa nah maree-ai. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Pain is the door, and anger is the guard; hope an d anxiety are the two shutters.

dukh darvaajaa rohu rakhvaalaa aasaa andaysaa du-ay pat jarhay.

Maya is the water in the moat; in the middle of this moat, he has built his home. The Primal Lord sits in the Seat of Truth.

maa-i-aa jal khaa-ee paanee ghar baaDhi-aa sat kai aasan purakh rahai.

I began to visualise Sri Harmandar Sahib at this point. See any similarities yourself? Like the darbar sahib itself has kirtan we are told that inside the dasam duar anhad shabad kirtan is heard. The sarovar could represent maya which one has to cross to reach Waheguru. The pathway we walk to enter the darbar sahib itself could represent following the sound of shabad to cross over maya and make inward journey to reach the dasam duar.

Aerial view of Harmandir Sahib

You have so many Names, Lord, I do not know their limit. There is no other equal to You.
kintay naamaa ant na jaani-aa tum sar naahee avar haray.

Do not speak out loud - remain in your mind. The Lord Himself knows, and He Himself acts. (Taking the simran internal)

oochaa nahee kahnaa man meh rahnaa aapay jaanai aap karay.

As long as there is hope, there is anxiety; so how can anyone speak of the One Lord?

jab aasaa andaysaa tab hee ki-o kar ayk kahai.

In the midst of hope, remain untouched by hope; then, O Nanak, you shall meet the One Lord.

aasaa bheetar rahai niraasaa ta-o naanak ayk milai.

In this way, you shall cross over the world-ocean.

in biDh saagar taree-ai.

This is the way to remain dead while yet alive. Second Pause

jeevti-aa i-o maree-ai. rahaa-o doojaa.

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Awareness of the Shabad and the Teachings is my horn; the people hear the sound of its vibrations.

surat sabad saakhee mayree sinyee baajai lok sunay.

Honor is my begging-bowl, and the Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the charity I receive.

pat jholee mangan kai taa-ee bheekhi-aa naam parhay.

O Baba, Gorakh is the Lord of the Universe; He is always awake and aware.

baabaa gorakh jaagai.

Binding together water and air, He infused the breath of life into the body, and made the lamps of the sun and the moon.

paanee paraan pavan banDh raakhay chand sooraj mukh dee-ay.

To die and to live, He gave us the earth, but we have forgotten these blessings.

maran jeevan ka-o Dhartee deenee aytay gun visray.

There are so many Siddhas, seekers, Yogis, wandering pilgrims, spiritual teachers and good people.

siDh saaDhik ar jogee jangam peer puras bahutayray.

If I meet them, I chant the Lord`s Praises, and then, my mind serves Him.

jay tin milaa ta keerat aakhaa taa man sayv karay.

Paper and salt, protected by ghee, remain untouched by water, as the lotus remains unaffected in water.

kaagad loon rahai gharit sangay paanee kamal rahai.

Those who meet with such devotees, O servant Nanak - what can death do to them?

aisay bhagat mileh jan naanak tin jam ki-aa karai.

One who subdues the five passions does not waver.

vasgat panch karay nah dolai.

One who practices Yoga in such a way,

aisee jugat jog ka-o paalay.

saves himself, and saves all his generations.

aap tarai saglay kul taaray.

He alone is a hermit, who attains such understanding.

so a-uDhoot aisee mat paavai.

Day and night, he remains absorbed in deepest Samaadhi. ||1||Pause||

ahinis sunn samaaDh samaavai. ||1|| rahaa-o.

He begs for loving devotion to the Lord, and lives in the Fear of God.

bhikhi-aa bhaa-ay bhagat bhai chalai.

He is satisfied, with the priceless gift of contentment.

hovai so taripat santokh amulai

Becoming the embodiment of meditation, he attains the true Yogic posture.

Dhi-aan roop ho-ay aasan paavai

He focuses his consciousness in the deep trance of the True Name.

sach naam taarhee chit laavai.

Nanak chants the Ambrosial Bani.

naanak bolai amrit banee.

Listen, O Machhindra: this is the insignia of the true hermit.

sun maachhindaraa a-oDhoo neesaanee.

One who, in the midst of hope, remains untouched by hope,

aasaa maahi niraas valaa-ay.

shall truly find the Creator Lord.

nihcha-o naanak kartay paa-ay.

Prays Nanak, I share the mysterious secrets of God.

paranvat naanak agam sunaa-ay.

The Guru and His disciple are joined together!

gur chaylay kee sanDh milaa-ay.

One who eats this food, this medicine of the Teachings,

deekhi-aa daaroo bhojan khaa-ay.

has the wisdom of the six Shaastras.

chhi-a darsan kee sojhee paa-ay.
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Ang 878

Focus your consciousness in deep absorption on the Lord.
surtee surat ralaa-ee-ai ayt.

Make your body a raft, to cross over.
tan kar tulhaa langheh jayt.

Deep within is the fire of desire; keep it in check.
antar bhaahi tisai too rakh.

Day and night, that lamp shall burn unceasingly.
ahinis deevaa balai athak.

Float such a lamp upon the water;
aisaa deevaa neer taraa-ay

This lamp will bring total understanding. ||1||Pause||
jit deevai sabh sojhee paa-ay. rahaa-o.

This understanding is good clay;
hachhee mitee sojhee ho-ay.

a lamp made of such clay is acceptable to the Lord.
taa kaa kee-aa maanai so-ay

So shape this lamp on the wheel of good actions.
karnee tay kar chakahu dhal

In this world and in the next, this lamp shall be with you.
aithai othai nibhee naal.

When He Himself grants His Grace,
aapay nadar karay jaa so-ay.

then, as Gurmukh, one may understand Him.
gurmukh virlaa boojhai ko-ay

Within the heart, this lamp is permanently lit.
tit ghat deevaa nihchal ho-ay.

It is not extinguished by water or wind.
paanee marai na bujhaa-i-aa jaa-ay.

Such a lamp will carry you across the water.
aisaa deevaa neer taraa-ay.

Wind does not shake it, or put it out.
dolai vaa-o na vadaa ho-ay

Its light reveals the Divine Throne.jaapai ji-o singhaasan lo-ay.

The Kh`shaatriyas, Brahmins, Soodras and Vaishyas
khatree baraahman sood ke vais.

cannot find its value, even by thousands of calculations.
nirat na paa-ee-aa ganee sahaNs.

If any of them lights such a lamp,
aisaa deevaa baalay ko-ay.

O Nanak, he is emancipated
naanak so paarangat ho-ay.

To place one`s faith in Your Name, Lord, is true worship.

tuDhno nivan manan tayraa naa-o.

With an offering of Truth, one obtains a place to sit.

saach bhayt baisan ka-o thaa-o.

If a prayer is offered with truth and contentment,

sat santokh hovai ardaas.

the Lord will hear it, and call him in to sit by Him.

taa sun sad bahaalay paas.

O Nanak, no one returns empty-handed;

naanak birthaa ko-ay na ho-ay.

such is the Court of the True Lord. ||1||Pause||

aisee dargeh saachaa so-ay. ||1|| rahaa-o.

The treasure I seek is the gift of Your Grace.

paraapat potaa karam pasaa-o.

Please bless this humble beggar - this is what I seek.

too dayveh mangat jan chaa-o.

Please, pour Your Love into the cup of my heart.

bhaadai bhaa-o pavai tit aa-ay

This is Your pre-determined value

Dhur tai chhodee keemat paa-ay.

The Sovereign Lord King becomes manifest to the Gurmukh.

gurmukh pargat ho-aa har raa-ay.

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Came to ang 883

Guru Arjan Dev Ji instructs :

Place yourself beneath all men`s feet, and you will be uplifted; serve Him in this way.
pavahu charnaa tal oopar aavhu aisee sayv kamaavahu.

Know that all are above you, and you shall find peace in he Court of the Lord.
aapas tay oopar sabh jaanhu ta-o dargeh sukh paavhu.

O Saints, speak that speech which purifies the gods and sanctifies the divine beings. As Gurmukh, chant the Word of His Bani, even for an instant. ||1||Pause||
santahu aisee kathahu kahaanee. sur pavitar nar dayv pavitaraa khin bolhu gurmukh banee. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Renounce your fraudulent plans, and dwell in the celestial palace; do not call anyone else false.
parpanch chhod sahj ghar baishu jhoothaa kahhu na ko-ee.

Eradicate doubt, and as Gurmukh, enshrine love for the Lord; understand your own soul, O Siblings of Destiny. bharam chukaavahu gurmukh liv laavhu aatam cheenahu bhaa-ee.

Know that God is near at hand, and ever-present. How could you try to hurt anyone else?
nikat kar jaanhu sadaa parabh haajar kis si-o karahu buraa-ee.

Meeting with the True Guru, your path shall be clear, and you shall easily meet your Lord and Master.
satgur mili-ai maarag muktaa sehjay milay su-aamee.

This is how I have joined my mind to the Lord.
ih biDh hai man jognee.

Attachment, sorrow, disease and public opinion do not affect me, and so, I enjoy the subtle essence of the Lord, Har, Har, Har. ||1||Pause||
moh sog rog log na bi-aapai tah har har har
ras bhognee.
||1|| rahaa-o.

There is no Shiv or Shakti, no energy or matter, no water or wind, no world of form there,
nah siv saktee jal nahee pavnaa tah akaar nahee maydnee.

where the True Guru, the Yogi, dwells, where the Imperishable Lord God, the Unapproachable Master abides.
satgur jog kaa tahaa nivaasaa jah avigat naath agam Dhanee.

Body and mind belong to the Lord; all wealth belongs to the Lord; what glorious virtues of the Lord can I describe?
tan man har kaa Dhan sabh har kaa har kay gun ha-o ki-aa ganee.

Says Nanak, the Guru has destroyed my sense of `mine and yours`. Like water with water, I am blended with God.
kaho naanak ham tum gur kho-ee hai ambhai ambh miloganee.

It is beyond the three qualities; it remains untouched. The seekers and Siddhas do not know it.
tarai gun rahat rahai niraaree saaDhik siDh na jaanai.

There is a chamber filled with jewels, overflowing with Ambrosial Nectar, in the Guru`s Treasury. ||1||
ratan koth-rhee amrit sampooran satgur kai khajaanai.

By speaking and describing it, it cannot be understood; only one who sees it realizes it. ||2||
kathan kahan ka-o sojhee naahee jo paykhai tis ban aavai.

Only the Creator Lord knows it; what can any poor creature do?
so-ee jaanai karnaihaaraa keetaa ki-aa baychaaraa.

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Guru Arjan Dev Ji explains on Ang 884 about where you hear the different anhad shabads :-)

Make your hands the cymbals/drum, your eyes the tambourines, and your forehead the rabaab you play.
kar ker taal pakhaavaj (dholak) nainhu maathai vajeh rabaabaa

Let the sweet flute music resound in your ears, and with your tongue, vibrate this song.
karnahu maDh baasuree baajai jihvaa Dhun aagaajaa

Move your mind like the rhythmic hand-motions; do the dance, and shake your ankle bracelets.
nirat karay kar manoo-aa naachai aanay ghooghar saajaa.

This is the rhythmic dance of the Lord.
raam ko nirtikaaree.

I believe internet online translation websites have made a mistake with reference to pakhaavaj. You can google it yourself and see it's a stringed dholak not cymbals.

Another translation in a book I'm reading explained it as follows:

With the entry of divine light in the six chakras, the divine melody of drum beat appears and eyes act as tambourines. The sound of the guitar is heard in the forehead area. The sweet flute music resounds in the ears. The mind starts to dance is reflected by presence of sound of shaking ankle bracelets. This is the rhythmic dance of mind for the Truth. The truth, sees all the make-up and decorations of such a mind.

Ang 886

The celestial harp plays the incomparable melody,
kinkuree anoop vaajai.

but in your intoxication, you do not hear it, O Yogi. ||1||Pause||
jogee-aa matvaaro ray. ||1|| rahaa-o.

With Guru's grace I can sometimes hear the rabaab type instrument, on a couple of occasions I have heard the jingle of bracelets which was really loud, but most of the time I hear the flute-ish type sound in my ears but much more higher in pitch more like a whistle.

I'll be honest even I'm becoming skeptical I'm actually hearing these. Either the anhad shabad is slowly beginning to manifest or I've got something wrong in my ears. So far it is not causing me any discomfort or pain so will keep going...

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You are hearing it bro. Keep up the Bhagati.

I believe internet online translation websites have made a mistake with
reference to pakhaavaj. You can google it yourself and see it's a
stringed dholak not cymbals.

I have switched to reading Gurmukhi almost entirely, and I use the Mahan Kosh to construct the meaning of the words. Occasionally taking helping from freed Kote wala teeka and sometimes from Prof Sahib Singh's teeka. I was finding a lot of problems with the English translation once I got to a certain depth hence why I switched.

Check out srigranth.org for all these documents.

Edited by BhagatSingh

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Thanks for words of encouragement Veer. :-) I've been suffering with a lot of doubt for the past few days. I guess there is an internal battle going which wants me to stop on this path. Only Guru ji is giving me the will and strength to keep taking small steps forward so I don't stall or put the car in reverse. Waheguru.

Needed a wakeup call and got it last night from Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji when I came to Ang 896

Honor the One, to whom everything belongs.
jis kee tis kee kar maan.

Leave your egotistical pride behind.
aapan laahi gumaan.

You belong to Him; everyone belongs to Him.
jis kaa too tis kaa sabh ko-ay.

Worship and adore Him, and you shall be at peace forever.
tiseh araaDh sadaa sukh ho-ay.

Why do you wander in doubt, you fool?
kaahay bharam bharmeh bigaanay.

Without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, nothing is of any use at all. Crying out, `Mine, mine`, a great many have departed, regretfully repenting. ||1||Pause||
naam binaa kichh kaam na aavai mayraa mayraa kar bahut pachhutaanay. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Whatever the Lord has done, accept that as good.
jo jo karai so-ee maan layho.

Without accepting, you shall mingle with dust.
bin maanay ral hoveh khayh.

His Will seems sweet to me.
tis kaa bhaanaa laagai meethaa.

By Guru`s Grace, He comes to dwell in the mind.
gur parsaad virlay man voothaa.

He Himself is carefree and independent, imperceptible.
vayparvaahu agochar aap.

Twenty-four hours a day, O mind, meditate on Him.
aath pahar man taa ka-o jaap.

When He comes into the consciousness, pain is dispelled.
jis chit aa-ay binsahi dukhaa.

Here and hereafter, your face shall be radiant and bright.
halat palat tayraa oojal mukhaa.

Who, and how many have been saved, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord?
ka-un ka-un uDhray gun gaa-ay.

They cannot be counted or evaluated.
ganan na jaa-ee keem na paa-ay.

Even the sinking iron is saved, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy,
boodat loh saaDhsang tarai.

O Nanak, as His Grace is received.
naanak jisahi paraapat karai.

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Back to forum after 3 months......I dont do path like my parents....I am reading whole guru granth sahib(the english translation). I am a totally changed person now.The sound is now easily accesable anytime a want.All tensions seem to have vanished.Life is beautiful.All the rituals are starting to look like pakhands now.Like akhand path before marriages and everywhere else.Like people doing sukhmani sahib everyday and are very pround that they remember it by heart but they never do simran which is supposed to be done everytime.Its like they keep reading about how to swim but never actually try to swim.Recently i went to shri Anandpur sahib.They give saropas to everyone who put Rs 100 or more than that in golak.Now what the hell is that.Guru Nanak dev ji was strictly agaist the pakhands.So whats going on in our religion. I remember when i used to go to gurudwara as a child i only used to understand few things like "Guru maneo Granth" everything used to pass

above my head.Why cant guru granth sahib be read in simple punjabi translation so that everyone can understand the real deal.Some of you might be really angry by my post.

yes....I am a clean shaved 23 yr old man.

And i can keep hair....Just please tell me where is it written in Shri Guru Granth sahib to do it if you want to meet the Lord.Because the only one i will follow is my Guru and the only important work in my life is to meet the Lord everything else is secondary.

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Glad to hear Sumeet you're feeling the positive effects of simran and reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Be very careful and mindful you don't fall into the trap of looking down upon others and practices. It is very easy to end up with an inflated ego which can eventually become your own downfall and road block. Reading Gurbani should never be seen in a negative light whenever or where ever it is being read. If one reads and listens to any path with full focus and attention I am sure it can have as much effect as doing simran.

Place yourself beneath all men`s feet, and you will be uplifted; serve Him in this way.
pavahu charnaa tal oopar aavhu aisee sayv kamaavahu.

Know that all are above you, and you shall find peace in the Court of the Lord.
aapas tay oopar sabh jaanhu ta-o dargeh sukh paavhu.

You keep doing simran, and the more and more your mind begins to surrender to the will of Waheguru, you will find your own answers coming from within. Your soul will automatically start telling you right from wrong... :-)

Edited by Sat1176

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Back to forum after 3 months......I dont do path like my parents....I am reading whole guru granth sahib(the english translation). I am a totally changed person now.The sound is now easily accesable anytime a want.All tensions seem to have vanished.Life is beautiful.All the rituals are starting to look like pakhands now.Like akhand path before marriages and everywhere else.Like people doing sukhmani sahib everyday and are very pround that they remember it by heart but they never do simran which is supposed to be done everytime.Its like they keep reading about how to swim but never actually try to swim.Recently i went to shri Anandpur sahib.They give saropas to everyone who put Rs 100 or more than that in golak.Now what the hell is that.Guru Nanak dev ji was strictly agaist the pakhands.So whats going on in our religion. I remember when i used to go to gurudwara as a child i only used to understand few things like "Guru maneo Granth" everything used to pass

above my head.Why cant guru granth sahib be read in simple punjabi translation so that everyone can understand the real deal.Some of you might be really angry by my post.

yes....I am a clean shaved 23 yr old man.

And i can keep hair....Just please tell me where is it written in Shri Guru Granth sahib to do it if you want to meet the Lord.Because the only one i will follow is my Guru and the only important work in my life is to meet the Lord everything else is secondary.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa !! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh !!

Waheguru ji ,

that is great . you can hear sounds which low life like me cannot ever.

veer please ask hair question on www.sikhsangat.com

its more active . please leave this topic only for bhagti :)

bhul chuk maff ji

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Ang 907

Bani of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

He has made His home in the monastery of the heart; He has infused His power into the earth and the sky.
(I'm guessing here that it is referring to the sukmana nari located between the navel and the forehead}
a-uhath hasat marhee ghar chhaa-i-aa Dharan gagan kal Dhaaree.

Through the Word of the Shabad, the Gurmukhs have saved so very many, O Saints. ||1||Pause||
gurmukh kaytee sabad uDhaaree santahu. ||1|| rahaa-o.

He conquers attachment, and eradicates egotism, and sees Your Divine Light pervading the three worlds, Lord.
mamtaa maar ha-umai sokhai taribhavan jot tumaaree.

He conquers desire, and enshrines the Lord within his mind; he contemplates the Word of the True Guru`s Shabad.
ansaa maar manai meh raakhai satgur sabad veechaaree.

The horn of consciousness vibrates the unstruck sound current; Your Light illuminates each and every heart, Lord.
sinyee surat anaahad vaajai ghat ghat jot tumaaree.

He plays the flute of the universe in his mind, and lights the fire of God. (aka Barahm Agan i.e. tiny navel pressure ;) )
parpanch bayn tahee man raakhi-aa barahm agan parjaaree.

Bringing together the five elements, day and night, the Lord`s lamp shines with the Immaculate Light of the Infinite.
panch tat mil ahinis deepak nirmal jot apaaree.

The right and left nostrils, the sun and the moon channels, are the strings of the body-harp; they vibrate the wondrous melody of the Shabad.
rav sas la-ukay ih tan kinguree vaajai sabad niraaree.

The true hermit obtains a seat in the City of God, the invisible, inaccessible, infinite.
siv nagree meh aasan a-oDhoo alakh agamm apaaree

The mind is the king of the city of the body; the five sources of knowledge dwell within it.
kaa-i-aa nagree ih man raajaa panch vaseh veechaaree.

Seated in his home, this king chants the Shabad; he administers justice and virtue.
sabad ravai aasan ghar raajaa adal karay gunkaaree.

What can poor death or birth say to him? Conquering his mind, he remains dead while yet alive.
kaal bikaal kahay kahi bapuray jeevat moo-aa man maaree.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are manifestations of the One God. He Himself is the Doer of deeds.
barahmaa bisan mahays ik moorat aapay kartaa kaaree.

One who purifies his body, crosses over the terrifying world-ocean; he contemplates the essence of his own soul.
kaa-i-aa soDh tarai bhav saagar aatam tat veechaaree.

Serving the Guru, he finds everlasting peace; deep within, the Shabad permeates him, coloring him with virtue.
gur sayvaa tay sadaa sukh paa-i-aa antar sabad ravi-aa gunkaaree.

The Giver of virtue unites with Himself, one who conquers egotism and desire.
aapay mayl la-ay gundaataa ha-umai tarisnaa maaree.

Eradicating the three qualities, dwell in the fourth state. This is the unparalleled devotional worship.
tarai gun maytay cha-uthai vartai ayhaa bhagat niraaree.

This is the Yoga of the Gurmukh: Through the Shabad, he understands his own soul, and he enshrines within his heart the One Lord.
gurmukh jog sabad aatam cheenai hirdai ayk muraaree.

Imbued with the Shabad, his mind becomes steady and stable; this is the most excellent action.
manoo-aa asthir sabday raataa ayhaa karnee saaree.

This true hermit does not enter into religious debates or hypocrisy; the Gurmukh contemplates the Shabad.
bayd baad na pakhand a-oDhoo gurmukh sabad beechaaree.

The Gurmukh practices Yoga - he is the true hermit; he practices abstinence and truth, and contemplates the Shabad.
gurmukh jog kamaavai a-oDhoo jat sat sabad veechaaree.

One who dies in the Shabad and conquers his mind is the true hermit; he understands the Way of Yoga.
sabad marai man maaray a-oDhoo jog jugat veechaaree.

Attachment to Maya is the terrifying world-ocean; through the Shabad, the true hermit saves himself, and his ancestors as well.
maa-i-aa moh bhavjal hai avDhoo sabad tarai kul taaree.

Contemplating the Shabad, you shall be a hero throughout the four ages, O hermit; contemplate the Word of the Guru`s Bani in devotion.
sabad soor jug chaaray a-oDhoo banee bhagat veechaaree.

This mind is enticed by Maya, O hermit; contemplating the Shabad, you shall find release.
ayhu man maa-i-aa mohi-aa a-oDhoo niksai sabad veechaaree.

He Himself forgives, and unites in His Union; Nanak seeks Your Sanctuary, Lord.
aapay bakhsay mayl milaa-ay naanak saran tumaaree.

Edited by Sat1176

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Simply put by Sri Guru Amar Das ji on Ang 909. Crossing the trikuttee

Do not be deluded by doubt; serve the True Guru, and keep your mind steady in one place.

bharam na bhoolahu satgur sayvhu man raakho ik thaa-ee.

Sitting in Yogic postures in the City of God, through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, you shall find Yoga.

siv nagree meh aasan baisai gur sabdee jog paa-ee.

Restrain your restless wanderings through the Shabad, and the Naam will come to dwell in your mind.

Dhaatur baajee sabad nivaaray naam vasai man aa-ee.

This body is a pool, O Saints; bathe in it, and enshrine love for the Lord.

ayhu sareer sarvar hai santahu isnaan karay liv laa-ee.

Those who cleanse themselves through the Naam, are the most immaculate people; through the Shabad, they wash off their filth.

naam isnaan karahi say jan nirmal sabday mail gavaa-ee.

Trapped by the three qualities, the unconscious person does not think of the Naam; without the Name, he wastes away.

tarai gun achayt naam cheeteh naahee bin naavai binas jaa-ee.

By Guru`s Grace, this triad is eradicated, and one is lovingly absorbed in the fourth state.

(My own interpretation : By the guru's grace the tarikutee is passed/crossed over and one reaches the fourth state.)

gur parsaadee tarikutee chhootai cha-uthai pad liv laa-ee.

The Bani, the Word of the humble devotee is the most sublime and exalted; it prevails throughout the ages.

bhagat janaa kee ootam banee jug jug rahee samaa-ee.

One who is committed to this Bani is emancipated, and through the Shabad, merges in Truth.

banee laagai so gat paa-ay sabday sach samaa-ee.

One who searches the village of the body, through the Shabad, obtains the nine treasures of the Naam.

kaa-i-aa nagree sabday khojay naam navaN niDh paa-ee.

Conquering desire, the mind is absorbed in intuitive ease, and then one chants the Lord`s Praises without speaking.

mansaa maar man sahj samaanaa bin rasnaa ustat karaa-ee.

If someone dies in the Word of the Shabad, his mind become immaculate, O Saints; such worship is accepted and approved.

sabad marai man nirmal santahu ayh poojaa thaa-ay paa-ee.

There is no worship of the Lord, other than the Name; the world wanders, deluded by doubt.

bin naavai hor pooj na hovee bharam bhulee lokaa-ee.
Edited by Sat1176

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Ah I've come to Anand Sahib on Ang 917 by Sri Guru Amar Das ji. Let see if we can pick out a few jewels that are inside... :-)

I am in ecstasy, O my mother, for I have found my True Guru.
anand bha-i-aa mayree maa-ay satguroo mai paa-i-aa.

I have found the True Guru, with intuitive ease, and my mind vibrates with the music of bliss.
satgur ta paa-i-aa sahj saytee man vajee-aa vaaDhaa-ee-aa.

The jewelled melodies and their related celestial harmonies have come to sing the Word of the Shabad.
raag ratan parvaar paree-aa sabad gaavan aa-ee-aa.

The Lord dwells within the minds of those who sing the Shabad.
sabdo ta gaavhu haree kayraa man jinee vasaa-i-aa.

Says Nanak, I am in ecstasy, for I have found my True Guru.
kahai naanak anand ho-aa satguroo mai paa-i-aa.

Constantly singing Your Praises and Glories, Your Name is enshrined in the mind.
sadaa sifat salaah tayree naam man vasaava-ay.

The divine melody of the Shabad vibrates for those, within whose minds the Naam abides.
naam jin kai man vasi-aa vaajay sabad ghanayray.

The True Name is my only support.
saachaa naam mayraa aaDhaaro.

The True Name is my only support; it satisfies all hunger.
saach naam aDhaar mayraa jin bhukhaa sabh gavaa-ee-aa.

It has brought peace and tranquility to my mind; it has fulfilled all my desires.
kar saaNt sukh man aa-ay vasi-aa jin ichhaa sabh pujaa-ee-aa.
Says Nanak, listen, O Saints; enshrine love for the Shabad.
kahai naanak sunhu santahu sabad Dharahu pi-aaro.

The True Name is my only support.
saachaa naam mayraa aaDhaaro.

The Panch Shabad, the five primal sounds, vibrate in that blessed house.
vaajay panch sabad tit ghar sabhaagai.

In that blessed house, the Shabad vibrates; He infuses His almighty power into it.
ghar sabhaagai sabad vaajay kalaa jit ghar Dhaaree-aa.

Through You, we subdue the five demons of desire, and slay Death, the torturer.
panch doot tuDh vas keetay kaal kantak maari-aa.

Those who have such pre-ordained destiny are attached to the Lord`s Name.
Dhur karam paa-i-aa tuDh jin ka-o se naam har kai laagay

Says Nanak, they are at peace, and the unstruck sound current vibrates within their homes.
kahai naanak tah sukh ho-aa tit ghar anhad vaajay.

Bliss, bliss - everyone talks of bliss; bliss is known only through the Guru.
aanand aanand sabh ko kahai aanand guroo tay jaani-aa

Eternal bliss in known only through the Guru, when the Beloved Lord grants His Grace.
jaani-aa aanand sadaa gur tay kirpaa karay pi-aari-aa.

Granting His Grace, He cuts away our sins; He blesses us with the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom.
kar kirpaa kilvikh katay gi-aan anjan saari-aa.

Those who eradicate attachment from within themselves, are adorned with the Shabad, the Word of the True Lord.
andrahu jin kaa moh tutaa tin kaa sabad sachai savaari-aa.

Says Nanak, this alone is bliss - bliss which is known through the Guru.
kahai naanak ayhu anand hai aanand gur tay jaani-aa.

Ang 918

By Guru`s Grace, the mind becomes pure/soft for those who follow God`s Will.
gur parsaadee man bha-i-aa nirmal jinaa bhaanaa bhaav-ay.

Come, Beloved Saints, let us speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.
aavhu sant pi-aariho akath kee karah kahaanee.

How can we speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord? Through which door will we find Him?
karah kahaanee akath kayree kit du-aarai paa-ee-ai.

Surrender body, mind, wealth, and everything to the Guru; obey the Order of His Will, and you will find Him.
tan man Dhan sabh sa-up gur ka-o hukam mani-ai paa-ee-ai.

Obey the Hukam of the Guru`s Command, and sing the True Word of His Bani.
hukam mannihu guroo kayraa gaavhu sachee banee.

(What was the Hukam? It was given on Ang 72 by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji:)

How is the Society of the Saints to be known?

satsangat kaisee jaanee-ai.

There, the Name of the One Lord is chanted.

jithai ayko naam vakhaanee-ai.

The One Name is the Lord`s Hukam; O Nanak, the True Guru has given me this understanding.

ayko naam hukam hai naanak satgur dee-aa bujhaa-ay jee-o.


Says Nanak, listen, O Saints, and speak the Unspoken Speech of the Lord.
kahai naanak sunhu santahu kathihu akath kahaanee.

O beloved mind, contemplate the True Lord forever.
ay man pi-aari-aa too sadaa sach samaalay.

This family which you see shall not go along with you.
ayhu kutamb too je daykh-daa chalai naahee tayrai naalay.

They shall not go along with you, so why do you focus your attention on them?
saath tayrai chalai naahee tis naal ki-o chit laa-ee-ai.

Don`t do anything that you will regret in the end.
aisaa kamm moolay na keechai jit ant pachhotaa-ee-ai.

Listen to the Teachings of the True Guru - these shall go along with you.
satguroo kaa updays sun too hovai tayrai naalay.

The lifestyle of the devotees is unique and distinct.
bhagtaa kee chaal niraalee.

The devotees` lifestyle is unique and distinct; they follow the most difficult path.
chaalaa niraalee bhagtaah kayree bikham maarag chalnaa.

They renounce greed, avarice (i.e. extreme greed for wealth or material gain), egotism and desire; they do not talk too much.
lab lobh ahaNkaar taj tarisnaa bahut naahee bolnaa.

The path they take is sharper than a two-edged sword, and finer than a hair.
khanni-ahu tikhee vaalahu nikee ayt maarag jaanaa.

Ang 919

In Your Mercy, You attach them to the Naam; they meditate forever on the Lord, Har, Har.
kar kirpaa jin naam laa-ihi se har har sadaa Dhi-aavhay.

By religious rituals, intuitive poise is not found; without intuitive poise, skepticism does not depart.
karmee sahj na oopjai vin sahjai sahsaa na jaa-ay.

The soul is polluted by skepticism; how can it be cleansed?
sahsai jee-o maleen hai kit sanjam Dhotaa jaa-ay.

Wash your mind by attaching it to the Shabad, and keep your consciousness focused on the Lord.
man Dhovahu sabad laagahu har si-o rahhu chit laa-ay.

Says Nanak, by Guru`s Grace, intuitive poise is produced, and this skepticism is dispelled.
kahai naanak gur parsaadee sahj upjai ih sahsaa iv jaa-ay.

Edited by Sat1176

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Ang 920

Without the True Guru, other songs are false.

satguroo binaa hor kachee hai banee.

The songs are false without the True Guru; all other songs are false.

banee ta kachee satguroo baajhahu hor kachee banee.

The speakers are false, and the listeners are false; those who speak and recite are false.

kahday kachay sunday kachay kacheeN aakh vakhaanee.

They may continually chant, `Har, Har` with their tongues, but they do not know what they are saying.

har har nit karahi rasnaa kahi-aa kachhoo na jaanee.

Their consciousness is lured by Maya; they are just reciting mechanically.

chit jin kaa hir la-i-aa maa-i-aa bolan pa-ay ravaanee.

Says Nanak, without the True Guru, other songs are false.

kahai naanak satguroo baajhahu hor kachee banee.

If I've understood this correctly everything other than the (internal) Shabad Guru i.e. Anhad shabad/Unspoken Speech, Guru ji is saying is false speech

The Word of the Guru`s Shabad is a jewel, studded with diamonds.

gur kaa sabad ratann hai heeray jit jarhaa-o.

The mind which is attached to this jewel, merges into the Shabad.

sabad ratan jit man laagaa ayhu ho-aa samaa-o.

One whose mind is attuned to the Shabad, enshrines love for the True Lord.

sabad saytee man mili-aa sachai laa-i-aa bhaa-o.

They break their bonds, and attain liberation; they enshrine the Shabad within their minds.

torhay banDhan hovai mukat sabad man vasaa-ay.

Those whom the Lord Himself makes Gurmukh, lovingly focus their consciousness on the One Lord.

gurmukh jis no aap karay so hovai aykas si-o liv laa-ay.


The world is asleep in the three modes and doubt; it passes the night of its life sleeping.

tihee gunee sansaar bharam sutaa suti-aa rain vihaanee.

Those humble beings remain awake and aware, within whose minds, by Guru`s Grace, the Lord abides; they chant the Ambrosial Word of the Guru`s Bani.

gur kirpaa tay say jan jaagay jinaa har man vasi-aa boleh amrit banee.

Says Nanak, they alone obtain the essence of reality, who night and day remain lovingly absorbed in the Lord; they pass the night of their life awake and aware.

kahai naanak so tat paa-ay jis no an-din har liv laagai jaagat rain vihaanee.


As is the fire within the womb, so is Maya outside.

jaisee agan udar meh taisee baahar maa-i-aa.

The fire of Maya is one and the same; the Creator has staged this play.

maa-i-aa agan sabh iko jayhee kartai khayl rachaa-i-aa.

According to His Will, the child is born, and the family is very pleased.

jaa tis bhaanaa taa jammi-aa parvaar bhalaa bhaa-i-aa.

Love for the Lord wears off, and the child becomes attached to desires; the script of Maya runs its course.

liv chhurhkee lagee tarisnaa maa-i-aa amar vartaa-i-aa

This is Maya, by which the Lord is forgotten; emotional attachment and love of duality well up.

ayh maa-i-aa jit har visrai moh upjai bhaa-o doojaa laa-i-aa.

Says Nanak, by Guru`s Grace, those who enshrine love for the Lord find Him, in the midst of Maya.

kahai naanak gur parsaadee jinaa liv laagee tinee vichay maa-i-aa paa-i-aa.

The Lord infused His Light into you, and then you came into the world.

har jot rakhee tuDh vich taa too jag meh aa-i-aa.

The Lord Himself is your mother, and He Himself is your father; He created the created beings, and revealed the world to them.

har aapay maataa aapay pitaa jin jee-o upaa-ay jagat dikhaa-i-aa.

By Guru`s Grace, some understand, and then it`s a show; it seems like just a show.

gur parsaadee bujhi-aa taa chalat ho-aa chalat nadree aa-i-aa.

Says Nanak, He laid the foundation of the Universe, and infused His Light, and then you came into the world.

kahai naanak sarisat kaa mool rachi-aa jot raakhee taa too jag meh aa-i-aa.

I have come to know the unstruck sound current the Word of the Guru`s Shabad; I enjoy the sublime essence of the Lord, the Lord`s Name.

anhat banee gur sabad jaanee har naam har ras bhogo

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Ang 922.

O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you; do not look upon any other than the Lord.

ay naytarahu mayriho har tum meh jot Dharee har bin avar na daykhhu ko-ee.

Do not look upon any other than the Lord; the Lord alone is worthy of beholding.

har bin avar na daykhhu ko-ee nadree har nihaali-aa.

This whole world which you see is the image of the Lord; only the image of the Lord is seen.

ayhu vis sansaar tum daykh-day ayhu har kaa roop hai har roop nadree aa-i-aa.

By Guru`s Grace, I understand, and I see only the One Lord; there is no one except the Lord.

gur parsaadee bujhi-aa jaa vaykhaa har ik hai har bin avar na ko-ee.


Says Nanak, these eyes were blind; but meeting the True Guru, they became all-seeing.

kahai naanak ayhi naytar anDh say satgur mili-ai dib darisat ho-ee.

O my ears, you were created only to hear the Truth.

ay sarvanhu mayriho saachai sunnai no pathaa-ay.

To hear the Truth, you were created and attached to the body; listen to the True Bani.

saachai sunnai no pathaa-ay sareer laa-ay sunhu sat banee.

Hearing it, the mind and body are rejuvenated, and the tongue is absorbed in Ambrosial Nectar.

jit sunee man tan hari-aa ho-aa rasnaa ras samaanee.

Says Nanak, listen to the Ambrosial Naam and become holy; you were created only to hear the Truth.

kahai naanak amrit naam sunhu pavitar hovhu saachai sunnai no pathaa-ay.


The Lord placed the soul to the cave of the body, and blew the breath of life into the musical instrument of the body.

har jee-o gufaa andar rakh kai vaajaa pavan vajaa-i-aa.

He blew the breath of life into the musical instrument of the body, and revealed the nine doors; but He kept the Tenth Door hidden.

vajaa-i-aa vaajaa pa-un na-o du-aaray pargat kee-ay dasvaa gupat rakhaa-i-aa.

Through the Gurdwara (Internal), the Guru`s Gate, some are blessed with loving faith, and the Tenth Door is revealed to them.

gurdu-aarai laa-ay bhaavnee iknaa dasvaa du-aar dikhaa-i-aa.

Sing this true song of praise in the true home of your soul.

ayhu saachaa sohilaa saachai ghar gaavhu.

Sing the song of praise in your true home; meditate there on the True Lord forever.

gaavhu ta sohilaa ghar saachai jithai sadaa sach Dhi-aavhay.

They alone meditate on You, O True Lord, who are pleasing to Your Will; as Gurmukh, they understand.

sacho Dhi-aavahi jaa tuDh bhaaveh gurmukh jinaa bujhaavhay.

This Truth is the Lord and Master of all; whoever is blessed, obtains it.

ih sach sabhnaa kaa khasam hai jis bakhsay so jan paavhay.

Listen to the song of bliss, O most fortunate ones; all your longings shall be fulfilled.

anad sunhu vadbhaageeho sagal manorath pooray.

I have obtained the Supreme Lord God, and all sorrows have been forgotten.

paarbarahm parabh paa-i-aa utray sagal visooray.

Pain, illness and suffering have departed, listening to the True Bani.

dookh rog santaap utray sunee sachee banee.

The Saints and their friends are in ecstasy, knowing the Perfect Guru.

sant saajan bha-ay sarsay pooray gur tay jaanee.

Pure are the listeners, and pure are the speakers; the True Guru is all-pervading and permeating.

suntay puneet kahtay pavit satgur rahi-aa bharpooray.

Prays Nanak, touching the Guru`s Feet, the unstruck sound current of the celestial bugles vibrates and resounds.

binvant naanak gur charan laagay vaajay anhad tooray.

WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru WaheGuru......

Edited by Sat1176

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Ang 930

Listen, O Pandit, O religious scholar, why are you writing about worldly debates?
sun paaday ki-aa likhahu janjaalaa.

As Gurmukh, write only the Name of the Lord, the Lord of the World.
likh raam naam gurmukh gopaalaa.

Become Gurmukh, and obtain the real thing; gather the gems and pearls.
gurmukh vasat paraapat hovai chun lai maanak motee.

If one understands, realizes and comprehends what he reads and studies, in the end he shall realize that the True Lord dwells deep within his nucleus.
samjhai soojhai parh parh boojhai ant nirantar saachaa.

In love with duality, spiritual wisdom is lost; the mortal rots away in pride, and eats poison.
nyi-aan gavaa-i-aa doojaa bhaa-i-aa garab galay bikh khaa-i-aa.

He thinks that the sublime essence of the Guru`s song is useless, and he does not like to hear it. He loses the profound, unfathomable Lord. (Thupper from my Guru - Ouch!! I often go to sleep rather than listen to this ringing in my ears)
gur ras geet baad nahee bhaavai sunee-ai gahir gambheer gavaa-i-aa.

Through the Guru`s Words of Truth, the Ambrosial Nectar is obtained, and the mind and body find joy in the True Lord.
gur sach kahi-aa amrit lahi-aa man tan saach sukhaa-i-aa.

He Himself is the Gurmukh, and He Himself bestows the Ambrosial Nectar; He Himself leads us to drink it in.
aapay gurmukh aapay dayvai aapay amrit pee-aa-i-aa.

Everyone says that God is the One and only, but they are engrossed in egotism and pride.
ayko ayk kahai sabh ko-ee ha-umai garab vi-aapai.

Realize that the One God is inside and outside; understand this, that the Mansion of His Presence is within the home of your heart.
antar baahar ayk pachhaanai i-o ghar mahal sinjaapai.

God is near at hand; do not think that God is far away. The One Lord permeates the entire universe.
parabh nayrhai har door na jaanhu ayko sarisat sabaa-ee.

There in One Universal Creator Lord; there is no other at all. O Nanak, merge into the One Lord.
aykankaar avar nahee doojaa naanak ayk samaa-ee.

The One Lord is in all actions, colors and forms.
ayk achaar rang ik roop.

He manifests in many shapes through wind, water and fire.
pa-un paanee agnee asroop.

The One Soul wanders through the three worlds.
ayko bhavar bhavai tihu lo-ay.

One who understands and comprehends the One Lord is honored.
ayko boojhai soojhai pat ho-ay.

One who gathers in spiritual wisdom and meditation, dwells in the state of balance.
gi-aan Dhi-aan lay samsar rahai.

In the Gurdwara, the Guru`s Door, they speak and hear of the Lord.
guroo du-aarai aakh sunaa-ay

His Light illuminates the ocean and the earth.
ooram Dhooram jot ujaalaa.

The Lord reveals His various forms;
oogvi-aa asroop dikhaavai.

granting His Grace, He enters the home.
kar kirpaa apunai ghar aavai.

The clouds hang low, and the rain is pouring down.
oonav barsai neejhar Dhaaraa.

The Lord embellishes and exalts with the Sublime Word of the Shabad.
ootam sabad savaaranhaaraa.

One who knows the mystery of the One God,
is aykay kaa jaanai bhay-o.

is Himself the Creator, Himself the Divine Lord.
aapay kartaa aapay day-o.

When the sun rises, the demons are slain;
ugvai soor asur sanghaarai.

the mortal looks upwards, and contemplates the Shabad.
oocha-o daykh sabad beechaarai.

Ang 931

One who lovingly chants the Name of the Sovereign Lord King,
raajan raam ravai hitkaar.

fights the battle and conquers his own mind;
ran meh loojhai manoo-aa maar.

He lovingly centers his attention deep within upon the True Word of the Shabad.
antar sabad saach liv laa-ay.

Makes one realise how far we really have to go...

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Ang 932

Everyone calls himself true and genuine.

kharaa kharaa aakhai sabh ko-ay.

He alone is true, who obtains the jewel throughout the four ages.

kharaa ratan jug chaaray ho-ay.

Eating and drinking, one dies, but still does not know.

khaat pee-ant moo-ay nahee jaani-aa.

He dies in an instant, when he realizes the Word of the Shabad.

khin meh moo-ay jaa sabad pachhaani-aa.

His consciousness becomes permanently stable, and his mind accepts death.

asthir cheet maran man maani-aa.

By Guru`s Grace, he realizes the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

gur kirpaa tay naam pachhaani-aa.

The Profound Lord dwells in the sky of the mind, the Tenth Gate;

gagan gambheer gagnantar vaas.

singing His Glorious Praises, one dwells in intuitive poise and peace.

gun gaavai sukh sahj nivaas.

The Lord of the mind-sky is inaccessible, independent and beyond birth.

gagan agamm anaath ajonee.

The most worthy Samaadhi is to keep the consciousness stable, focused on Him.

asthir cheet samaaDh sagonee.

Remembering the Lord`s Name, one is not subject to reincarnation.

har naam chayt fir paveh na joonee.

The fickle consciousness does not remain stable.

chanchal cheet na rah-ee thaa-ay.

Everyone has worries and cares.

chintat hee deesai sabh ko-ay.

He alone finds peace, who thinks of the One Lord.

cheeteh ayk tahee sukh ho-ay.

When the Lord dwells in the consciousness, and one is absorbed in the Lord`s Name,

chit vasai raachai har naa-ay.

one is liberated, and returns home with honor.

mukat bha-i-aa pat si-o ghar jaa-ay.

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