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Ang 1250, Guru Amar Das Ji

The life within all living beings is the Word of the Shabad. Through it, we meet our Husband Lord.
jee-aa andar jee-o sabad hai jit sah maylaavaa ho-ay.

Without the Shabad, the world is in darkness. Through the Shabad, it is enlightened.

bin sabdai jag aanHayr hai sabday pargat ho-ay.

The Pandits, the religious scholars, and the silent sages read and write until they are weary. The religious fanatics are tired of washing their bodies.

pandit monee parh parh thakay bhaykh thakay tan Dho-ay.

Without the Shabad, no one attains the Lord; the miserable depart weeping and wailing.

bin sabdai kinai na paa-i-o dukhee-ay chalay ro-ay.

O Nanak, by His Glance of Grace, the Merciful Lord is attained.

naanak nadree paa-ee-ai karam paraapat ho-ay.

1254, Guru Nanak Dev Ji:

I offer prayers to my Beloved Guru, that He may unite me with my Husband Lord.

kara-o bin-o gur apnay pareetam har var aan milaavai.

I hear the thunder in the clouds, and my mind is cooled and soothed; imbued with the Love of my Dear Beloved, I sing His Glorious Praises.

sun ghan ghor seetal man moraa laal ratee gun gaavai.

The rain pours down, and my mind is drenched with His Love.

baras ghanaa mayraa man bheenaa.

The drop of Ambrosial Nectar pleases my heart; the Guru has fascinated my mind, which is drenched in the sublime essence of the Lord. Pause

amrit boond suhaanee hee-arai gur mohee man har ras leenaa. rahaa-o.

With intuitive peace and poise, the soul-bride is loved by her Husband Lord; her mind is pleased and appeased by the Guru`s Teachings.

sahj sukhee var kaaman pi-aaree jis gur bachnee man maani-aa.

She is the happy soul-bride of her Husband Lord; her mind and body are filled with joy by His Love.

har var naar bha-ee sohagan man tan paraym sukhaani-aa.

Discarding her demerits, she becomes detached; with the Lord as her Husband, her marriage is eternal.

avgan ti-aag bha-ee bairaagan asthir var sohaag haree.

She never suffers separation or sorrow; her Lord God showers her with His Grace.

sog vijog tis kaday na vi-aapai har parabh apnee kirpaa karee.

Her mind is steady and stable; she does not come and go in reincarnation.

aavan jaan nahee man nihchal pooray gur kee ot gahee.

She takes the Shelter of the Perfect Guru. O Nanak, as Gurmukh, chant the Naam; you shall be accepted as the true soul-bride of the Lord.

naanak raam naam jap gurmukh Dhan sohagan sach sahee.

1244, Guru Nanak Dev Ji :

Others` wives, others` wealth, greed, egotism, corruption and poison;

par daaraa par Dhan par lobhaa ha-umai bikhai bikaar.

evil passions, slander of others, sexual desire and anger - give up all these.

dusat bhaa-o taj nind paraa-ee kaam kroDh chandaar.

The Inaccessible, Infinite Lord is sitting in His Mansion.

mahal meh baithay agam apaar.

That humble being, whose conduct is in harmony with the jewel of the Guru`s Shabad, obtains the Ambrosial Nectar. |Pause

bheetar amrit so-ee jan paavai jis gur kaa sabad ratan aachaar. rahaa-o.

He sees pleasure and pain as both the same, along with good and bad in the world.

dukh sukh do-oo sam kar jaanai buraa bhalaa sansaar.

Wisdom, understanding and awareness are found in the Name of the Lord. In the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, embrace love for the Guru.

suDh buDh surat naam har paa-ee-ai satsangat gur pi-aar.

Day and night, profit is obtained through the Lord`s Name. The Guru, the Giver, has given this gift.

ahinis laahaa har naam paraapat gur daataa dayvanhaar.

That Sikh who becomes Gurmukh obtains it. The Creator blesses him with His Glance of Grace.

gurmukh sikh so-ee jan paa-ay jis no nadar karay kartaar.

The body is a mansion, a temple, the home of the Lord; He has infused His Infinite Light into it.

kaa-i-aa mahal mandar ghar har kaa tis meh raakhee jot apaar.

O Nanak, the Gurmukh is invited to the Mansion of the Lord`s Presence; the Lord unites him in His Union.

naanak gurmukh mahal bulaa-ee-ai har maylay maylanhaar.

1258, Guru Amar Das Ji:

Meeting with the True Guru, the mind is overpowered; the Lord`s Name comes to abide in the mind.

satgur bhayti-ai man mar rahai har naam vasai man aa-ay.

The value of such, cannot be estimated; nothing at all can be said.

tis kee keemat naa pavai kahnaa kichhoo na jaa-ay.

He comes to dwell in the fourth state; he remains merged in the True Lord.

cha-uthai pad vaasaa ho-i-aa sachai rahai samaa-ay.

My Lord God is Inaccessible and Unfathomable. His value cannot be expressed.

mayraa har parabh agam agochar hai keemat kahan na jaa-ay.

By Guru`s Grace, he comes to understand, and live the Shabad.

gur parsaadee bujhee-ai sabday kaar kamaa-ay.

O Nanak, praise the Naam, the Name of the Lord, Har, Har; you shall be honored in the Court of the Lord.

naanak naam salaahi too har har dar sobhaa paa-ay.

1259, Guru Amar Das Ji

Our One and Only Lord and Master dwells within the mind; there is no other at all.

ayko ayk vasai man su-aamee doojaa avar na ko-ee.

The One Name is Sweet Ambrosial Nectar; it is Immaculate Truth in the world.

ayko naam amrit hai meethaa jag nirmal sach so-ee.

O Nanak, the Name of God is obtained, by those who are so predestined.

naanak naam parabhoo tay paa-ee-ai jin ka-o Dhur likhi-aa ho-ee.

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It's possible to be in the presence of both Wahguru and loved ones. It is important to spend time with loved ones. If your wife is always complaining that you are not spending time with her then it would be a good idea to spend more time with her. The time you do spend however should be of highest quality and now that you do simran, it should be much easier to pull off. The way you devote full attention to simran when you listen to the mantra, give your full attention to your wife and other loved ones when you are with them. It is very easy to see Waheguru in loved ones (it is also very easy to forget Waheguru amongst them). They will gossip and tell you things, overwhelm you with emotion even, you have to let them do that but not become entangled with it. If they say something about you or your dharam, don't become defensive, instead just listen to what they say.

You have to be like Waheguru.

ਹਰਿ ਜਨੁ ਐਸਾ ਚਾਹੀਐ ਜੈਸਾ ਹਰਿ ਹੀ ਹੋਇ ॥੧੪੯॥

The servant of Hari should be just like Hari.

Imagine all teh qualities of Shri Hari and that's how you should be in the presence of loved ones. He comes when you call Him. He does not become entangled in your thoughts and emotions but always listens attentively. He does not become defensive when someone misunderstands Him. And so on.

There's a book that I think will help with grihasti life immensely.


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Ang 1260, Guru Amar Das Ji

My True Lord God, the Eradicator of suffering, is found through the Word of the Shabad.

mayraa parabh saachaa dookh nivaaran sabday paa-i-aa jaa-ee.

Imbued with devotional worship, the mortal remains forever detached. He is honored in the True Court of the Lord.

bhagtee raatay sad bairaagee dar saachai pat paa-ee.

O mind, remain absorbed in the Mind.

man ray man si-o raha-o samaa-ee.

The mind of the Gurmukh is pleased with the Lord`s Name, lovingly attuned to the Lord. Pause

gurmukh raam naam man bheejai har saytee liv laa-ee. rahaa-o.

My God is totally Inaccessible and Unfathomable; through the Guru`s Teachings, He is understood.

mayraa parabh at agam agochar gurmat day-ay bujhaa-ee.

True self-discipline rests in singing the Kirtan of the Lord`s Praises, lovingly attuned to the Lord.

sach sanjam karnee har keerat har saytee liv laa-ee.

He Himself is the Shabad, and He Himself is the True Teachings; He merges our light into the Light.

aapay sabad sach saakhee aapay jinH jotee jot milaa-ee.

The breath vibrates through this frail body; the Gurmukh obtains the ambrosial nectar.

dayhee kaachee pa-un vajaa-ay gurmukh amrit paa-ee.

He Himself fashions, and He Himself links us to our tasks; the True Lord is pervading everywhere.

aapay saajay sabh kaarai laa-ay so sach rahi-aa samaa-ee.

O Nanak, without the Naam, the Name of the Lord, no one is anything. Through the Naam,we are blessed with glory.

naanak naam binaa ko-ee kichh naahee naamay day-ay vadaa-ee.

Ang 1272, Guru Arjan Dev Ji

The Embodiment of the Lord of the Universe roars like the thunder-cloud.

ghan garjat gobind roop.

Singing His Glorious Praises brings peace and bliss. Pause

gun gaavat sukh chain. rahaa-o.

The Sanctuary of the Lord`s Feet carries us across the world-ocean. His Sublime Word is the unstruck celestial melody.

har charan saran taran saagar Dhun anhataa ras bain.

The thirsty traveller`s consciousness obtains the water of the soul from the pool of nectar.

pathik pi-aas chit sarovar aatam jal lain.

Servant Nanak loves the Blessed Vision of the Lord; in His Mercy, God has blessed him with it.

har daras paraym jan naanak kar kirpaa parabh dain.

Edited by Sat1176

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Ang 1274, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Contemplating the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, the oceans (of the mind) become calm.

saagar seetal gur sabad veechaar.

The path of liberation is found by subduing the ego.

maarag muktaa ha-umai maar.

I am blind; I seek the Light of the Name.

mai anDhulay naavai kee jot.

I take the Support of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. I walk on the path of mystery of the Guru`s Fear. Pause

naam aDhaar chalaa gur kai bhai bhayt. rahaa-o.

Through the Shabad, the Word of the True Guru, the Path is known.

satgur sabdee paaDhar jaan.

With the Guru`s Support, one is blessed with the strength of the True Lord.

gur kai takee-ai saachai taan.

Dwell on the Naam, and realize the Beauteous Word of His Bani.

naam samHaalas roorhHee baan.

If it is Your Will, Lord, You lead me to find Your Door.

thaiN bhaavai dar lahas piraan.

Flying high or sitting down, I am lovingly focused on the One Lord.

oodaaN baisaa ayk liv taar.

Through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, I take the Naam as my Suppport.

gur kai sabad naam aaDhaar.

There is no ocean of water, no mountain ranges rising up.

naa jal doongar na oochee Dhaar.

I dwell within the home of my own inner being, where there is no path and no one travelling on it.

nij ghar vaasaa tah mag na chaalanhaar.

You alone know the way to that House in which You dwell. No one else knows the Mansion of Your Presence.

jit ghar vaseh toohai biDh jaaneh beeja-o mahal na jaapai.

Without the True Guru, there is no understanding. The whole world is buried under its nightmare.

satgur baajhahu samajh na hovee sabh jag dabi-aa chhaapai.

The mortal tries all sorts of things, and weeps and wails, but without the Guru, he does not know the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

karan palaav karai billata-o bin gur naam na jaapai.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Naam saves him, if he realizes the Word of the Guru`s Shabad.

pal pankaj meh naam chhadaa-ay jay gur sabad sinjaapai.

Some are foolish, blind, stupid and ignorant.

ik moorakh anDhay mugaDh gavaar.

Some, through fear of the True Guru, take the Support of the Naam.

ik satgur kai bhai naam aDhaar.

The True Word of His Bani is sweet, the source of ambrosial nectar.

saachee banee meethee amrit Dhaar.

Whoever drinks it in, finds the Door of Salvation.

jin peetee tis mokh du-aar.

1276, Guru Amar Das Ji

By Guru`s Grace, the mortal dies in life, and by so dying, lives to practice the Word of the Shabad.

gur parsaadee jeevat marai mar jeevai sabad kamaa-ay.

He alone finds the Door of Salvation, who eradicates self-conceit from within himself.

mukat du-aaraa so-ee paa-ay je vichahu aap gavaa-ay.

By Guru`s Grace, the mortal is reincarnated into the Home of the Lord, having eradicated Maya from within.

gur parsaadee siv ghar jammai vichahu sakat gavaa-ay.

He eats the uneatable, and is blessed with a discriminating intellect; he meets the Supreme Person, the Primal Lord God.

achar charai bibayk buDh paa-ay purkhai purakh milaa-ay.

O mortal, immerse yourself in service to the True Guru.

man ray satgur sayv samaa-ay.

By great good fortune, the mortal finds the Perfect Guru, and meditates on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Pause

vadai bhaag gur pooraa paa-i-aa har har naam Dhi-aa-ay. rahaa-o.

The Lord, by the Pleasure of His Own Will, created the Universe, and the Lord Himself gives it sustenance and support.

har aapnai bhaanai sarisat upaa-ee har aapay day-ay aDhaar.

The Lord, by His Own Will, makes the mortal`s mind immaculate, and lovingly attunes him to the Lord.

har aapnai bhaanai man nirmal kee-aa har si-o laagaa pi-aar.

The Lord, by His Own Will, leads the mortal to meet the True Guru, the Embellisher of all his lives.

har kai bhaanai satgur bhayti-aa sabh janam savaaranhaar. ||2||

Waaho! Waaho! Blessed and Great is the True Word of His Bani. Only a few, as Gurmukh, understand.

vaahu vaahu banee sat hai gurmukh boojhai ko-ay.

Waaho! Waaho! Praise God as Great! No one else is as Great as He.

vaahu vaahu kar parabh salaahee-ai tis jayvad avar na ko-ay.

When God`s Grace is received, He Himself forgives the mortal, and unites him with Himself.

aapay bakhsay mayl la-ay karam paraapat ho-ay.

The True Guru has revealed our True, Supreme Lord and Master.

saachaa saahib maahro satgur dee-aa dikhaa-ay.

The Ambrosial Nectar rains down and the mind is satisfied, remaining lovingly attuned to the True Lord.

amrit varsai man santokhee-ai sach rahai liv laa-ay.

In the Lord`s Name, it is forever rejuvenated; it shall never wither and dry up again.

har kai naa-ay sadaa haree-aavalee fir sukai naa kumlaa-ay.

Without the True Guru, no one finds the Lord; anyone can try and see.

bin satgur kinai na paa-i-o man vaykhhu ko patee-aa-ay.

By the Lord`s Grace, the True Guru is found, and then the Lord is met with intuitive ease.

har kirpaa tay satgur paa-ee-ai bhaytai sahj subhaa-ay.

The self-willed manmukh is deluded by doubt; without good destiny, the Lord`s wealth is not obtained.

manmukh bharam bhulaa-i-aa bin bhaagaa har Dhan na paa-ay.

The three dispositions (Tamo Gun, Rajo Gun, Sato Gun) are completely distracting; people read and study and contemplate them.

tarai gun sabhaa Dhaat hai parh parh karahi veechaar.

Those people are never liberated; they do not find the Door of Salvation.

mukat kaday na hova-ee nahu paa-iniH mokh du-aar.

Without the True Guru, they are never released from bondage; they do not embrace love for the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

bin satgur banDhan na tuthee naam na lagai pi-aar.

The Pandits, the religious scholars, and the silent sages, reading and studying the Vedas, have grown weary.

parh parh pandit monee thakay baydaaN kaa abhi-aas.

They do not even think of the Lord`s Name; they do not dwell in the home of their own inner being.

har naam chit na aavee nah nij ghar hovai vaas.

The Messenger of Death hovers over their heads; they are ruined by the deceit within themselves.

jamkaal sirahu na utrai antar kapat vinaas.

Everyone longs for the Name of the Lord; without good destiny, it is not obtained.

har naavai no sabh ko partaapdaa vin bhaagaaN paa-i-aa na jaa-ay.

When the Lord bestows His Glance of Grace, the mortal meets the True Guru, and the Lord`s Name comes to dwell within the mind.

nadar karay gur bhaytee-ai har naam vasai man aa-ay.

O Nanak, through the Name, honor wells up, and the mortal remains immersed in the Lord.

naanak naamay hee pat oopjai har si-o rahaaN samaa-ay.

1277, Guru Amar Das Ji

When the Lord shows His Mercy, He enjoins the mortal to work for the Guru (i.e to recite his name).

har har kirpaa karay gur kee kaarai laa-ay.

His pains are taken away, and the Lord`s Name comes to dwell within.

dukh palHar har naam vasaa-ay.

True deliverance comes by focusing one`s consciousness on the True Lord.

saachee gat saachai chit laa-ay.

Listen to the Shabad, and the Word of the Guru`s Bani.

gur kee banee sabad sunaa-ay.

O my mind, serve the Lord, Har, Har, the true treasure.

man mayray har har sayv niDhaan.

By Guru`s Grace, the wealth of the Lord is obtained. Night and day, focus your meditation on the Lord. Pause

gur kirpaa tay har Dhan paa-ee-ai an-din laagai sahj Dhi-aan. rahaa-o.

The soul-bride who adorns herself without her Husband Lord,

bin pir kaaman karay seeNgaar.

Through the Word of the Shabad, she enshrines her Husband Lord within her heart.

sabday pir raakhi-aa ur Dhaar.

She realizes the One Lord, and subdues her ego.

ayk pachhaanai ha-umai maar.

Without the Guru, the Giver, no one finds the Lord.

bin gur daatay kinai na paa-i-aa.

The greedy self-willed manmukh is attracted and engrossed in duality.

manmukh lobh doojai lobhaa-i-aa.

Only a few spiritual teachers realize this,

aisay gi-aanee boojhhu ko-ay.

that without meeting the Guru, liberation is not obtained.

bin gur bhaytay mukat na ho-ay.

Everyone tells the stories told by others.

kahi kahi kahan kahai sabh ko-ay.

Without subduing the mind, devotional worship does not come.

bin man moo-ay bhagat na ho-ay.

When the intellect achieves spiritual wisdom, the heart-lotus blossoms forth.

gi-aan matee kamal pargaas.

The Naam, the Name of the Lord, comes to abide in that heart.

tit ghat naamai naam nivaas.

In egotism, everyone can pretend to worship God with devotion.

ha-umai bhagat karay sabh ko-ay.

But this does not soften the mind, and it does not bring peace.

naa man bheejai naa sukh ho-ay.

By speaking and preaching, the mortal only shows off his self-conceit.

kahi kahi kahan aap jaanaa-ay.

His devotional worship is useless, and his life is a total waste.

birthee bhagat sabh janam gavaa-ay.

They alone are devotees, who are pleasing to the Mind of the True Guru.

say bhagat satgur man bhaa-ay.

Night and day, they remain lovingly attuned to the Name.

an-din naam rahay liv laa-ay.

They behold the Naam, the Name of the Lord, ever-present, near at hand.

sad hee naam vaykheh hajoor.

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1279, Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Hunger, thirst and slander are evil; sexual desire and anger are horrible.

khuDhi-aa tarisnaa nindaa buree kaam kroDh vikraal.

These cannot be seen with your eyes, until you contemplate the Word of the Shabad. :huh:-_-

aynee akhee nadar na aavee jichar sabad na karay beechaar.

Whoever is pleasing to You is content; all his entanglements are gone.

tuDh bhaavai santokhee-aaN chookai aal janjaal.

Serving the Guru, his capital (breath) is preserved. The Guru (Naam) is the ladder and the boat.

mool rahai gur sayvi-ai gur pa-orhee bohith.

O Nanak, whoever is attached to the Lord receives the essence; O True Lord, You are found when the mind is true.

naanak lagee tat lai tooN sachaa man sach.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

There is one path and one door. The Guru is the ladder to reach one`s own place.

hayko paaDhar hayk dar gur pa-orhee nij thaan.

Our Lord and Master is so beautiful, O Nanak; all comfort and peace are in the Name of the True Lord.

roorha-o thaakur naankaa sabh sukh saacha-o naam.

Like a lotus, You sit in the primal celestial trance; You are hidden from view.

baithaa taarhee laa-ay kaval chhapaa-i-aa.

You have merged Yourself into the Guru; You are pervading through the Word of Your Shabad.

gur meh aap samo-ay sabad vartaa-i-aa.

When he is pleasing to the True Lord, the mortal merges in Truth.

sachay hee patee-aa-ay sach samaa-i-aa.

You have merged Yourself into the Guru; You are pervading through the Word of Your Shabad.

gur meh aap samo-ay sabad vartaa-i-aa.

1280, Guru Amar Das Ji

Those who follow the Guru`s Teachings are the true spiritual warriors; they have conquered sexual desire and anger.

gurmatee sabad soor hai kaam kroDh jinHee maari-aa.

1281, Guru Amar Das Ji

The Ambrosial Nectar rains down continually; realize this through realization.

amrit sadaa varasdaa boojhan boojhanhaar.

Those who, as Gurmukh, realize this, keep the Lord`s Ambrosial Nectar enshrined within their hearts.

gurmukh jinHee bujhi-aa har amrit rakhi-aa ur Dhaar.

They drink in the Lord`s Ambrosial Nectar, and remain forever imbued with the Lord; they conquer egotism and thirsty desires.

har amrit peeveh sadaa rang raatay ha-umai tarisnaa maar.

The Name of the Lord is Ambrosial Nectar; the Lord showers His Grace, and it rains down.

amrit har kaa naam hai varsai kirpaa Dhaar.

O Nanak, the Gurmukh comes to behold the Lord, the Supreme Soul.

naanak gurmukh nadree aa-i-aa har aatam raam muraar.

1283, Guru Amar Das Ji

O rainbird, you do not know the Mansion of your Lord and Master`s Presence. Offer your prayers to see this Mansion.

baabeehaa khasmai kaa mahal na jaanhee mahal daykh ardaas paa-ay.

You speak as you please, but your speech is not accepted.

aapnai bhaanai bahutaa boleh boli-aa thaa-ay na paa-ay.

Your Lord and Master is the Great Giver; whatever you desire, you shall receive from Him.

khasam vadaa daataar hai jo ichhay so fal paa-ay.

Not only the thirst of the poor rainbird, but the thirst of the whole world is quenched.

baabeehaa ki-aa bapurhaa jagtai kee tikh jaa-ay.


The night is wet with dew; the rainbird sings the True Name with intuitive ease.

baabeehaa bhinnee rain boli-aa sehjay sach subhaa-ay.

This water is my very soul; without water, I cannot survive.

ih jal mayraa jee-o hai jal bin rahan na jaa-ay.

Through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, this water is obtained, and egotism is eradicated from within.

gur sabdee jal paa-ee-ai vichahu aap gavaa-ay.

O Nanak, I cannot live without Him, even for a moment; the True Guru has led me to meet Him.

naanak jis bin chasaa na jeevdee so satgur dee-aa milaa-ay.


O rainbird, the virtuous soul-bride attains the Mansion of her Lord`s Presence; the unworthy, unvirtuous one is far away.

baabeehaa gunvantee mahal paa-i-aa a-uganvantee door.

Deep within your inner being, the Lord abides. The Gurmukh beholds Him ever-present.

antar tayrai har vasai gurmukh sadaa hajoor.

When the Lord bestows His Glance of Grace, the mortal no longer weeps and wails.

kook pukaar na hova-ee nadree nadar nihaal.

O Nanak, those who are imbued with the Naam intuitively merge with the Lord; they practice the Word of the Guru`s Shabad.

naanak naam ratay sehjay milay sabad guroo kai ghaal.

1284, Guru Amar Das Ji

Forsaking virtue, they practice evil; they shall be miserable in the Court of the Lord.

gun chhod a-ugan kamaavday dargeh hohi khu-aar.

They lose their life in the gamble; why did they even come into the world?

joo-ai janam tinee haari-aa kit aa-ay sansaar.

But those who conquer and subdue their minds, through the True Word of the Shabad - night and day, they love the Naam.

sachai sabad man maari-aa ahinis naam pi-aar.

Those people enshrine the True, Invisible and Infinite Lord in their hearts.

jinee purkhee ur Dhaari-aa sachaa alakh apaar.

You, O Lord, are the Giver, the Treasure of virtue; I am unvirtuous and unworthy.

too gundaataa niDhaan heh asee avgani-aar.

He alone finds You, whom You bless and forgive, and inspire to contemplate the Word of the Guru`s Shabad.

jis bakhsay so paa-isee gur sabdee veechaar.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

All sorts of jewels and gems, diamonds and rubies, shine forth from their foreheads.

ratan javayhar maankaa habhay manee mathann.

O Nanak, those who are pleasing to God, look beautiful in the Court of the Lord.

naanak jo parabh bhaani-aa sachai dar sohann.

The True Lord is pervading all; through the True Word of the Shabad, He is seen.

sabho vartai sach sachai sabad nihaali-aa.

O Nanak, the Naam is the greatest treasure. The Perfect Guru has revealed it to me.

naanak naam niDhaan hai poorai gur daykhaali-aa.

1286, Guru Amar Das Ji

Serving the Perfect True Guru, I have found the Perfect Lord.

pooraa satgur sayv pooraa paa-i-aa.

Meditating on the Perfect Lord, by perfect karma, I have enshrined the Shabad within my mind.

poorai karam Dhi-aa-ay pooraa sabad man vasaa-i-aa.

Through perfect spiritual wisdom and meditation, my filth has been washed away.

poorai gi-aan Dhi-aan mail chukaa-i-aa.

The Lord is my sacred shrine of pilgrimage and pool of purification; I wash my mind in Him.

har sar tirath jaan manoo-aa naa-i-aa.

One who dies in the Shabad and conquers his mind - blessed is the mother who gave birth to him.

sabad marai man maar Dhan janaydee maa-i-aa.

He is true in the Court of the Lord, and his coming into this world is judged to be true.

dar sachai sachiaar sachaa aa-i-aa.

No one can challenge that person, with whom our Lord and Master is pleased.

puchh na sakai ko-ay jaaN khasmai bhaa-i-aa.

O Nanak, praising the True Lord, his pre-ordained destiny is activated.

naanak sach salaahi likhi-aa paa-i-aa.

1286, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, praise the Lord with love and affection within.

gur kai sabad salaahee-ai antar paraym pi-aar.

Without love, there is no devotion. Without the True Guru, love is not enshrined.

vin pareetee bhagat na hova-ee vin satgur na lagai pi-aar.

You are the Lord God; everyone serves You. This is the prayer of Your humble minstrel.

too parabh sabh tuDh sayvday ik dhaadhee karay pukaar.

Please bless me with the gift of contentment, that I may receive the True Name as my Support.

deh daan santokhee-aa sachaa naam milai aaDhaar.

1287, Guru Nanak Dev JI

The unfathomable ocean of fire and water must be crossed.

jithai saa-ir langh-naa agan paanee asgaah.

The other shore cannot be seen; only the roar of pitiful cries can be heard.

kanDhee dis na aavee Dhaahee pavai kahaah.

O Nanak, there, it shall be known, whether anyone is a king or an emperor.

naanak othai jaanee-ahi saah kay-ee paatisaah.


1288, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Thieves, adulterers and gamblers are pressed like seeds in the mill.

chor jaar joo-aar peerhay ghaanee-ai.

Slanderers and gossipers are hand-cuffed.

nindak laa-itbaar milay harhHvaanee-ai.

The Gurmukh is absorbed in the True Lord, and is famous in the Court of the Lord.

gurmukh sach samaa-ay so dargeh jaanee-ai.

1288, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Beauty and sexual desire are friends; hunger and tasty food are tied together.

roopai kaamai dostee bhukhai saadai gandh.

Greed is bound up in its search for wealth, and sleep will use even a tiny space as a bed.

labai maalai ghul mil michal ooNghai sa-urh palangh.

Anger barks and brings ruin on itself, blindly pursuing useless conflicts.

bhaNukai kop khu-aar ho-ay fakarh pitay anDh.

It is good to be silent, O Nanak; without the Name, one`s mouth spews forth only filth.

chupai changa naankaa vin naavai muhi ganDh.

Royal power, wealth, beauty, social status and youth are the five thieves.

raaj maal roop jaat joban panjay thag.

These thieves have plundered the world; no one`s honor has been spared.

aynee thageeN jag thagi-aa kinai na rakhee laj.

But these thieves themselves are robbed, by those who fall at the Guru`s Feet. :P

aynaa thagniH thag say je gur kee pairee paahi.

O Nanak, the multitudes who do not have good karma are plundered.

naanak karmaa baahray hor kaytay muthay jaahi.

Know that the Lord, by the Hukam of His Command, gives sustenance and the breath of life.

hukmee saah giraah dayNdaa jaanee-ai.

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1289, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Living beings are formed of air, water and fire. They are subject to pleasure and pain.

pa-unai paanee agnee jee-o tin ki-aa khusee-aa ki-aa peerh.

In this world, in the nether regions of the underworld, and in the Akaashic ethers of the heavens, some remain ministers in the Court of the Lord.

Dhartee paataalee aakaasee ik dar rahan vajeer.

Some live long lives, while others suffer and die.

iknaa vadee aarjaa ik mar hohi jaheer.

Some give and consume, and still their wealth is not exhausted, while others remain poor forever.

ik day khaahi nikhutai naahee ik sadaa fireh fakeer.

In His Will He creates, and in His Will He destroys thousands in an instant.

hukmee saajay hukmee dhaahay ayk chasay meh lakh.

He has harnessed everyone with His harness; when He forgives, he breaks the harness.

sabh ko nathai nathi-aa bakhsay torhay nath.

He has no color or features; He is invisible and beyond calculation.

varnaa chihnaa baahraa laykhay baajh alakh.

How can He be described? He is known as the Truest of the True.

ki-o kathee-ai ki-o aakhee-ai jaapai sacho sach.

All the actions which are done and described, O Nanak, are done by the Indescribable Lord Himself.

karnaa kathnaa kaar sabh naanak aap akath.

Whoever hears the description of the indescribable,

akath kee kathaa sunay-ay.

is blessed with wealth, intelligence, perfection, spiritual wisdom and eternal peace.

riDh buDh siDh gi-aan sadaa sukh ho-ay.


One who bears the unbearable, controls the nine holes of the body.

ajar jarai ta na-o kul banDh.

One who worships and adores the Lord with his breath of life, gains stability in his body-wall.

poojai paraan hovai thir kanDh.

Where has he come from, and where will he go?

kahaaN tay aa-i-aa kahaaN ayhu jaan.

Remaining dead while yet alive, he is accepted and approved.

jeevat marat rahai parvaan.

Whoever understands the Hukam of the Lord`s Command, realizes the essence of reality.

hukmai boojhai tat pachhaanai.

This is known by Guru`s Grace.

ih parsaad guroo tay jaanai.

O Nanak, know this: egotism leads to bondage.

hoNdaa farhee-ag naanak jaan.

Only those who have no ego and no self-conceit, are not consigned to reincarnation.

naa ha-o naa mai joonee paan.

1290, Guru Angad Dev Ji

O Nanak, burn worldly greatness and glory in the fire.

naanak dunee-aa kee-aaN vadi-aa-ee-aaN agee saytee jaal.

These burnt offerings have caused mortals to forget the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Not even one of them will go along with you in the end.

aynee jalee-eeN naam visaari-aa ik na chalee-aa naal.

1291, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The True Guru is the All-knowing Primal Being; He shows us our true home within the home of the self.

ghar meh ghar daykhaa-ay day-ay so satgur purakh sujaan.

The Panch Shabad, the Five Primal Sounds, resonate and resound within; the insignia of the Shabad is revealed there, vibrating gloriously.

panch sabad Dhunikaar Dhun tah baajai sabad neesaan.

Worlds and realms, nether regions, solar systems and galaxies are wondrously revealed.

deep lo-a paataal tah khand mandal hairaan.

The strings and the harps vibrate and resound; the true throne of the Lord is there.

taar ghor baajintar tah saach takhat sultaan.

Listen to the music Sukhman Channel and concentrate in the sunn (stage of thoughtlessness).

sukhman kai ghar raag sun sunn mandal liv laa-ay.

Contemplate the Unspoken Speech, and the desires of the mind are dissolved.

akath kathaa beechaaree-ai mansaa maneh samaa-ay.

The heart-lotus is turned upside-down, and is filled with Ambrosial Nectar. This mind does not go out; it does not get distracted.

ulat kamal amrit bhari-aa ih man katahu na jaa-ay.

1. It does not forget the Chant which is chanted without chanting; it is immersed in the Primal Lord God of the ages.

2. It remembers the lord without chanting and the mind is immersed in the primal truth of the ages.

ajpaa jaap na veesrai aad jugaad samaa-ay.

All the sister-companions are blessed with the five shabads. The Gurmukhs dwell in the home of the self deep within.

sabh sakhee-aa panchay milay gurmukh nij ghar vaas.

Nanak is the slave of that one who seeks the Shabad and finds this home within.

sabad khoj ih ghar lahai naanak taa kaa daas.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

As Gurmukh, I know the the Transcendent Lord, the Supreme Lord God.

paarbarahm parmaysar gurmukh jaani-aa.

All my sins and corruption are washed away, through the insignia of the Shabad, the Word of God.

lathay sabh vikaar sabad neesaani-aa.

In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, one is saved, and becomes free.

saaDhoo sang uDhaar bha-ay nikaani-aa.

Meditating, meditating in remembrance on the Great Giver, I enjoy all comforts and pleasures.

simar simar daataar sabh rang maani-aa.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji

You Yourself are the writing tablet, and You Yourself are the pen. You are also what is written on it.

aapay patee kalam aap upar laykh bhe tooN.

Speak of the One Lord, O Nanak; how could there be any other?

ayko kahee-ai naankaa doojaa kaahay koo.

1292 – Bhagat Naam Dev Ji

Serve the King, the Sovereign Lord of the World. He has no ancestry; He is immaculate and pure.

sayveelay gopaal raa-ay akul niranjan.

Please bless me with the gift of devotion, which the humble Saints beg for. Pause

bhagat daan deejai jaacheh sant jan. rahaa-o.

His Home is the pavilion seen in all directions; His ornamental heavenly realms fill the seven worlds alike.

jaaN chai ghar dig disai saraa-ichaa baikunth bhavan chitarsaalaa sapat lok saamaan pooree-alay.

In His Home, the virgin Lakshmi dwells. The moon and the sun are His two lamps; the wretched Messenger of Death stages his dramas, and levies taxes on all.

jaaN chai ghar lachhimee ku-aaree chand sooraj deevrhay ka-utak kaal bapurhaa kotvaal so karaa siree.

Such is my Sovereign Lord King, the Supreme Lord of all.

so aisaa raajaa saree narharee.

In His House, the four-faced Brahma, the cosmic potter lives. He created the entire universe.

jaaN chai ghar kulaal barahmaa chatur mukh daaNvrhaa jin bisav sansaar raacheelay.

In His House, the insane Shiva, the Guru of the World, lives; he imparts spiritual wisdom to expain the essence of reality.

jaaN kai ghar eesar baavlaa jagat guroo tat saarkhaa gi-aan bhaakheelay.

Sin and virtue are the standard-bearers at His Door; Chitr and Gupt are the recording angels of the conscious and subconscious.

paap punn jaaN chai daaNgee-aa du-aarai chitar gupat laykhee-aa.

The Righteous Judge of Dharma, the Lord of Destruction, is the door-man.

Dharam raa-ay parulee partihaar.

Such is the Supreme Sovereign Lord of the World.

so aisaa raajaa saree gopaal.

In His Home are the heavenly heralds, celestial singers, Rishis and poor minstrels, who sing so sweetly.

jaaN chai ghar gan ganDharab rikhee bapurhay dhaadhee-aa gavant aachhai.

All the Shaastras take various forms in His theater, singing beautiful songs.

sarab saastar baho roopee-aa angaroo-aa aakhaarhaa mandleek bol boleh kaachhay.

The wind waves the fly-brush over Him;

cha-ur dhool jaaN chai hai pavan.

His hand-maiden is Maya, who has conquered the world.

chayree sakat jeet lay bhavan.

The shell of the earth is His fireplace.

and took jaa chai bhasmatee.

Such is the Sovereign Lord of the three worlds.

so aisaa raajaa taribhavan patee.

In His Home, the celestial turtle is the bed-frame, woven with the strings of the thousand-headed snake.

jaaN chai ghar koormaa paal sahsar fanee baasak sayj vaaloo-aa.

His flower-girls are the eighteen loads of vegetation; His water-carriers are the nine hundred sixty million clouds.

athaarah bhaar banaaspatee maalnee chhinvai karorhee maygh maalaa paaneehaaree-aa.

His sweat is the Ganges River.

nakh parsayv jaa chai sursaree.

The seven seas are His water-pitchers.

sapat samund jaaN chai gharhthalee.

The creatures of the world are His household utensils.

aytay jee-a jaaN chai vartanee.

Such is the Sovereign Lord King of the three worlds.

so aisaa raajaa taribhavan Dhanee.

In His home are Arjuna, Dhroo, Prahlaad, Ambreek, Naarad, Nayjaa, the Siddhas and Buddhas, the ninety-two heavenly heralds and celestial singers in their wondrous play.

jaaN chai ghar nikat vartee arjan Dharoo parahlaad ambreek naarad nayjai siDh buDh gan ganDharab baanvai haylaa.

All the creatures of the world are in His House.

aytay jee-a jaaN chai heh gharee.

The Lord is diffused in the inner beings of all.

sarab bi-aapik antar haree.

Prays Naam Dayv, seek His Protection.

paranvai naamday-o taaN chee aan.

All the devotees are His banner and insignia.

sagal bhagat jaa chai neesaan.

1294, Guru Ram Das Ji

Blessed, blessed are the Holy, who know the Lord God. Meeting with the Holy, even sinners are saved.

Dhan Dhan saaDh jin har parabh jaani-aa mil saaDhoo patit uDhri-aa.

The mind roams and rambles all around in all directions. Meeting with the Holy, it is overpowered and brought under control,

manoo-aa chalai chalai baho baho biDh mil saaDhoo vasgat kari-aa.

just as when the fisherman spreads his net over the water, he catches and overpowers the fish.

ji-uN jal tant pasaari-o baDhak garas meenaa vasgat khari-aa.

The Saints, the Saints of the Lord, are noble and good. Meeting with the humble Saints, filth is washed away.

har kay sant sant bhal neekay mil sant janaa mal lahee-aa.

All the sins and egotism are washed away, like soap washing dirty clothes.

ha-umai durat ga-i-aa sabh neekar ji-o saabun kaapar kari-aa.

According to that pre-ordained destiny inscribed on my forehead by my Lord and Master, I have enshrined the Feet of the Guru, the True Guru, within my heart.

mastak lilaat likhi-aa Dhur thaakur gur satgur charan ur Dhari-aa.

I have found God, the Destroyer of all poverty and pain; servant Nanak is saved through the Naam.

sabh daalad dookh bhanj parabh paa-i-aa jan naanak naam uDhri-aa.

Ang 1294, Guru Ram Das Ji

O my mind, chant the Name of the Lord, through the Guru`s Word.

mayrai man raam naam japi-o gur vaak.

The Lord, Har, Har, has shown me His Mercy, and my evil-mindedness, love of duality and sense of alienation are totally gone, thanks to the Lord of the Universe. Pause

har har kirpaa karee jagdeesar durmat doojaa bhaa-o ga-i-o sabh jhaak. rahaa-o.

There are so many forms and colors of the Lord. The Lord is pervading each and every heart, and yet He is hidden from view.

naanaa roop rang har kayray ghat ghat raam ravi-o guplaak.

Meeting with the Lord`s Saints, the Lord is revealed, and the doors of corruption are shattered.

har kay sant milay har pargatay ughar ga-ay bikhi-aa kay taak.

The glory of the Saintly beings is absolutely great; they lovingly enshrine the Lord of Bliss and Delight within their hearts.

sant janaa kee bahut baho sobhaa jin ur Dhaari-o har rasik rasaak.

Meeting with the Lord`s Saints, I meet with the Lord, just as when the calf is seen - the cow is there as well.

har kay sant milay har mili-aa jaisay ga-oo daykh bachhraak.

The Lord, Har, Har, is within the humble Saints of the Lord; they are exalted - they know, and they inspire others to know as well.

har kay sant janaa meh har har tay jan ootam janak janaak.

The fragrance of the Lord permeates their hearts; they have abandoned the foul stench.

tin har hirdai baas basaanee chhoot ga-ee muskee muskaak.

You make those humble beings Your Own, God; You protect Your Own, O Lord.

tumray jan tumH hee parabh kee-ay har raakh layho aapan apnaak.

The Lord is servant Nanak`s companion; the Lord is his sibling, mother, father, relative and relation.

jan naanak kay sakhaa har bhaa-ee maat pitaa banDhap har saak.


O my mind, consciously chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

mayray man har har raam naam jap cheet.

The commodity of the Lord, Har, Har, is locked in the fortress of Maya; through the Word of the Guru`s Shabad, I have conquered the fortress. Pause

har har vasat maa-i-aa garheh vayrhHee gur kai sabad lee-o garh jeet. rahaa-o.

I just wanted to jump forward a bit to another shabad I just read that opened by eyes about maya.

Ang 1330, Guru Nanak Dev Ji

The mind is Maya, the mind is a chaser; the mind is a bird flying across the sky.

man maa-i-aa man Dhaa-i-aa man pankhee aakaas.

The thieves are overpowered by the Shabad, and then the body-village prospers and celebrates.

taskar sabad nivaari-aa nagar vuthaa saabaas.

Lord, when You save someone, he is saved; his capital is safe and sound.

jaa too raakhahi raakh laihi saabat hovai raas.

Such is my Treasure, the Jewel of the Naam;

aisaa naam ratan niDh mayrai.

please bless me with the Guru`s Teachings, so that I may fall at Your Feet. Pause

gurmat deh laga-o pag tayrai. rahaa-o.

The mind is a Yogi, the mind is a pleasure-seeker; the mind is foolish and ignorant.

man jogee man bhogee-aa man moorakh gaavaar.

The mind is the giver, the mind is the beggar; the mind is the Great Guru, the Creator.

man daataa man mangtaa man sir gur kartaar.

The five thieves are conquered, and peace is attained; such is the contemplative wisdom of God.

panch maar sukh paa-i-aa aisaa barahm veechaar.

The One Lord is said to be in each and every heart, but no one can see Him.

ghat ghat ayk vakhaanee-ai kaha-o na daykhi-aa jaa-ay.

The false are cast upside-down into the womb of reincarnation; without the Name, they lose their honor.

khoto pootho raalee-ai bin naavai pat jaa-ay.

Those whom You unite, remain united, if it is Your Will.

jaa too mayleh taa mil rahaaN jaaN tayree ho-ay rajaa-ay.

God does not ask about social class or birth; you must find your true home.

jaat janam nah poochhee-ai sach ghar layho bataa-ay.

That is your social class and that is your status - the karma of what you have done.

saa jaat saa pat hai jayhay karam kamaa-ay.

The pains of death and rebirth are eradicated; O Nanak, salvation is in the Lord`s Name.

janam maran dukh kaatee-ai naanak chhootas naa-ay.

back to the original shabad... hope you found that useful

In false doubt and superstition, people wander all around, lured by love and emotional attachment to their children and families.

mithi-aa bharam bharam baho bharmi-aa lubDho putar kaltar moh pareet.

But just like the passing shade of the tree, your body-wall shall crumble in an instant.

jaisay tarvar kee tuchh chhaa-i-aa khin meh binas jaa-ay dayh bheet.

The humble Saints, the Saints of the Lord, are noble and sublime; meeting them, the mind is tinged with love and joy.

har kay sant sant jan neekay jin mili-aaN man rang rangeet.

The Lord`s Love never fades away, and it never wears off. Through the Lord`s Love, one goes and meets the Lord, Har, Har.

har rang lahai na utrai kabhoo har har jaa-ay milai har pareet.

I am a sinner; I have committed so many sins. The Guru has cut them, cut them, and hacked them off.

ham baho paap kee-ay apraaDhee gur kaatay katit kateet.

The Guru has placed the healing remedy of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, into my mouth. Servant Nanak, the sinner, has been purified and sanctified.

har har naam dee-o mukh a-ukhaDh jan naanak patit puneet.

1297, Guru Amar Das Ji

Sing the Praises of the Lord God.

har jas gaavhu bhagvaan.

Singing His Praises, sins are washed away.

jas gaavat paap lahaan.

Through the Word of the Guru`s Teachings, listen to His Praises with your ears.

mat gurmat sun jas kaan.

The Lord shall be Merciful to you. Pause

har ho ho kirpaan. rahaa-o.

Your humble servants focus their consciousness and meditate on You with one-pointed mind; those Holy beings find peace, chanting the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, the Treasure of Bliss.

tayray jan Dhi-aavahi ik man ik chit tay saaDhoo sukh paavahi jap har har naam niDhaan.

They sing Your Praises, God, meeting with the Holy, the Holy people, and the Guru, the True Guru, O Lord God.

ustat karahi parabh tayree-aa mil saaDhoo saaDh janaa gur satguroo bhagvaan.

They alone obtain the fruit of peace, within whose hearts You, O my Lord and Master, abide. They cross over the terrifying world-ocean - they are known as the Lord`s devotees.

jin kai hirdai too su-aamee tay sukh fal paavahi tay taray bhav sinDh tay bhagat har jaan.

Please enjoin me to their service, Lord, please enjoin me to their service. O Lord God, You, You, You, You, You are the Lord of servant Nanak.

tin sayvaa ham laa-ay haray ham laa-ay haray jan naanak kay har too too too too too bhagvaan.

1298, Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Standing up and sitting down, while sleeping and awake, with each and every breath, I meditate on the Lord. Pause

oothat baithat sovat jaagat saas saas saas har japnay. rahaa-o.

The Naam, the Name of the Lord, abides within the hearts of those,

taa kai hirdai basi-o naam.

whose Lord and Master blesses them with this gift.

jaa ka-o su-aamee keeno daan.

Peace and tranquility come into the hearts of those

taa kai hirdai aa-ee saaNt.

who meet their Lord and Master, through the Word of the Guru.

thaakur bhaytay gur bachnaaNt.

Those whom the Guru blesses with the Mantra of the Naam are wise, and blessed with all powers,.

sarab kalaa so-ee parbeen. naam mantar jaa ka-o gur deen.

Says Nanak, I am a sacrifice to those

kaho naanak taa kai bal jaa-o.

who are blessed with the Name in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga.

kalijug meh paa-i-aa jin naa-o.


Beg for such blessings from the Lord of the Universe:

aisee maaNg gobid tay.

to work for the Saints, and the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. Chanting the Name of the Lord, the supreme status is obtained. ||1||Pause||

tahal santan kee sang saaDhoo kaa har naamaaN jap param gatay. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Worship the Feet of Your Lord and Master, and seek His Sanctuary.

poojaa charnaa thaakur sarnaa.

Take joy in whatever God does.

so-ee kusal jo parabh jee-o karnaa.


The singer sings the songs,

gaavanhaaree gaavai geet.

but she alone is saved, within whose consciousness the Lord abides.

tay uDhray basay jih cheet.

The one who sets the table sees the food,

paykhay binjan parosanhaarai.

but only one who eats the food is satisfied.

jih bhojan keeno tay tariptaarai.

People disguise themselves with all sorts of costumes,

anik savaaNg kaachhay bhaykh-Dhaaree.

but in the end, they are seen as they truly are.

jaiso saa taiso daristaaree.

Speaking and talking are all just entanglements.

kahan kahaavan sagal janjaar.

O slave Nanak, the true way of life is excellent.

naanak daas sach karnee saar.

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Ang 1308, Guru Ram Das Ji:

Chant the Name of the Lord, O mind, and find peace.

jap man raam naam sukh paavaigo.

The more you chant and meditate, the more you will be at peace; serve the True Guru, and merge in the Lord. ||1||Pause||

ji-o ji-o japai tivai sukh paavai satgur sayv samaavaigo. rahaa-o.

Each and every instant, the humble devotees long for Him; chanting the Naam, they find peace.

bhagat janaaN kee khin khin lochaa naam japat sukh paavaigo.

The taste of other pleasures is totally eradicated; nothing pleases them, except the Name.

an ras saad ga-ay sabh neekar bin naavai kichh na sukhaavaigo.

Following the Guru`s Teachings, the Lord seems sweet to them; the Guru inspires them to speak sweet words.

gurmat har har meethaa laagaa gur meethay bachan kadhaavaigo.

Through the Word of the True Guru`s Bani, the Primal Lord God is revealed; so focus your consciousness on His Bani.

satgur banee purakh purkhotam banee si-o chit laavaigo.

Hearing the Word of the Guru`s Bani, my mind has been softened and saturated with it; my mind has returned to its own home deep within.

gurbaanee sunat mayraa man darvi-aa man bheenaa nij ghar aavaigo.

The Unstruck Melody resonates and resounds there continuously; the stream of nectar trickles down constantly.

tah anhat Dhunee baajeh nit baajay neejhar Dhaar chu-aavaigo.

Singing the Name of the One Lord each and every instant, and following the Guru`s Teachings, the mind is absorbed in the Naam.

raam naam ik til til gaavai man gurmat naam samaavaigo.

Listening to the Naam, the mind is pleased with the Naam, and satisfied with the Naam.

naam sunai naamo man bhaavai naamay hee tariptaavaigo.

People wear lots of bracelets, glittering with gold; they wear all sorts of fine clothes.

kanik kanik pahiray baho kangnaa kaapar bhaaNt banaavaigo.

But without the Naam, they are all bland and insipid. They are born, only to die again, in the cycle of reincarnation.

naam binaa sabh feek fikaanay janam marai fir aavaigo.

The veil of Maya is a thick and heavy veil, a whirlpool which destroys one`s home.

maa-i-aa patal patal hai bhaaree ghar ghooman ghayr ghulaavaigo.

Sins and corrupt vices are totally heavy, like rusted slag. They will not let you cross over the poisonous and treacherous world-ocean.

paap bikaar manoor sabh bhaaray bikh dutar tari-o na jaavaigo.

Let the Fear of God and neutral detachment be the boat; the Guru is the Boatman, who carries us across in the Word of the Shabad.

bha-o bairaag bha-i-aa hai bohith gur khayvat sabad taraavaigo.

Meeting with the Lord, the Name of the Lord, merge in the Lord, the Name of the Lord.

raam naam har bhaytee-ai har raamai naam samaavaigo.

Attached to ignorance, people are falling asleep; attached to the Guru`s spiritual wisdom, they awaken.

agi-aan laa-ay savaali-aa gur gi-aanai laa-ay jagaavaigo.

O Nanak, by His Will, He makes us walk as He pleases.

naanak bhaanai aapnai ji-o bhaavai tivai chalaavaigo.

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Just finished reading the final ang of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. It has taken me about a year I think. Wow that is alot of stuff to take in. God only knows how people absorb all that in 48 hour akhand paaths. Now after reading Guru ji myself the next time I bow down to matha tek I will know exactly what I'm bowing down to and not just doing it out of blind faith. With Waheguru's grace and kirpa hopefully life will allow me the opportunity to apply what knowledge Guru ji has imparted and make me walk that journey of Manmukh to Gurmukh to being Sanmukh with Waheguru.

I hope that some of my posts on this thread have inspired other to read Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for themselves and walk on the path towards Waheguru. May we all make it to our true home and origin.

Bole So Nahaal, Sat Sri Akaal!!!!!!!!!!!

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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Experienced a new sensation the other day which I have never had before. As I was japping it felt like someone was pushing buttons inside my body. It started in my navel, then next one was in the chest, then one in the trikuti and I think there was one at the top of the head. Then it would start again from the bottom and work it's way up again.

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That's awesome!

You sure? did you get an experience of Waheguru when it activated?

Fairly sure about the top of the head but I vividly remember the navel, heart and trikuti. No I didn't experience Waheguru. Tried not to focus on the sensations but get my mind to remain firmly seated in the jahaaj of WaheGuru's jaap and not to get thrown off by having thoughts. ;) Not so easy to do... I seem to fall off before it even gets to the runway. :angry: Hopefully one day it will take off with me still on it.

I was under the impression chakras are at the back of the spine, if indeed that's what was activating. These felt more inside and towards the front.

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I guess crown chakra can activate independently as well. The top of your head, if you feel pressure there then it is the crown chakra.

Chakras are in the middle of the body. What you are experiencing are the chakras. There should be one in your throat too. It may be entangled with your chest. It may help if you clarify the one in your chest, ie determine where its boundaries are, that will pull those two chakras apart.

There are also the root chakras in your genitals and anus. They are harder to activate if you tend to think too much in day to day life. Two things may help, breathing down into the genitals, and feeling the sensations in the feet. What I like to do sometimes is to go outside bare feet, early in the morning. I step on to the cold wood in the balcony and feel the sensations.

Right now its a new experience for you, once you get used to it, it will be easier to bring back the focus on simran. Remember if chakras activate you are on the right track. They are signs on the road if you will.

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That's real good !

I was under the impression chakras are at the back of the spine, if indeed that's what was activating. These felt more inside and towards the front.

I think that they are felt more deep and in the core rather than back of the spine.

I assume that the crown chakra is experienced over a wider area than the other chakras like the base chakra that Bhagatji describes above.

At the back of the spine is when burning sensations can be felt that I think are associated with the activating kundalini !

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To be honest I'm not bothered about chakras anymore. If they activate on their own as part of simran then so be it. My goal is to keep practicing so my mind becomes still and keep it focused on the gurmantar or anhad shabad when they manifest so that it sits on the shabad or absorbs into it. Rest will let the shabad do as it pleases.

But one thing I'm really really struggling with is the sweet amrit taste constantly in my mouth. Don't know what is happening to my mind but I'm really beginning to detest it. I generally like sweet things but this is becoming so difficult tolerate and have in the mouth all the time. It feels like its constantly flowing in and I keep swallowing. One may call it kirpa but having the avasta to appreciate such a gift is entirely different matter. I even asked my uncle who is a GP if it could be caused by something else. But he said he knows of nothing that can cause such a taste. Doc could send for standard tests but he doesn't believe they will show anything. He thought I lost the plot when I said it is caused by simran and reading gurbani. Don't you guys think I'm talking porkies. Believe you me it happens! Waheguru

In the temple of the mind, is the Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord; through the Guru`s Teachings, we drink it in.

man andar amrit gurmat har leevaa jee-o.

The inverted heart-lotus has been turned upright, through reflective meditation on God.

ulti-o kamal barahm beechaar.

From the Sky of the Tenth Gate, the Ambrosial Nectar trickles down.

amrit Dhaar gagan das du-aar.

Through the Guru`s Teachings, the Lord is always found, and the tongue is permeated with the Sublime Essence of the Lord.

gurmatee har sadaa paa-i-aa rasnaa har ras samaa-ay.

Through the Shabad, the Lord dwells within the mind, and the tongue tastes the Sublime Essence of the Lord.

sabday hee har man vasai rasnaa har ras khaa-ay.

The taste of the Ambrosial Naam is very sweet! Through the Guru`s Teachings, drink in this Ambrosial Nectar. Pause

amrit naam mahaa ras meethaa gurmatee amrit pee-aavni-aa. rahaa-o.

Attuned to the Word of the Shabad, one becomes sweet, like the juice of the sugar cane.

sabad ratay meethay ras eekh.

When the mind surrenders to the Name, it drinks in the essence of Ambrosial Nectar. Pause

man maanee-ai amrit ras peejai. rahaa-o.

The True Ambrosial Nectar rains down, and trickles into the mouths of the Gurmukhs.

amrit sachaa varasdaa gurmukhaa mukh paa-ay.


Every day, take your bath in the Sacred Pool of the Lord.

nitparat naavan raam sar keejai.

Mix and drink in the most delicious, sublime Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord. Pause

jhol mahaa ras har amrit peejai. rahaa-o.

The water of the Name of the Lord of the Universe is immaculate and pure.

nirmal udak govind kaa naam

Take your cleansing bath in it, and all your affairs shall be resolved.

majan karat pooran sabh kaam.

I might have taken some of the above pangtis out of context but they seem to apply to what I'm experiencing.

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What is your goal? Where is your destination?

Goal : To shut this mind up from it waves of thought for now, then to cross over. The latter is not in my control something else will drive that.

How will you know you have reached there?

When I'm able to give WaheGuru a hi five in whatever form that might be. :D Even if it means just resting a still mind at his feet.

Can't really speak of the destination yet because haven't reached there nor do I know what stops are in between.My mind still does it's own thing and takes flight, but things are slowly improving and with his grace it sometimes behaves and listens to the simran as I chant. I don't want to visualise any particular end state even though I have heard and read of some in Gurbani. Let whatever happens happen. Focusing on an end state will on increase my desire and thoughts at this stage.

But at the moment my sense of taste is in over drive and distracting me even more. How can I explain to you what is in my mouth that is drawing all my attention towards it and driving me crazy for some unknown reason. I have had this for quite a while now, but it has never bothered me. For some unbeknown reason to me over the last few days I'm so locked in conscientiously to this flavour. One voice inside of me keeps on shouting out, make it stop, make it stop, go away, go away, I have had enough! Then another voice is saying, this is good for you, drink it, drink it.

It's no joke. Imagine this, take a glass of water and stir in a couple of spoons of sugar. Then every minute put one teaspoon into your mouth. You have to keep on drinking this everyday from the moment you wake up till you go to sleep. Anything else you put in your mouth helps for a few minutes then it's back.

You seem to be in a great battle with your own Self.

Tell me about it. I can't ask waheguru to take his gift back. The only option is "tera kiya meetha lage" literally.

So how did you overcome this stage, Maha Singh?

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Vahiguroo it looks like mahapursh can help you bring your surti down from higher planes/phases or may be you want concentrate on lower chakras (all though i have no expereince in higher to come down so i cannot give any advise based on my expereince) . In shabad surat, one have to build up their capacity to take it all in sehaj as its quite lot for us to take in- amrit drizzle, visions, shabad dhuniya, dasam dwar. We need to be ready to contain divinity in the surti.

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Neo, I am really resisting doing the first option. Hoping the unsettled mind will just calm down and get used to the sensation. Who really knows what the true purpose of this amrit is. It might be washing sins of the past, so who am I to stop this soul from having a good bath for it has got janams of accumulated mahal to loose. Well that's what I'm telling myself to get me through this testing time.

Was just hoping someone else on here might have gone through it and knows how to overcome. Suggestions welcome. Will just do ardas for now for strength to handle the bukshish. Guru bestowed so will have faith Guru will show the way.


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Haan ji, i cannot relate to your situation so i cannot give any advise. Do ardas to guru maharaj and hang in there i guess until you transcedent from that phase.

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What may help is if you concentrate and clarify the experience. For example, you can clarify the heart chakra by determining its true form through concentration, determining it's boundaries, it's form, it's composition. This fully opens up the chakra. If there are negative thoughts, you would do the same. As the thought arises you pay close attention and feel the effects on the thought on yourself. This will often neutralize the thought and its effects. If there is pain in the body, you do the same. You concentrate and clarify by paying attention to the pain, it's location in the body, it's boundaries become aware of areas of the body are in pain, and the areas that aren't and clarifying that further. This alleviates teh suffering caused by pain.

The same principle can be applied to any experience even sweetness in the mouth. Waheguru may not be the sweet taste but he can certainly be found in it.

PS If the taste is bugging you too much then you can also stop meditating until it dissipates.

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Thought I'd give a short update today after yesterday's posts. The taste is still there but my mind doesn't seem so agitated by it. Phew! Was really finding it difficult over the last few days.

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Last night before I went to sleep was just lying in bed doing simran. It was very quiet and was just enjoying the silence for a bit and just trying to be mind still. The single sound of a instrument being blown appeared in my ear but the other one which was deeper inside the head was the sound like sitting near bushes and hearing loads of insects chirping away. Haven't noticed that one before. Anyway got me thinking this morning what are the anhand sounds?

Searching a few books found the following list:

  • cricket
  • flute
  • gong
  • conch shell
  • horn
  • tinkling bells
  • trumpet
  • rebeck (medieval instrument played with bow)
  • singing cicadas in the silence of the night (searched for this sound on youtube and this was it!)
  • falling bronze vessel
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