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Very Interesting Critique Of Sgpc Rehat Maryada By Taksaal

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9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

The other Kavi Alam was a poet of the Mughal Court.


Which Mughal court was he a poet of?  it couldn't have been Akbars as he listed every official, poet and courtiers in his book. There is no Alam there.


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

The book is Madhavnal Kaam Kandlam. It's written in Braj Basha.


This MKK is written in Brij, but is this the original? Prof Anurag Singh contends the original was written in Sanksrit.


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

We can say with certainty that's it not original because the analysis done by those who observed and studied it goes against it's claim of authenticity.


Are there any scholars who claim  that it is the original bir?


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

They differ from the DamDami Bir.


From what I've Guru Gobind Singh Ji made some changes to Kartarpuri bir. How many I dont know.


Also we don't know whether the Damdami bir is still in existence. From our history we can see that the Sikhs lost this Bir during Vadda Ghallughara. But there has ever been any instance in history where tradition says the Kartarpuri Bir was lost. IN the same way we have the tradition that Sri Dasme Patshah's Granth Sahib was lost during evacuation of Sri Anandpur Sahib.


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

Had Baba Vadhbag Singh taken that Bir, and the Kartarpuris held it, we wouldn't have such a controversy over it. 


Personally I don't believe that Baba Vadhbhag Singh would have left the Bir there. If it had been burnt then I'm sure some historical source would have picked it up. It would have been an episode that would have been told time and time again throughout writings of Sikh history. At the moment both our opinions are conjecture.


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

In simple, They've showed each scholar a different Bir.  That's a suspicion many vidhvaans in the Panth have over the Kartarpuri Sodhis. 


I wonder why they would do that. Knowing that these scholars will share and compare notes.


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

I meant Panchmesh.  It's also in use. 


Cool.  I'm going to start using it.


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

I don't know if those other pothis and birs have Raagmala in them.  Not many studied them. Some were just recently discovered.


There were about 2 or 3 years ago, 12 historic saroops  of Aad and Dasam Granth found in Daccan in a Gurdwara. The locals had them but weren't too aware of them.  I watched the program on Sikh Channel about it. One Bir had in it the births and jyoti jyots of the Guru Sahibs upto 9th Guru Sahib. Only Guru Gobind Singh Ji's was not written, so these saroops looked to be from that time. This bir of Guru Granth Sahib has raagmala in it.


What is your personal opinion of Raagmala?


9 hours ago, Kuttabanda2 said:

Lastly, it's a book, not a brain tumor.  If one cares for Khoj, he'll read it.


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