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Baba Nand Singh Ji Nanksar Kaleran And Lord Yeshua Masih

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Baba Nand Singh Ji Nanksar Kaleran and Lord Yeshua Masih

Sometime in 1944, a Sikh, Mr. Balwant Singh was crying desperately outside Nanaksar Thath, Kaleran. Baba Narinder Singh, (father of Brigadier Partap Singh Jaspal) happened to pass by and asked him the reason for his crying. Mr. Balwant Singh replied that he was Subedar in Indian Army during the World War II in Italy.

During the war, Subedar Balwant Singh was asked to lead a patrol around the enemy battle lines for gathering information about their movement. Once inside the enemy battle lines, their patrol was ambushed, resulting in the death of all members of his group, except he and another soldier. However, they ran too deep into the enemy battle lines, causing them to lose their way, and finally hid behind a hill.

While hiding in the enemy area, they ate the remaining emergency food that they had. They were stranded for two days, worried about their safety.

Subedar Balwant Singh had a darshan of Baba Nand Singh Ji once before he left India for war. Somehow, he took off his shoes and did a heart-rending prayer at the Lotus Feet of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj,”Since you are considered the form of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, please come and help us in this dire situation.” His fellow soldier also took off his shoes and joined the prayer.

Within an hour and half, an old white Christian woman came, and called them out. She told them that she brought food and water for them. When they came out, they saw that she was carrying a big tiffin and water for them. They ate the food to their full capacity.

Thereafter, they asked, “Mother, how do know about us and our situation?”

The woman told them that she lived in a nearby village, and she has worshipped her Lord Isah Masih for the last 40 years. While sleeping, she had a vision of her Lord, which caused her to be happy and blissful. In an instant, Lord Isah Masih’s image transformed into an old holy man, in white clothing, and then backs to His original image.

Lord Masih with love and affection commanded her, “Two of our devotees are hiding nearby and starving. Take whatever you have at home and feed them. Bring them home and tomorrow night, escort them to their battle lines safely.”

Subedar Balwant Singh matched her description of holy man to that of Baba Nand Singhi Ji, and understood that this was all Baba Nand Singh Ji’s game, and was filled with gratitude.

The woman brought both soldiers home, and served them with the utmost respect. At night, she guided them to their battle lines.

Before her departure, Subedar Balwant Singh asked her, “Mother, are you not scared?”

She replied, “What fear, when my Lord Isah and your Baba Nand Singh’s Ji are with us!”

The news of their miraculous survival spread in the platoon. As per the standard procedures, they narrated the whole incident to the command authorities, which was then recorded by the army liaison and telexed to the Punjab government. A retired official who was with the same platoon and in the Punjab government later confirmed this fact.

[summary of Sakhi narrated by Brigadier Partap Singh Jaspal]

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