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When we are in heaven -

Our money is still in the bank.

When we are alive - We don't have enough money to spend.

When we are gone - There is still a lot of money not spent.

One tycoon in China passed away. His widow, with $1.9 billion in the bank, remarried his chauffeur.

His chauffeur said, "All the while I thought I was working for my boss.

Now I realize that my boss was all the time working for me ! "

The cruel reality is:

It is more important to be strong and healthy than to have more wealth.

So we must strive to have a strong and healthy body-- it doesn't matter who is working for whom.

A high-end mobile phone --

70% of the functions are useless

An expensive car - 70% of the speed is not needed

A luxurious villa - 70% of the space is not occupied

A whole wardrobe of clothes -

70% of it is not worn

A whole life of earning -

70% is for other people to use. So we must protect and make full use of our 30%.

Go for medical exams even if you are not sick

Drink more water even if you are not thirsty

Must let go even when you are faced with grave problems

Must give in even if you are in the right.

Must be humble even though you are very powerful.

Must be content

even if you are not rich.

Must exercise even when you are very busy.




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Conversation between man and god

man: I can find no time, life has become hectic

god: activity gets you busy, but productivuty gets you free

man: why has life become so complicated now?

god: stop analyzing life. It complicates it, just live it.

man: why are we constantly unhappy?

god: worrying has become your habit.That is why you are not happy.

man: why do good people always suffer?

god: diamond can not be polisshed without friction, gold can not be purified without fire. Good people go through trials, but do not suffer. With that experience, their life becomes better, not bitter.

man: you mean to say, experience is useful?

god: yes in every term. Experience is a hard teacher, she gives the test first and lessons afterwards.

man: because of so many problems, we do not know where we are heading....

god: if you look outside, you will not know where you are heading. Look inside. Eyes provide sight. Heart provides the way.

man: why does failure hurt more than moving in the right direction?

god: success is a measure as decided by others. Satisfaction is a measure as decided by you.

man: in tough times, how do you stay motivated?

god: always look at how far you have come rather than how far you have to go.

man: what surprises you about people?

god: when they suffer, they ask, why me? when they prosper, they never ask, why me?

man: how can I get the best out of life?

god: face your past without regret, handle your present with confidence, prepare for the future without fear.

man: one last question. Sometimes I feel my prayers are not answered.

god: There are no unanswered prayers. Keep the faith and drop the fear. Life is a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve. Trust me. Life is wonderful if you know how to live.

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What is valuable?

A mud pot having milk in it,

will be ranked higher than a golden pot having poison.

It is not our outer glamour,


our inner virtues,

that make us valuable

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Shukriyaa Waheguru Jee

Jab teri rehmat par

meree nazar jaatee hae,

Mere Rab Jee

meree aahkein bhar aatee hae,

Toon deh rahah hae mujheh

iss kadar

kee hath duaa mein uthne se pehley

jholee bhar jaatee hae.

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A Negative Thought Came To My Mind.

He Wore A Charming Smile

And I Was Sorely Tempted

To Invite Him In Awhile.

And As I Hesitated,

He Tapped Softly On The Door

And Whispered Through The Keyhole

As He'd Often Done Before.

He Said, "I'll Help You Hold Your Grudge,

I'll Help You Sing The Blues,

It Seems Like All Your Folks And Friends

Have Turned Their Backs On You."

He Said, "You've Been Misunderstood,

Mistreated And Maligned.

I'll Help You Cry Your Heart Out

If You'll Let Me Come Inside"

But, I Kept My Windows Fastened

And My Doors Securely Closed,

For I Knew I'd Be The Loser

If I Let Him Take Control

For Negative Thoughts Can Multiply

And Crowd The Positives Out

And Make The Mind A Cesspool

Of Anxiety And Doubt.

And So I Told The Negative Thought

I Could Not Let Him In.

He Went His Way, But I'am Sure

That He'll Return Again.

But No More Will I Greet Him

With A Welcome Or A Smile

And Never Will I Entertain Him

Even For Awhile.

I'll Fill My Mind With Positive Thoughts

And On The Door Install

A Sign Which Reads,


When Negative Comes To Call

For Tho' He Knocks A Thousand Times

And Yet, A Thousand More

He Cannot Dominate My Mind

If I Don't Open The Door.

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God..How Should I Pray Your Way

Please Teach Me, Lord ...

I Want To Know Exactly How To Pray.

I Need Some Words

Which Ones Are Right?

Please Tell Me What To Say.

I've Bowed My Head

I Have Knelt Down,

But ...Should I Be Upright?

I've Closed My Eyes,

I've Bowed My Head<

I've Raised My Hands,

Or ...Should I Fold Them Tight?

Do I Stand Up?

Should I Sit Down?

Dear Lord ... What Do You Like?

Are Lights Turned On

Or Are They Off?

Maybe ...Candle Light?

Wear My Glasses?

Take Them Off?

Be At My Desk Or Table?

Should I Whisper?

Speak Out Loud?

Do I Quote The Bible?

What Do You Think About The Time?

Do You Prefer The Dawn?

Should I Pray Fast,

Or Keep It Slow?

Better Short ... Or Long?

I'm New At This

What Are The Rules?

I Want To Do It Right.

How Do I Know

You'll Even Hear

That I'm In Your Sight?

And While I Sat There Quietly

Waiting For Some Sign,

I Heard A Gentle Voice Say,

"Oh, Dearest Child Of Mine ...

Do You Think I Really Care

About The Time Of Day,

Or Whether You Are Standing Up,

Or Kneeling When You Pray?"

"I Don't Care About Your Posture,

Or About The Place You Choose;

Just Open Up Your Soul To Me,

I Have No Other Rules.

Tell Me What Is In Your Heart,

And Tell Me What You Seek;

Tell Me Of Your Sorrows,

And Of Those Things That Made You Weak."

"Speak To Me In Private

About What Concerns You Most

My Child, You Don't Need Lessons,

Just Talk To Me Each Day;

Tell Me Anything You Want, Dear Child,

Anyone Can Pray."

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Saluting Woman hood.

lifetime of a boy to man..!!

I was born,...

A woman was there to hold me..

My mother !

I grew as a child....

A woman was there to care for

me & play with me..

My sister !

I went to school,...

A woman was there to help me learn..

My teacher !

I became depressed whenever I lost,...

A woman was there to offer me her shoulder..

My friendn !

I needed company, compatibility & love...

A great woman was there for me..

My wife !

I became tough,...

A woman was there to melt me ..

My daughter !

When i die,...

A woman is there to absorb me in..

My motherland !

If you are a Man,

Value Every Woman

If you are a Woman,

Be proud to be one

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Stay Away From Anger.. It Hurts ..Only You!

If You Are Right Then There Is No Need To Get Angry,

And If You Are Wrong Then You Don't Have Any Right To Get Angry.

Patience With Family Is Love,

Patience With Others Is Respect.

Patience With Self Is Confidence

Patience With God Is Faith.

Never Think Hard About The Past, It Brings Tears...

Don't Think More About The Future, It Brings Fear...

Live This Moment With A Smile, It Brings Cheer.

Every Test In Our Life Makes Us Bitter Or Better,

Every Problem Comes To Make Us Or Break Us,

The Choice Is Ours Whether We Become Victims Or Victorious.

Beautiful Things Are Not Always Good, But Good Things Are Always Beautiful.

Do You Know Why God Created Gaps Between Our Fingers?

So That Someone Who Is Special To You Comes And Fills Those Gaps By Holding Your

Hand Forever.

Happiness Keeps You Sweet..But Being Sweet Brings Happiness.

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A Wealthy Man Was Walking, Along The Way, He Saw A Beggar On The Sidewalk.

The Rich Man Looked Kindly On The Beggar And Asked, "How Did You Become A Beggar?."

The Beggar Says. " Sir I've Been Looking And Applying For Jobs For Over A Year, But Haven't

Found Any."..

"You Look Like A Rich Man Sir, If You'll Give Me A Job, I'll Appreciate And Stop Begging".

The Rich Man Smiled And Said, "I Want To Help You, But I Won't Give You A Job. I'll Do

Something Much Better. I Will Make You My Business Partner. Let's Start A Business Together."

The Beggar Blinked Hard. He Could Not Understand What The Older Man Was Saying.

"What Do You Mean, Sir?."

"I Own A Rice Plantation. You Could Sell My Rice In The Market. I Will Provide You The Sacks

Of Rice. I Will Pay The Rent For The Market Stall. I Will Even Give You Food Allowance For The

Next 30 Days. All You Have To Do Is Sell My Rice. At The End Of Each Month, As Business

Partners, We Will Share The Profits."

Tears Of Joy Rolled Down The Beggars Cheeks.

"Oh Sir", He Said, "You're A Gift From Heaven. You're The Answer To My Prayers. Thank You, Thank You !."

He Then Paused And Said, "Sir, How Will We Divide The Profits? Do I Keep 10% And Give You

90%? Or Do I Retain 5% And Give You 95%?..I Will Be Happy With Any Arrangement We Agree


The Rich Man Shook His Head And Chuckled.

"No, I Want You To Give Me The 10% Of The Profits, And You Keep The 90%."

For A Moment The Beggar Could Not Speak. When He Tried To Speak, It Was Gibberish.

"Uh, Gee, Uh Wow.., I Mean Hug..?"

He Couldn't Believe His Ears. The Deal Was Too Preposterous.

The Rich Man Laughed More Loudly, Then Explained, "I Don't Need The Money, My Friend.

I'm Already Wealthy Beyond What You Can Ever Imagine. I Want You To Give Me 10% Of The

Profits, So You Grow In Faithfulness And Gratitude."

The Beggar Knelt Down Before His Benefactor And Said, " Yes Sir, I Will Do As You Say. Even

Now, I'm So Grateful For What You've Done For Me."

And So They Commenced Their Partnership.

As The Business Grew, The Beggar Forgot Where The Blessing Came From..

Each Day, The Beggar, Now Dressed Better, Operated A Store Selling Rice In The Market.

He Worked very Hard. He Woke Up Early Each Morning And Slept Late At Night.

The Sales Were Brisk Because The Rice Was Of Good Quality.

After 30 Days Into It, The Profits Were Astounding.

As The Ex-Beggar Was Counting The Money, And Liking The Feel Of Money In His Hands, An Idea Stuck His Mind.

He Told Himself, "Gee, Why Should I Give 10% To My Business Partner?, I Didn't See Him The

Whole Month ! I Have Been The One Working From Morning Into Night For This Venture. I Did

All The Work. I Deserve 100% Profits!."

The Next Morning The Rich Man Came Knocking On His Door To Collect His 10% Share Of The Profits.

The Ex-Beggar Opened The Door And Said, “You Don't Deserve The 10%. I Worked Hard For This. I Think I Deserve All Of It!”, And He Slammed The Door.

If You Were His Business Partner, How Would You Feel?

Dear, This Is Exactly What Happens To Us…

God Gave Us Everything, God Is Our Business Partner

God Gave Us Life. Every Single Moment, Every Single Breath, Every Single Second…

God Gave Us Talent, Ability To Talk, To Create, To Earn Money…

God Gave Us A Body, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Hands, Feet, Heart…

God Gave Us A Mind, Imagination, Emotions, Reasoning, Language..

So We Need To Give Back Our Business Partner Something In Return...

In What-So-Ever Way We Can..!!

And the simplest way is, to give Him some time of our day everyday, in His remeberance ....with that, He is more than satisfied.

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Needed Urgently

An Electrician..

To Restore The Current Between People That Do Not Speak To Each Other Anymore.

An Optician..

To Change The Outlook Of People.

An Artist..

To Draw A Smile On Everyone's Face.

A Construction Worker..

To Build Peace.

A Gardener..

To Cultivate Good Thoughts.

And Last But Not Least A Maths Teacher..

For Us To Relearn How To Count On Each Other.

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The Paradoxical Commandments.

People Are Illogical, Unreasonable And Self-Centered.

Love Them Anyway..

If You Do Good, People Will Accuse You Of Selfish, Ulterior Motives.

Do Good Anyway..

If You Are Successful, You Win False Friends And True Enemies.

Succeed Anyway..

The Good You Do Today Will Be Forgotten Tomorrow.

Do Good Anyway..

Honesty And Frankness Make You Vulnerable.

Be Honest And Frank Anyway..

The Biggest Persons With The Biggest Ideas

Can Be Shot Down By The SmallestPersons With The Smallest Minds.

Think Big Anyway..

People Favor Underdogs But Follow Only Top Dogs.

Fight For A Few Underdogs Anyway..

What You Spend Years Building May Be Destroyed Overnight.

Build Anyway..

People Really Need Help, But May Attack You If You Do Help Them.

Help Them Anyway..

Give The World The Best You Have And You'll Get Kicked In The Teeth.

Give The World The Best You Have Anyway..!

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We all know what is snow.

Snow can fall at any place, at any time, provided the climatological conditions are present in the atmosphere.

Not just by wanting snow or talking about it, the snow is going to fall

Nobody from any corner of the world can ever say, my snow is better than the one falling on the other side. It would be a foolish and senseless argument, just as diiferent people of different religions do, claiming my religion, my god is better and superior than yours..... Poor ignorants, if only they knew, what they are talking about by personal experience....surely there would be no such disputes and stupid violence.

In a similar way, that Supreme Being, namely Wahiguru, does manifest Himself in any wadbhagee´s heart, if only, it gathers the required conditions for it, like unconditional love and devotion, as per means of Nam Simran.

And this manifesting Him in our heart, has to be done by each one of us. Nature has provided us with the necessary aids for that purpose.

It is not possible to say, come take this snow from me .... maybe at a physical level, this can be done, but on a spiritual level, this is not possible, each jeeva, each soul, has to conscioussly create those climatologicaly devotional conditions within them, so that, that Supreme Being Nirankar, Wahiguru Akal Purukh, manifests Himself in that particular blessed heart, just as a snowfall.

Sat Sree Akal

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God is the best listener.

You do not need to shout.

Because He hears, even the silent prayer,

of a sincere heart

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Holding Guru´s hand

Guru ka hath pakarne ke bajey,

apna haath Guru ko pakadna do


hum Guru ka haath galtee seh chhod sakte hae


Guru haath pakrega


Guru kabee nahee chhorega


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A story of manmukhta

Once a jew, was praying to God.

God appeared and said: tell me son, what can I do for you?

The jew said: I have a couple of questions to ask you.

God: ok, go on

jew: Lord, what is one million years to you?

God: well just one second

jew: and one million dollars?

God: well, just one cent.

jew: so can I ask you to give me one million dollars?

God: fine, just wait a second.

Moral of the story: though, it is a joke upon the money minded character of the jews, in the bottom of it, it is related somehow to most of us manmukhs; that even while dealing with Him, we do not only try to live in His will, but rather we even try be oversmart wih Him...the Highest

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Something on lobh or greed ...

Whether you have a Maruti or a BMW, the road remains the same.

Whether you travel economy class or business, your destination doesn't change.

Whether you have a Titan or a Rolex, the time is the same.

Whether you have apple samsung or lava, people who call you remain the same

There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life.

What needs to be taken care of is to not let the NEED become GREED.

Because needs can always be met..

but greed can never be fulfilled.

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A lesson about life...

I used to go to the temple with my grandma.

The temple had flights of stairs. I used to ask her why can't they build the temple on the ground?

Why do you have to climb the stairs at each and everyday temple?

The answer she gave me was interesting, she said you need to rise above your level to reach God.

Each step in those stairs is a reminder that you are rising above your level in terms of your envy, your greed, anger, ego and all evil parts of your life.

It also suggests that you have to climb the steps one by one, you can't just jump off from first step to the last step.

That is the cycle of life, once you conquer these aspects you reach towards your inner core self.

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A pledege of the soul: Rise, O moon

Rise , O moon,

and spread your Light across the heavens,

the stars remeber you in silent prayers,

their hearts glimmering with hope.

Now like beggars,

we roam the alleways of earthly life,

when once one in our Homeland,

we were merchants of rubies.

O, may no one ever have to leave his own home,

for one is not worth a piece of straw

in this alien land!

They need not clap their hands

to startle us out of this world, O Bahu

we are already disposed to fly back

to our long lost Home.

Rise, O Moon, and spread your Light

They are all fondly talking of You !

Even if thousands of moons like you, were to rise,

without my Friend I would still be in utter darkness.

Hazrat Sultan Bahu

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Spiritual awareness is cultivtated through deliberate practice, and only those who have understood the need for this kind of true, inner , self respect, will make the effort.

Difficulties will arise to test our resolve for self upliftment, physicall illness, relationships, memories of the past, and so on.

Yet with patience and introspection, one will come to see, how these very tests are the means to strenghthen our spiritual identity and nature.

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