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This is actually a mma organization like the ufc but they are based in Russia... A person basically needs to know how to sword fight. It does not matter if its shastar vidiya or kali/Silat/ Arnis or European sword fighting or Japanese sword fighting.. It's basically the same principle as mma.. Whichever style wins... But you need armor for obvious reasons..

If a sikh was gonna fight the armour what they would need is a chola then chain mail then char aina plate armour and then metal braces and gauntlets and shin armour... The helmet that could be used could be the style of maharaja ranjit Singhs style helmet with a few modifications... I'll post a few pics up

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This is European medieval martial arts in toronto... Me and you should go n3o ;)

Lol I'd join you guys just for the hell of it. But I would instead love to see pure Indian martial arts go up against European.






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8 hours ago, Soulfinder said:

Very good find

Thanks for bringing up this topic.

@Singh123456777 - Singh, please change the name of this topic to like "Martial Arts" or something like that. Then, it is possible that more people will find and go through this topic.


Bhul chuk maaf

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