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Kirtan Seva - Evolution of Kirtan

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Waheguru Jio Ji, if you want to participate in a small and meaningful seva that is built only on the belief that love and sweetness has the power to change the world for the better and give meaning to peoples lives - please check out, support and share this on your Facebook. If you would like to donate, then thats awesome. I dont think a lot of people realise the value of these virle jewels within the Panth. Bhai Manpreet Singh Ji finds new and meaningful shabads every week (which most people havent heard) and prepares music to accompany them. He is a true gem and I hope we can do this seva together. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


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I am unsure who Bhai Manpreet Singh is. But it was strange to read your title of Evolution of Kirtan as there has been a really bad devolution of kirtan after Guru jis times, starting during British Raaj times.

The harmonium has been the greatest devolution, and then those sikhs who ignore the Guru's Raags and turn kirtan into a bollywood/bhangra dance show. The naamdharis seem to be doing a better job of preserving Guru jis kirtan than what mainstream sikh panth is at present.

I found one Bhai Manpreet Singh on Youtube, which one are you referring to and can you explain further how he has evolved kirtan? Also I don;t understand how he prepares music to accompany the shabads, does he not use the gurmat way of raag kirtan which Guru jis have already prepared for these shabads?


Would like to find out more?

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Actually I found your guy, is it Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri, just checked your FB profile?


IF you have actual pyaar for Guru's kirtan then why not preserve Gurmat Raag Sangeet, Tanti Saaj.


I just saw those videos and that kirtan is even less gurmat than the kirtan I see in regular kirtan. It's like they are at a dance show. This is devolution of kirtan!!!


IF you have pyaar, then respect Guru ji's instruments like Saranga, dilruba, Taos, Rabab. This harmonium and disco stuff isn't gurmat, I like to call it manmat. Please stop devolving Guru ji's kirtan, please find out more about gurmat sangeet, my benti to you!!!!

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