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Please listen to Gyani Thakur Singh jee narrating an anecdote from the life of Srimaan Sant Baba Ajit Singh jee Hansaliwale..

Please listen after 18:00 min:



Bhul chuk maaf

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Nice Katha thx for sharing paaji 

Please allow stupid das here to tell sakhi abt  why mahapurkh do bhakti after brahmgian 

I tried but can't stop writing lol XD please accept apologies sat sangat g!!!

This starts from days of Guru Nanak Dev g 

Baba Buddha g used  to visit diwan of Guru g (Guru Nanak Dev g ) 

They used to come early  before anybody 

And they used to go home late (they were last ones to go back to home)

This continues ...continues...

Baba Buddha g were regular they never took break

no matter what happens

Well then one day a time came 

Diwan was going on...

Guru Nanak g were waiting for Baba Buddha g arrival but they didn't come 

On afternoon Guru g sent a Sikh to Baba Buddha g 

As Sikh reached Baba Buddha g home they saw that Baba Buddha g were still sleeping 

Sikh told Baba Buddha g that Guru g is calling them 

Baba Buddha g reached Guru g at once 


Guru g noticed that Baba Buddha g didn't even bath

ocean  of humility smiled with their beautiful shinning face 

And asked Baba g why they didn't come to diwan 

Baba g replied while asking 

That" is it still necessary??? ( Baba g had reached Brahm giani stage) 

Guru g smiled again replied "bhai " 

Guru g told baba g that 

(Lol don't completely recall exact 100% words but here is what Guru g told )

It is not necessary for Brahmgiani to do Bhakti 

But it is still important coz if we were to stop bhakti 

What will we teach our sikhs 

We cant  just teach them theory 

They need practical too 

Guru g told that they  are role models of sikhs

If we do this and stopped ..others will stop too 

There chanchal Mann already don't want to do bhakti 

We have to keep doing for others sake



Well all gurus didn't need to do bhakti but they had to do it for us 

They don't just teach theory but also do practical 

Otherwise why would Guru g had to follow rules 

Why Guru Gobind Singh g got Baptized???


One more  sakhi I remember 

Of how Guru ji does practical and then turns up for testing Gursikhs


Well u already know that stupid chandu

Got Guru g arrested 

But Guru ji were in Anand 

Well they were being tortured by chandu

But lord of Grace didn't even say single sigh 

And rather sang praises to God 

Well then Sikhs came 

They were totally in bad state seeing Guru ji on tatti tavi

They wanted to  attain shaheedi with Guru g 

But Guru g stopped them 

Guru g told them that they are teaching them how to sacrifice life for truth 

They should watch and learn for nw

A time will come when we will take ur prikhya ( test) to see if they learned what Guru g taught them 


And that time came soon 

Guru Teg bahadur g took test 

And Bhai Mati Das, Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dayala, took test and were successful they were first Sikhs to attain martyr and create an example for useless Person like me lol XD

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Brahamgyani do Naam Simran, as they have realized it, as the only means at our human level, to catch hold of the divine melodies which arise out, from that Anahad Shabad, Aad Shabad, Satnam, Wahiguru Akal Purukh.

In this polluted creation, Naam Simran is as good as breathing Truth, which is the sustainer of all jeevas, whether that jeeva is a theif, a dacoit, a sinner, or even a sadhu, a sant, or a mahatma...that is the mahanta of Naam, and its Simran.




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