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54 minutes ago, Guest guest said:

im not trying to be funny, but that i think that that description is really quite beautiful, and as a man, i would totally follow that religion^.  im serious.

Yeaaaah right. No man would ever want to be in that religion. There were Goddess religions prior to agrarian society. Men stomped the idea of the feminine divine out long ago (along with women's will and equality).  And even though Sikhi does address both masculine and feminine in God as SGGSJ mentions both aspects, how do most Sikhs still refer to Waheguru Ji? As 'he' even though God is supposed to be formless and genderless. 

Mand to the other guest I don't think it has to do with racism. One of them said before on here that Amrit took away skin colour and caste but it didn't remove gender. So it's obviously a deep rooted disdain for female gender. 

Jasper Ji thanks for the alternate all female version of Sikhi, but I would actually prefer a version where both males and females play key roles. I don't think it should be either one dominating it. And I don't think either one should be forced into shadow. But yes I can't see how any Singh seriously contemplating that can not see how it affects us after that. It paints a pretty bleak picture. At the very least I hope they go home and say sorry to their Moms and sisters for what they have to endure.

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