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Tina Kaur Bains

Practice of Nitnem & Simran

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WJKK WJKF  virtual sadh sangat jee, please can you help share your experiences around,  those days that you do full nitnem (5 banis am, rehraas sahib, kirtan sohali) versus days that you do not ?

As with diwali, guy fawks, gur purab celebrations the indian home has been full - so I manged to miss some bani reading of nitnem. The weirdest thing, the whole day as I sat with guests/family doing what needed to be done - my heart raced double time as as I multi tasked chanting Wa He Gu Ru mantra - I concentrated internally more on the mantra as I felt guilty for missing some nitnem. And my surroundings did feel a noor around them.

Paradox, when I do manage to do full nitnem - egotistically feel "good" for doing full paath. When we know that bani is beyant to fully understand and apply.

Basically, it seems ego increases if full nitnem done (feeling superior since accomplished a semi defined goal) whilst simran saas saas per prana is just as challenging but doesn't allow ego to creep in as, its not humanly possible to simar per nano second (as humans we are incapable).

Bhul Chuk Maaf Karna Mere Waheguru


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