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Jagtar Singh Jaggi Petition

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Please consider signing this petition and spreading awareness about it on social media. Jaggi runs the neverforget84.com website and has been picked up by ravan sena aka panjab police about a month ago. Respect to this brother who has done so much in keeping the information of 1984 accessible for the wider public.

UK govt as usual is showing how weak they are in assisting british citizens of colour abroad.



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Any updates on jagtar singh jaggi case? I signed petition when it first came out. I have feeling he should be released soon as international pressure is been mounting on GOI. I think CDN politicans from all political stripes bought up this issue with UK.

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I think Jaggi is at the mercy of the Punjab police and their political and legal system.

The way they are conducting this investigation it is becoming more and more obvious they have no intention of releasing him anytime soon. For each case they try to pin on him, police have up to 15 days to question him after which time he must be sent into judicial custody. Police then have up to 90 days to which to prepare a case and press charges or he must be released for that case. The way the police are systematically keeping him in their custody by starting a new case every time one judicial remand starts just shows they intend to harass him for some time to come.

It doesn't look very hopeful that the Foreign Commonwealth Office can do much. According to their website it looks like they can't do jack as it is not their jurisdiction to interfere in another countries legal system as flawed as it maybe.

I was surprised to learn that he is not even entitled to have legal representation during questioning. His solicitor only meets him for 1 hour each day.

What the FCO and British consulate can’t do

The FCO and British consulate won’t be able to:

  • get you out of prison or detention
  • help you get special treatment
  • offer legal advice, start legal proceedings or investigate a crime
  • pay for any costs as a result of being arrested
  • forward packages sent by friends or family to you
  • prevent authorities from deporting you after release
  • get involved if you are a dual national and are arrested in a country for which you hold a valid passport, unless there’s a special humanitarian reason to do so


PS. Welcome back N30.


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On 12/12/2017 at 2:49 PM, sarabatam said:

I think CDN politicans from all political stripes bought up this issue with UK.


One of the MInisters from the UK governement told MP's "the indian govt takes allegations of torture very seriously, as does the british govt."


When he said that, my immediate thought was that the uk govt may as well give up Jaggis case. If they are prepared to lie like that, or be unbelievably gullible then they will be of no help at all.

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