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30,000 jaap of a shabad

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20 minutes ago, Kaju said:

How many jaaps do I need of a shabad to obtain the sidhi? Would I start to see the effects when I reach 30,000 Jaaps with concentration?

Its usually 125000 jaap of a shabad or mantar to do get a sidhi of the jaap.


Also needed is sucham like clean clothes one fixed time and keshi ishan for doing this sort of jaap sidhi.


But sometimes they can also backfire as well so its best to do it under a mahapursh or someone who has done sidhi before.

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24 minutes ago, Kaju said:

So, until I don't do 125,000 jaaps, I won't see any benefits from the jaap? 

You should see something before it finishes the jaap or after its done.


But i remember hearing in katha how a gursikh did sava lakh mool mantar 3 times to get darshan of Guru Sahib Ji.

The reason why he was 3rd time luckly was cos the first sava lakh cleared his past life karam of killing someone. 2nd time sava lakh cleared his account of another paap he did. And thats why 3rd time he was luckly when asked why his 3rd time jaap worked and not 1st time.


Another saakhi i remember from Sant Harnam Singh Jis jeevani is they did had started 32 malas of sir mastak rakhiya shabad for their relatives health and just a few days after starting the jaap sant ji were visted by shaheed singhs who question baba ji and told baba ji why that relative was suffering for. But on the 40th of the sava lakh jaap everything was good the health was back to normal and it worked.


23 minutes ago, Kaju said:

Or does maharaj show kirpa in the process and it's just encouraged to complete the 125,000 jaap?

Its always encouraged to do at least 125,000 from what i heard in katha and read in Sant Harnam Singh Ji Rampurkhera Wale jeevani.


I have heard that gyani thakur singh mentioned that some gursikhs have done 13 lakh jaap of brahm kavach and they have a lot of kirpa.

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3 hours ago, jaikaara said:

i personally feel that just like there are some degrees which are not achieved just by doing study for hours for eg. say if you study for 8 hours a day it still doesn't guarantee that you would be a doctor. Similarly numbers of Jaap cannot guarantee that you would be a sidh. It is still considered as a abhyas. 

The Kathakaars give those examples since they want to inspire the sangat to be engrossed in Naam. Someone who does Jaap abhyaas would be lost in meditation and would lose the count. Naam Ras gives you peace and tranquil, you stop worrying about things happening around. Who will count for you ? The Jaap is nirantar inside...you will want to lose count. 

Siddhis come and are a blessing of Akaal. However i personally feel that energy will only reside in that body that can hold it. There are peoople who may start seeing things and predicting future but then along with these capabilities comes haume, arrogance. This arrogance kills abhyas with time. 


So rather than focussing on magic , i personally want to request you to focus on abhyaas. Let Parmatma be the decision maker, He always is , but as for now we feel we would do so and so and we would become so and so. 


My 2 cents bro, Waheguru Ang Sang Sahaai.  

Totally awesome veer ji.

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