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Diljeet Grewal, 28 - Rapist is jailed for 15 years after attacking his victim in her home at knifepoint in two-hour ordeal

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  • Diljeet Grewal, 28, had arranged to meet his victim at her home in north London
  • As he opened the door he produced a knife and raped her in two-hour attack 
  • Jailed for 15 years for rape and aggravated burglary at Isleworth Crown Court 





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I have to ask:

What does kesh mean to someone like this? 

Why do they keep it?  

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1 hour ago, dalsingh101 said:

I have to ask:

Q1) What does kesh mean to someone like this? 

Q2) Why do they keep it?  

* Very good points Veer Jee.


A1) It is obvious, it means nothing to someone like this fellow.

A2)  They keep it as a matter of tradition only, because they are born in a sikh family.  

You know what, the snake also changes several times its skin, yet the poison is very much within untouched. 

It is a very good sign, if one has in account sikh values by tself, for it shows courage, faith and respect. But all that is futile, when the mind attacks the jeeva. we are all under the influence of mind, some less, some more, but nobody is free from the negative enforcement of the mind, through the vikars....

None can ever overcome the evil tendencies of the mind, howsoever very subtle.

Guru Jee tiredlessly emphasizes Bhakti to vanquish the mind, once and forever :

Prabh ka simran, man kee mael jae.

Sarab rog ka aukhad Nam.

Avar kaaj tere kitay na kaam, mil Sadh sangat, bhaj kewal Nam.

We are so engrossed and busy paying attention, in cleaning and washing the outer body, which we think is our true self, that we tend to forget our true spiritual nature as soul/ jeev atma.

It is something like as for example, if our computer is infected with viruses/trojans, what will happen if we only use outer products, to clean and polish the hardware outside? 

The internal malware / infection is still very much there....

We need to use an antivirus cleaner /software, at the same internal level where the viruses are located, in order to desinfect that malware/viruses ....

And that internal software which cleanses us from all our past karmas, sins, vikars, abosolutely everything.....is none other than His Bhakti as per Gurbani.


Stay blessed.



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