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Coronavirus - Covid 19

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We all need to get together make fresh degh after kesi ishaan then start Bramh Kavach Jaap malas for chardikala for the world as this virus is wrecking everything for everyone at a all time high now especially as gurdwaras are not opening now which is making it worse now.

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Just reread through this thread and I'm glad I did, because it reminded me to try and following my own advice within. 

Lockdown can be tough mentally. Have to keep spirits up in various ways, keep busy. Keep intellectually active too. Relaxed too! Which isn't easy sometimes. 

Simran absolutely, most definitely helps, and might even be one of the key ways of coping/stress management for some. Personally speaking, I think that those who have had some experience and regular practice with naam simran most certainly will benefit from the aspect of stilling of the mind, and allowing thought flows to dissipate. 

Spoke to younger relative who feels they have had the virus symptoms for the past 10/12 days. Some of the early symptoms he described are ones we would have heard about. But he said that the first noticeable symptom was an increase in fever (not a cough). This virus seems to present itself in a variety of ways in people - which maybe shouldn't be too much of a shock given the obvious biological uniquenesses between us - including our immune system functioning. Also, we would do well to remember that viruses mutate which could also help explain differences in observed symptoms. 

Nephew told me he's felt better in the last 2 days, although deep breathing is difficult if not impossible. After his symptoms started, an increase in coughing and phlegm took place. The breathing difficulties often increased to debilitating bouts where people may have to seriously confront their own mortality. 

His suggested strategy for coping mainly involved keeping the air passages decongested, addhak (ginger) chaa with nimbhu (lemon) and honey lots of hot drinks advised. Paracetamol too. His diet would be solely vegetarian at the moment, and no alcohol.  


My dharam. My shardaa. Let my chit just be solely focused on that - because, if I believe: what more have I got to carry me over this world ocean and through to the next. 

Dukh daru sukh rog. 


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Here's a blog of someone who was looking after their asthmatic husband who contracted the virus:



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