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I have heard someone talking about this literature here . Please give your feedback as a Sikh if it's worth reading? I mean close to our school of thought. I came across this in another forum and found it interesting- pasting as it is from Quora. Pls suggest if I should go about reading this further


Sat Sri Akal


My favorite meditation is doing nothing at all.

This is the meditation of absolute stillness.

The technique?

Sit quietly.

Don’t do anything.

Don’t try to make anything different than it is.

We’re so used to doing that it doesn’t seem like we know how to stop.

Well-meaning people say:

“Follow your breath.

Be mindful of sensations.”

The doer now has a serious job it can do well or mess up.

People used to ask Ramana Maharshi what they should do to get enlightened.

He’d tell them they should reject the notion that they’re not enlightened already.

“How do we do that?” they’d ask.

“Look for the one who seeks enlightenment,” he’d say.

They looked diligently for the seeker, but couldn’t find him.

Ramana would then say: “Abide in that state.”

You look for the obstruction, but you can’t find it.

You can’t find whatever is holding you back because it doesn’t exist.

We’re always one thought away from stillness and peace.

“I have to find stillness and peace,” is that thought.

Let it go, and you will see you’re already there.


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