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ARDAAS (Simplified Eng. Translation)

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ik onkar, waheguru ji ki fateh

O formless One. Victory be to the wonderful Lord

sri bhagauti ji sahaye

May the Divine spirit help us

vaar sri bhagauti ji ki patshahi dasme

We recite Vaar Shri Bhagauti Ji ki by the tenth Guru (Guru Gobind Singh)

paritham bha-gauti simar ke, gur nanak le-yee dhi-aaye

To begin with we remember the Divine Spirit and we think of Guru Nanak.

pher angad gur, te amar das, ram das hoe sahaye

Then we pray for the blessings of Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das and Guru Ram Das.

arjan, hargobind no, simro sri har rai

We also remember Guru Arjan, Guru Hargobind and Guru Har Rai.

sri har krishan dhi-aayai, jis dit-he sabh dukh jaa-eh

Let us think of Guru Harkrishan whose sight gets rid of all sorrows

tegh bahadar sim-reyai, ghar nau nidh-aavai dha-eh

Let us remember Guru Tegh Bahadar and the nice treasures of life will come to our homes

sabh thaa-ee hoe sahaye

May God and the Gurus help us everywhere.

patshah sri guru gobind singh ji maharaj, sabh thaa-ee hoe sahaye

May the Tenth Master Guru Gobind Singh help us everywhere.

dasaa patshahian di joth, sri guru granth sahib ji de paat deedaar da dhian dhar ke bolo ji: waheguru!

Turn your thoughts to the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib in which, is enshrined the spirit of the Ten Gurus and say: Waheguru

Remember the Panj Piare - the Five Beloved Ones

Remember the four Sahibzade - sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Remember the Chaalee Mukte - forty redeemed Ones

And remember those who remained strong in suffering; always remembered God, Those who gave up worldly pleasures; Those who worshipped on the Name of God, shared their earning with others, fed the hungry, protected the weak with their sword, saw other’s faults but overlooked them.

Think of the good actions of all such pure and true devotees, O respected Khalsa Ji say: Waheguru!

Remember those Singh and Singhnian who sacrificed their lives for religion, Those who underwent sufferings of being cut to pieces from join to joint, scalped alive, who were broken into pieces on rotating wheels, sawed alive; who made sacrifices to protect the honour of Gurdware;

Remember the achievements of those brave Sikhs who never gave up their faith and remained strong in the cause of Sikhi to the last hair on their bodies and to the last breath. O Khalsa Ji say: Waheguru!

Think of the Panj Takhat – the five seats of power in Sikhi and all the other Gurdware and say: Waheguru!

Now, the prayer of the whole Khalsa is: “Let the entire Khalsa remember in their mind the Name: Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru.”

Then through this, let everyone be happy.

Grant them the power to feed the hungry, protect the helpless and give them victory; May the royal title of the Khalsa be known throughout the world and honoured; May the be the Panth be victorious in all things it does; By the blessings of the Lord, may the Order of the Khalsa achieve ever expanding progress; And say: Waheguru!

Grant the Sikhs, the gift of Sikhi, the gift of keeping our Kesh – uncut hair, the gift of discipline, the gift of knowledge, the gift of confidence, the gift of faith and biggest gift of Naam – God’s Name. Also the gift of taking a dip in the Holy Tank at Amritsar

May the Sikh choirs, banners and mansions remain forever and ever; May justice triumph; say: Waheguru!

May the minds of Sikhs be humble and may their wisdom and knowledge be high; Waheguru, you are the protector of wisdom.

Waheguru Ji, you are always the Helper of the Panth, kindly bless us with the gift of visiting freely, doing sewa and the control of the Gurdwara of Nankana Sahib and all other Gurdware, which the Panth has been deprived of.

O True Father, Waheguru! The honour of the meek, shelter of the shelterless and the helper of the helpless, we pray to you that… [reason for Ardaas]

Kindly excuse our errors and faults while reciting Gurbani and doing Ardaas.

Kindly fulfil the needs of everyone.

Kindly give us the company of those Godly people who always remember You.

nanak naam chardikala, tere bhaane sarbat da bhala

Nanak, may the Name of God flourish and everyone prosper by your blessings

waheguru ji ka khalsa

the khalsa is the almighty’s

waheguru ji ki fateh!

the victory is the almighty’s

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