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Puratan Rare Collections Of Pics - Budda Dal Nihang Singhs

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On 4/26/2004 at 8:17 PM, Guest said:

:!: First of all, i like the viewers to know this pictures are precious as it was someone's personal collection. Any kind of altering of this pictures in anyway will result lawful action by author of these pictures. You may use these pictures in your web site without any kind of alteration. :!:


Enjoy the Pictures Sangat Ji:


Siri Guroo Granth Sahib Ji, Dasam Granth Sahib Ji & Sarbloh Granth Prakash at Budda Dal.




Shrimoni Baba Kharak Singh Ji doing Chatka with one awesome best blow







Budda Dal Nihangi with dastar...wearing it with pride (People who call bibi who wear dastar as 3rd gender should get your brain fixed)




Hazoori Raagi At Budda dal awesome best pose.




Hazoori Raagi At Budda dal awesome best pose 2.





Shirimoni Akaali 96 Crore Budda Dal Jathedar Santa Singh Ji looking at the shastar.




Nihang Gurmant Singh ji, Toronto receiving honory robe from Jathedar Santa Singh Ji of Budda Dal



Jathedar 2nd Hand Command of Budda Dal baba Surjit Singh Ji




Nihang Preparing Sukha




Jathedar 2nd Hand Command of Budda Dal baba Surjit Singh Ji with Nihang Gurmant Singh ji budda dal , toronto




Want some sukha?? 😉




Tyar Bar-Tyar Singhs at budda dal Headquaters at damdama Sahib





Any chance of getting these pictures back up? 

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