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Love at first sight?

Does love at first sight exist?  

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Secondly, claiming that one was inspired to embrace a religion based on a picture or drawing IS stupid. What if archeological findings prove that Guru Gobind Singh ji was physically defect in some way.
Firstly, you are no one to draw the line as to what restrictions lie on love for Guruji. Secondly, your definition of "stupid" is different from everyone else on this forum. Just like I fit your definition, you could very well fit into those of many others. Thirdly, any true loving Sikh of Guruji will not say anything about Guruji being physically defective. But as I mentioned, everyone has their own kind of love for Guruji. If thats the kind of "love" you have for Him, well...no comments.

And by the way...I have seen loads of really beautiful pictures of Hindu gods/goddesses as a Hindu. Your question "if you see a painting of Christ, will you become a Christian?" is not pointless but brainless. Guruji has His own unique ways of drawing people to Him. Are you going to ask Him to follow your "standards"? A child who has never seen his father and finds Him finally will never look upon anyone else as his father. Since you don't even know me, I don't think you are anyone to pass any judgement about the way I came into or follow Sikhi. People like you are really good at discouraging others (which is exactly what you are doing here) from following Sikhi. And for your information, I don't worship the pictures of Gurus, hell I don't even have them for like 2 months now. Guess what! I didn't fall in love with any other picture!

When I posted that picture, all that was intended was to make a point that 1 : Guruji can draw you to Him in any way, there is no standard way! And 2 : Love at first sight in the case of Guruji occurs, any way/mode of love is possible with Guruji, no restrictions whatsoever. If someone doesn't love Guruji the way you do doesn't mean they don't love Him, or don't love Him enough. But then again, you are gonna judge them as "stupid" according to your "wise" standards! How "Sikh" of you to do that! Bravo!

Try to get injected with some love and tolerance/acceptance, something thats always made to be a big deal out here.

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You can go to a devout Christian and tell him on his face that Jesus is a liar and he will still behave in an examplary manner, will still call you a brother and debate with you with civility. You will almost never find that attitude or humility among todays Sikhs for we are too busy judging others and losing or heads over trivial and petty issues.

Hi Jamuka :D,

For a change, I totally agree with your above part of your post but if you read your posts above, you would realise that you are resorting to personal attacks on members... so you are raising a valid in a post quoted above and in the same breath and same post you are nullifying its effect... if we have realised that humilty is the best way to earn friends then lets was show it in our posts...

I am really surprised to see how these self proclaimed freethinkers behave in general. They would regard any religion and philosophy in such a demeaning way that it makes me feel that freethinkers are only meant to ridicule or critise other faiths and philosophies.

In fact, criticising the faith of others has literally become a Religion for "freethinkers" and "free thinkers".

Sorry for being offtopic

Best Regards

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jammy... the "hope you learnt your lesson" was for mehtab..not for you...

secondly... freedom of speech does not mean freedom to insult, condescend and judge... i don't see how you equate the two.

"stupid", for example, is not exactly the greatest way to debate.... i dunno if you were "Testing" us, by insulting mehtab veerji to see if we would "react like a christian"... but the point is what you said wasn't put across properly either...

secondly, "mehtab wanted to pass that off as fact", regarding his love at first sight at the picture of guruji. that IS fact... it happened to him, he didn't talk about anyone else.. he said "I experienced love at first sight when i saw this picture".... that is fact, because he insists that this was his experience.. and thus for him, it IS fact... denouncing anothers experiences isn't debating, that's insulting!

as sikhiphilosphy said, you raise valid points, but they're marred by your insults.... what's the use then... in the same way, you are the Sikh you describe me to be... at the very face of criticism or a different thought process, it becomes "stupid".

and again, the question is this: who says mehtba didn't fall in love with a beauty that transcends the physical realm? what if, in the picture, he didn't just see a beautiful person, but a beautiful message? then what... is he SEEING things, then? are you gonna call him CRAZY? maybe PSYCHO?

anywhoo.. i've said my piece..... assuming you're still in mass disagreement with whatever it is we're arguing about.... agree to disagree.. no use having arguement in a life already filled with hate.

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haven't read the rest of the thread... but i just wondered... is it possible for a blind person to fall in love at first sight?

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Without your death, Love cannot happen. If at a glance you die, it will be that love that will kill you. If 'you' still are, then the love is still not 100%. So yes you can fall in love at a glance, Enlightenment happens in not a gradual process. rather it is an explosion. As Love will be an explosion and then only the lover is left.....'you' are no more. And that cannot happen between 2 ego-minds in a glance, because where I am, my lover is not....by no means is that definite, so its not impossible, but very very very, did i say very...yes a rare case.

Hari said something about haqiqi ishk. Ranja and Heer, their love began as a Majaje Ishk, but it turned into Haqiqi ishk thru their lifetimes. Their example has been greatly used by the Sufi Fakeers, they have given their Guru the status of a Ranja, They have become Ranja themselves and said their Guru is Heer...or vice-versa. So their love was not just plain jane-doe love, rather it became Godly love.

Well these are my views and im stickin to them as those slimy boogers to your fingers that don't wana come off.....eww....

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