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concept of hell

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Guest Javanmard

I have decided, out of seva only, to explore jannat and see how the huris really look like.

ps. if I don't come back don't worry: I am probably having the best time of my immortality! Huris of Heaven here I come!!!!!

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*shakes her fists in despair*

argh! evil people! how dare u leave me here alone! how am i gonna get up there?! must find a way to get to wherever Shaka Laka Baby is and irritate him!

but in other news, i just spent 10 hours studying non-stop. and i think i'm gonna keel over and die of hunger right here and now. but i'm being stubborn and not gonna eat. i'll have a big breakfast or something.

oh shoot. this was totally off-topic.

well... at least i know i dun wanna go to hell if it means i'm always gonna be hungry. (yes! i have a line tha's on topic!)

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Time for the controversial information

Ghosts, demons, shaheeds Angels, Dieties, What in the hell are they about ?

Well lets start from the lowest upwards, firstly I would just like the emphasis a point I made earlier a state of higher concious is simply a state of more subtle conciousness, where the rola rapa of the world and life become mute and you can fine tune your mind frequencies and senses to a more subtle reality. The more subtle you are able to go the more you can pick up. Just like a telescope the more powerful its senses the more subtle an energy it picks up and the more you find out about what you know and the more you can find about what you couldnt before. This is what bhagti, paat is all about fine tuning.

This realm is a jumble of physical manifest varieties supposidly 8.4 million of them (numerologically if you take 8.4 million add all the digits together until you get a single digit. so 8.4 000 000 000 (or however many zeros is 8 + 4 + 0 + 0 + 0 etc.. the answer is 12 then 1+2 = 3 and three is the number of the manifestation the manifest world. (Bhrama vishnu mahesh are the saugun aspect of the nirgun shakti- unmanifest) So in one interpritation 8.4 means a manifest lifeform and the million is like a general statement of great magnitude. So plain english alot of lives.

And the spirit(ual) realm has loads more lol, and labeling all the variations is stupid and I dont know them so I aint going to bother, the ones I have been able to identify by reading a book by robert e svaboda are as follows.

We always hear of poot preht but the question is what is a poot and whats a preht.??

Poot - is a newly dead ghost entity which is still attached to its physical body it doesnt know or believe it is dead.

Preht - is a ghost of one who died without a burial ceremony preformed or a death ceremony (this is basically where the person died knowing they should be cremated or buried but has not been and hence the last thought at the point of death is what about my last rights)

Then there are all those who have died by poison, been killed, accidents, etc etc basically sudden deaths. You might say but they may have lived a good life etc true. and they will probably be given a better place to reside however remember there is no time in that realm so a sudden death leads to maybe a millisecond of physical time between the death and the spirit being moved onto its relevant existence within the realm. But for that ghost entity it will seem like an eterniy, and if you are in that realm at during that same millisecond then you will be there with this ghost of someone who has died a sudden death, (if you get what i mean)

These are the easiest to tune into and probably the first group you will as they are still all limited and associated to the physical manifest world in some way and hence their vibrations and frequency is closer to that of the manifest world.

Now we go into the higher entities,

There are many types here too, but each has their own power in a way these are the types which can be used to help in obtaining ridhia sidhia (weak ridhi sidhis but some kinda power).

One well known entity is called the Karna Pishachini, which is an entity that once you please and are able to tune into you can get it to sit next to your ear, and it will whisper things into your ear, it will tell you many things mainly to protect you, it will know alot about the past, some about the present and little about the future. So if you see a baba who seems to know alot about your past and then ,akes funky ideas about your future just smile :)

Now we get to the intresting entities and this is what may offend.

The Yakshnis Yakshas, Mokuls and Angels (possibly shaheeds??)

The reason I mention shaheeds is that so many people come up with these funky concepts that yes shaheeds protect us and shaheeds do this and that if thats the case then they are in the same group as the angels - they are not dieties but they are close, they were once human and lived good lives and hence are blessed with greater powers. To some people the frequency that these entities exist on is a type of Heaven. You see many references to this kind of heaven where all your dreams come true you are surrounded by light and angels who serve you and blah blah. This frequency and part of the realm is that form of heaven (mainly found in christian, muslim ideology).

They are right in many ways in their depictions, the angels have transcended the physical world, (they do have some human traits and hence are not at the level of dieties but they are close)and hence appear as bright white lights, basically no form is associated it is just a powerful energy and entity. If you live a good life and this is the heaven you desire this is the part of the spiritual realm you will exist in. So anyone who wants to go here take notes :)

Those who through bhagti and sadhana are able to reach this frequency will feel blissful and will be granted an angel who shall become pleased with your bhagti. lol and they basically offer you celestial sex, a sexual experience which is beyond words it would beat any physical experience as there is no perversion there just true experience and the yakshni or angel will not tire or complain so it is beyond words. Lol I guess the best things come to those who wait. .lol, If you look at the imagery of angels especially in rome and old christian paintings you will realise quickly that even though this concept might seem abit unreal it is quite obvious that is their purpose. However also a word of warning, it is extremely dangerous to accept that offer if you intend to return to this realm. Just like after spending the night with a person on this realm you desire to see them again, lol just imagine how bad the desire would be to see an angel again. !! It could drive a man insane or worse. Some have pleased the yakshni so much that the yakshini offers to take a form in order to be united with you, however the price is dear. I will explain later.

The angels will also become extrememly passionate and possessive destroying any type of physical relationship you presue. leaving you a lonely person..

Then comes the highest form of entity which is a diety, what happens at this level, ask a sant. I have no clue. but I bet its bad ass. :)

So far I have spoken of a hirachy (or however you spell it) it is not ment to be taken literally, it is just how I would precieve it according to spiritual development etc, however just as I said in an earleir post what you desire at that moment of death is the place you will go, if you desire heaven with the angels you go there if you desire revenge you stay with your body (near it) if you think of a diety I guess you experience that.

Now if like a budhist at the time of death you think nothing and you have accounted for all you karma you may achieve Navada, a state of emptiness a state of nothing. That too is a type of heaven (or hell) if you dont wanna be there.. In that state there is nothing not even you, it is just emptiness. for infinity (or what would seem like infinity) but just like when before the creation there was emptiness, navada, then through the hukam came creation, in the same way you may be in navada for infinity but if the hukam says then that infinity will become finite and the emptiness will become defined by walls and hence it will become a location and no longer a true emptiness, but that is if it is the hukam.

Then you have the state of all states, maybe this is what sikhi believes ?? with the statement raaj na chao mukt na chao..

It is believed that this state .. well whats the point if i could explain it then it wouldnt be a state beyond explination.. lol so you will have to get there and see for yourself. then send me a postcard and tell me about it.. so i can add it to this post.

Now comes the nasty part.. lol. using these entities, especially the lower entities such as the poot preht etc, alot of black magic and malicious forms of bhagti involve calling these entities to influence the world we live in, it may be to cause disease or death on someone or it may be to gain money from thin air or whatever, and these entities can be employed to do such a thing. The lesser ones are easier as they hear you better and you have to do much less to entice them (easier frequency to obtain) infact these entities are so attached to the physical world you can obtain them through the use of physical objects (taveez, mantras, yantras, powders mercha, etc etc), As you channel into their frequencies you can enslave them or contain them as if they listen to you for what seems like a second, to them it will be an eternity.

The higher entities are less likely to listen to you if you ask for stupid things, and infact may curse you, so its best to only invoke them if you are doing something good. (lol thats why so few people call them coz most of the time its all about bad stuff) also their powers are extremely useful in the manifest world, but no good for trivial things like most people are intrested in.

Now you may think there is an equal exchange going on, you do the mantra or make the yantra to invoke the entitiy and it does what you ask. lol, if you use yantra you have forced the entity into being called in a way conned it into servicing you, made it you slave.. Now how much would you charge to be someones slave for what would seem like eternity? Never getting tired because there is no fatigue Never knowing if its enough so continuing unless told to stop ?? Lol im sure the price would be high.

And my friends.. we live in a world governed by Karma. You might get all the pleasures here but when your entity enters that side or in most circumstances once that slave entity finds a link to yours or someone you care for they will attack. And the attack will be serious. possibly possession or as these entities are closely related to the mind (same electro magnetic force when manifest- hence ghosts are detected by those electro magnetic detector thingies) they can make a person mad or effect your thoughts to make you do something crazy.

The Karma of sleeping with an Angel or Yakshini even though it may be worth it, is lose of funtion to your sexual organs as you live and then a birth in the womb of a ghost, and as ghosts dont die anythnig born in that realm stays there lost until a higher entitiy shows compassion and pulls it out. Shagging angels when you are dead is very different from when you are alive.


Karma of trusting a Karna Pishachini - lol every entity has somethnig it wants, lol you trust it, in return it will become attached to you, and want you, then can you trust its information, or is it deciecving you out of jeleousy or attachment like a stalker???

I guess this post covered both the things I said I would talk about the ghosts, how to use them, and the different types of heavens..

Oh on a closing note..

TO communicate on the lowest form is to speak.. sound formed out of our mouths..

Then to communicate with the lesser entities its more to do with the speach of the mind, not a manifest voice but still words and mantras like you conciousness or your thoughts they speak english or punjabi or whatever question is what accent or like whom do they sound?? .. hehehe intresting and freaky hunnna..

Then to communicate with the angels and at this level of heaven, nothing is spoken or thought it is just known. its better then telecommunication. its just known before you think of what to ask you know the answer .. like that. thats the stage of antar jami i guess..

and the narvana well lol there is nothing there so no point in talking about that one,

and the highest form of communication is the Naam the unstruck sound which is like .. screw it I dont know If I did i wouldnt be here.. lol ..

:twisted: but im sure its funky whatever it is.

:shock: So over and out.. dont have nightmares my friends..

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hmmm... has anyone read "The Bride of the Sky" by Professor Puran Singh? it's a poetic play describing what happens when a mortal man becomes the object of a yakshni's affections.

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I once heard a lecture given by a Charrdi Kalaa Gurmukh. One of the questions they were asked was:

"Where is Heaven, and where is Hell?"

The answer they gave is "In you".

what i got from that is that heaven and hell are concepts unique to each individual. A bit like that movie "Flatliners", where when the people in the film die the things they face are specific to them and their individual Karm.

I guess it also means that you can experience a taste of either of the above right here while ur alive. For manmukhs like me, heaven would probably be not having to worry about money so i could focus on the things in life im passionate about...

but then there are people who have that side of things sorted, live lavish lifestyles and end up depressed, dependent on drink or drugs and some have ended up committing suicide. take ur pick of the endless list of celebrities that are in the news going into drug rehab and having nervous breakdowns.

So my idea of heaven on earth has become their private hell. i guess whatever awaits on the "Other Side" is probably also tailored specifically to our individual Karm.

ok, i think im rambling now, time to shut up!

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that was good rambling though. we like seeing that kinda rambling. trust me.

i agree with what you're saying Double Edge. we can experience hell and heaven in our lives through our own mindset. but what do you think about there being an actual heaven/hell outside of you like what Dynamic Banda suggests?

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Lol, thanks Sukhi...

as for wether there are "Places" such as heaven and hell, i beleive so... there is a quote i once heard from SGGSJ that says something to the effect of

"Thappo Raj, Rajjoh Nark"

which means that through Thappasseya (ie, seva, simran, baghti etc), we can reach a stage where God actually says "Alright, so you've earned this ammount... now what do you want?".

The obvious thing to ask for is all the Maya in the world.. i mean, hes offering u anything, so why not??? lol.. So people ask for that, which is effectively Raj (being royalty, ruling over others.. be that by way of being Royalty, being famous, being a business tycoon, take ur pick).

So what happens when u have Raj? well, u probably dont have much time for any more Thappaseya since ur too busy living large, and chances are ur getting dragged into bad karm in the process as ur now drenched in maya. So where do the bad karm take you?

to NARK!

And what exactly is it? by definition Nark (hell, whatever u want to call it) is where there is no Sukh (So im sure ur safe Sukhi lol).. and Heaven is where there is no Dukh.

This goes with another Sakhi where a Charrdi Kalaa Gurmukh, having left this world was being escorted to Sachkhand. Being of an elevated level of surrti, they heard screams and wails of agony and despair. So they asked where it was coming from. One of the Devteh with them said

"oh, thats hell.. those are the screams of the damned. But u neednt worry about them, lets continue to Sachkhand".

The Gurmukh was adamant that they wanted to see hell.. and so the Devteh had no choice but to take them there. They were warmly greeted by hells Guardians, who were happy to see someone with so much kamaee as in their line of work they never really got to see many Charrdi Kalaa people. So the guy in charge asks what seva they could do of the Gurmukh. The Gurmukh, in his compassion, asked that everyone be released.

The guardians were confused and explained that these people had to stay in hell until their debts were paid through their sufferring. And so the Gurmukh asked what was owed. The exact ammount of Bhagti required to dispell all their sins was told to the Gurmukh. He sat down and did that ammount of Kamaee in a miniscule ammount of time, and handed it over, effectively bailing everyone out.

damn.. hell is now empty! The guardians looked around and asked what they were meant to do now? They were told not to worry.. those who hadnt learned their lessons would be back.

So, in conclusion i'd say that there are such "places", in whatever plane of existence or dimension... but your times there are limited.. they are not permanent.. as eventually we must all complete the journey and become one with Mahraj.

final thought: "Please Mahraj give me the opportunity to prove that having loads of maya wont change me!" lol

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hahaha! good luck with the wish for tons of Maya to prove it won't change you...

the sakhiya were interesting. would it be absolutely foolish of me to ask how it's possible for someone to do that much bhagti in a miniscule moment of time? does anyone know bout this stuff?

as for ur comment bout how i'm safe, lemme assure you that no one's really safe in this world. lol...

DB brought up a really interesting point about Nirvana/Nibana where there is nothingness.

i was always under the impression that Nirvana could be equated with SachKhand where everything is One. at least tha's the impression i got from what i've read. DB, wanna shed some light on it?

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Hahaha Two thumbs up.. lol its ritik roshan or however u spell his name. :)

Ok Sukhi you asked I shed light on something somewhere. ??

Lol I aint the Sun, and I wasnt born with a flash light in my arse so no chance of me shedding anything but hair.

But I will share with you people what I understand according to this moment in time with the Budhi which has been graced by the hukam of Akaal. :) (funky nimrata trip)

Sukhi even though I mentioned a hell or heaven or some form of state of existance after death I also said it exists yet doesnt actually exist in any specific location so it doesnt really exist, because of that there is also no time associated to it. So there is a a possibility that you can go through a minor hell and minor heaven while being alive. But the reason it seems that during the afterlife the hell or heaven or whichever state is a place of its own is because at that time it is the only reality.

Nirvana is a state of nothingness hence a state a 0 Zero not a state of 1 or else those who believe in Nirvana would have to accept a 1 in which all become 1 (sounds like a spice girls song) yet most budhists do not believe in a God or the state of 1. Nirvana is the state of nothingness. It isnt a state of bliss because there is no bliss lol.. :) its a state of.. ...

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it's spelled h-r-i-t-h-i-k. the first "h" is silent. don't ask.

and thanks for clearing up on what you will and will not shed. (note to self: refrain from being metaphorical with DB. he just doesn't get it.)

i find it hard to believe that Nirvana would be a place of nothingness. don't they eliminate all desire and then enter some sort of enlightenment leading them to Nirvana?

because it sounds an awful lot like they're getting mukt... and i was under the assumption that no matter what you call it (Nirvana or mukti) that you would end up in the same place... i is wrong in thinking this, yes?...

u need to shed some more hair on this DB...

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In Budhism there is no Self or soul to attain any state of union after death. Nirvana (pali- nirbhana) therefore represents the realization that that is so. It is the condiion of absolute cessation of entaflement or attachment, in which there is, so to speak a state of cessation, but no interaction or involvement.

(taken from The Oxford Dictionary of Worl Religions edited by John Bowker)

See nirvana is a sate of nothing, but it is not extinction, lol funky hunna.

However that state of nothing only remains nothing until Akaal Purakh decides it shall become emptiness or darkness, which then makes the nothing a something, and somethnig can lead to something else such as if there is darkness then from it can come light (big bang kinda theory).

This might sound hard to follow but basically in short it means even if you obtain complete nirvana or whatever what is there to say that state is eternal??? The only thing which is infinite and eternal is the hukam :)

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woo... tha's plenty to get your head around...

so if Nirvana is a state of nothingness, and includes absolutely no involvement in anything, then what does it mean to be One with All?

we're supposed to lose our sense of self too, right? when we lose our ego? or am i goin about this totally wrong?

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well yeh ur right. In a state of nirvana you could never be in a state of nirvana because that means u exist and so does nirvana yet nirvana is nothing which means nothing exists, not even you. Its obviously hard to comprehend and easy to speak about try meditating on these concepts and watch you head explode :) lol we talk of these terms losely to understand what nirvana is those who beleive in it (budhists) sit in meditation day in day out just trying to comprehend what it is they are trying to understand, which is something they cant understand.

This is the whole reason as to why God became unmanifest and manifest, first we attempt to understand the relavant and then the irrelavant and then well i dont kno.. lol..

The concept of one with all, is moksha the one unites or merges into the all which is also one and that one is in all. however to talk about nirvana we need to identify and make it a state hence defining it as A state meaning one, but in all truth nirvana is not a one it is a zero. Lol and if you can define zero then you can define nirvana.

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