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concept of hell

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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru jeke fateh!!

true nirbanna is when we concentrate on bani, naam, etc. and realize god 100 percent and behold his darshan and see him 24/7

those who do not belive in god, or have no opinion on the ulitimate being, or watever they say

and they think of nothing on thier death

they will go into nothing

a state of nothing

but that is not anand at all

true anand

is when one utters god praises which each breath

then u get anand

their is a heaven where devtas, etc. live

that int he end will be destroyed

their is more than one heaven, amny

there are also many hells, where paapees are tortured as bani tells us

guru je aslo says the gera of chaourasi lakh joons is also hell

being away from god is same as hell

we never get that true anand

but there are also places where we are tortured for bad paaps

such as dippened in hot oil as ive read in bani

their are also 5 khands

our souls all will go to dharm khand

in giaan khand,r aam krishana and many avtaars like buddha live there

saram khand very high people

karam khand is the last stop before karam khand

this is where one can start seeing god and starts hearing bani from naad inside of us, its undescribibl

just like givng a sweet to a person who cant speak, the will be happy by their face, and might jump up or down cause of the tase, but they cant describe it

thas just like vaheguru je and the anand he gives us

then sach khand

when we merge our atma with vaheguru jes joth

and become one

thas when we see god, feel him, and its truly

sabh gobind hai, sabh gobind hai

that is extremly high avastha

brahm gain wala avastha

thas when ure dasma duar will also open

and u wil realize god inside of u

and out

and ull relaize that inside ure body theirs some amazing stuff

bhula chuk amaf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru jeke fateh!!

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It is a Paradox. the Mind being logical cannot comprehend, it can only be experienced and known, yet there is nothing to experience or be known.

hope that helps somewhat lol....

it almost sounds like falling in love. it can't be rationalized or explained, but merely explained. and the more you try to understand or explain it, the less you understand it.

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The idea of nothingness is deep rooted in Buddhism. They have always taught that nothing is permanent.

And on the topic of Nirvana However some of the references made to nirvana have referred to it as extinction..of the desire, and attachment..

However, even the Buddha said that it cannot be explained, just experienced..(because if you attempt to conceptualize something you are limiting it..just like when people ask what God is...you can't explain it without limiting God to something, ie the creator...).

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Its paradox, it exist for human consciousness stuck on relative level/ identify itself with mind/body  but for those who identify with atma-pure awareness/consciouness-chetna.. hell or heaven doesnt exist. Hence the rejection of both by bhagat kabir ji.

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