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Meaning of 'Today's' Hukamnama

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I use to read hukamnaama from darbar sahib on daily basis. If it's acceptable then I can post here,otherwise one can read from official sgpc website too.We can discuss these very maharaj's gurbani tuks here too.

It would be a very learning task for everyone to discuss the daily hukamnaama and to give our own experiential views.

Gur fateh!!

P.s : I'm really enjoying this daily hukamnaama discussion with my own mind.It's like straight talk to guru maharaj himself.It's something unspoken.Every day there is new feeling of contentment.All questions are answered.Each day the bond of love with maharaj gets stronger.No more need to talk with others.Real contentment!

Dhan Guru Ramdass Maharaj!!


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