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Sikh sites collection!!!!!

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I would like to simply share my happiness of the start of my new site; http://www.khalistan.biz . It basically centres around the arguments for and against Khalistan; ie. preservation of Sikhi, and we would be much obliged if you could give 100% support and sign up with the forum to express your views on a possible sikh country.

We believe it is vital that such movement is made immediately, so our chance is not lost. We hope to build up a firm argument and present our case to the Indian govt. etc. and with the help of yourselves, the Khalsa, this is possible. Many of you may argue the fact that; "oh, what is the point?!"; well my response is; "Its better than fantasising about a dream to a few msn users; make it happen!" Please sign up to the site; which will show the vast support for the Sikh homeland, before it is loo late. It will simply require a few mins of your time each day. Do not hesitate to contact me via msn or email to help this movement!

http://www.khalistan.biz http://www.khalistan.biz



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yeah, this is a really odd site.


.......ask any questions that have been in your mind since you were small enough to try to put only half the money your mom gave to you into the gurdwara funds.

LMAO....hahah i actually remember doing this...i was in Kanayda (thas canada for u slow folks :P ) about 5 years ago for my massi's wedding, my mom gave me 5 dollars to give to baba ji, i also had a dollar in pocket. so obviously i gave the 1 dollar and kept the 5...but as i bent down to bow my head, without realizing i bent down too far and hit my head on the Golakh... :( :cry: ...i guess waheguru has his own ways to teach people...after that i never did it again...

just thought i'd share it with u folks...

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~ still under construction :LOL:

Beautiful Site... & I am using these beautiful photos as my avatars...:D

I hope you dont mind...

Chardi Kala

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~ is truely fantastic !

i advise everyone to check this one out

Yeh this site is really awesome...go check out its discussion forum where people discuss about gurmat in real sense...

Go to the link below:


Be a part of a Gurmat revolution which tells us all about True Living...

A Humble thought

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