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A Muslim at the Gurdwara

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My best friends are Punjabi Muslims and they go to Gurdawars with me everytime matter of fact they come from Nankana Sahib and they do sewa as well.

They don't mind at all and they admit that their parents converted to Islam from Hindus or Sikhs long time ago.

Many Afgan Muslims do a lot of seva as well.

I second that. Here there is a Gurdwara in Dubai managed mostly by Taksali Singhs. I heard that Pathaans do sewa there. Even the Arab cops (who visit if there is some panga...lol) take off their shoes and caps, cover their head with a rumaal and then enter.

On the level of common man who just wants to live in peace and happiness, I don't think there is any animosity between followers of any religion. Its only when fanatic haters start spitting venomous words that we develop scars, and those scars lead us to contracting that contagious disease of hatred as well.

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On 5/18/2005 at 5:13 PM, BAZ said:

a)Anyway, as I entered the hall I stood at the doorway facing the holy book and joined my hands and bowed my head to show my respect and sat down to listen to Bhai Avtar Singh.

b)He started, and it brought tears to my eyes.

c)I thought “God is closer to me than my jugular vein yet I feel so far from Himâ€. I missed Him and missed that feeling of closeness. I felt like my inner being could remember a time when we were together and I longed for that.

Congrats Baz.

in reference to your 3 points above, following are my personal views/opinions in the same order.

a) This is an act of respect and common sense, great.

b) Such is the power of Gurbani, with His kirpa even stone hearted  can melt with its purity and sweetness.

The more you listen to it , the more you get impacted with its  simple Truthfulness,  then what to say about if one acts as instructed in it.... one merges into that Infinite Ocean of Love and mercy, namely Waheguru Akal Purukh.

c) True, Gurbani brings you closer to that univerasl Ultimate and Supreme Truth, commonly known as God, for it helps us to remove all our negativity, thus made fit to become one with that infinite Ocean of mercy, love and goodness.

Stay blessed.

Sat Sree Akal.

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