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Zafarnamah- translation by amrik singh 

Translated by zafarnama sateek by pyara singh padam & sateek by pundit narain singh

History: A letter written to Aurangzeb by Guru Gobind Singh (after his 2 sons (less than 10 yrs old) were bricked alive and the 2 elders (mid-teens) died in battle)where ‘bar do alam shah’ Guru Gobind Singh ji discusses spiritual and worldly matters. He points out moral and ethical flaws done by aurangzeb. In this work you see how Guru Gobind Singh talks about how everything possible should be done to avoid war, but that one should employ a sword when all others means have been exhausted. Having the ability to defend the weak (which only occurs when one is trained to take on any challenges in life, selflessly) is one of the marks of a complete man. Guru Gobind Singh wanted to meet with aurangzeb.

I will write more on the history in the next post, I wanted to translate the Punjabi translation of hikayatan (as the original was Persian, as was the court language at that time). Guru Gobind Singh ji was well learned in many languages (bachitar natak is an attestation to this where guru sahib says himself that he was taught many vocations <,deeni bhaant, bhaant ki sisha keenee aneyk bhant tan peechee>), and I thought why not put the time and effort to actually understand and try to apply it….so here is the first attempt

1-3 of 12 (in the opening)

Ik oangkar hukam sat= one primal energy manifested creation, and residing in creation, yet still aloof…whose orders are true and the truth

Sri vaaheguru ji ki fateh= those who take that god’s support in all affairs are victorious.

Persian: kamaale karaamaat kaayam kareem|| raza baksh raazak rihaako raheem||

Pyara singh padam:That all powerful entity is completely permanent, immovable/infallible, merciful, and the bestower of peace and the deliverer of salvation (breaking one from all bondages).

Pundit narain singh: That all powerful entity is the complete force which is permanent, immovable/infallible, and merciful; whoever follows its divine orders receives blessings. That benevolent (compassionate) entity will also break all bondages ( of its divine seeker…this I added in to contextualize).

Persian: ama baksh bakshanday o dastgeer || razabaksh rozee deho dil pazeer||

Note: the brackets() include my own understanding of the relation…

Pyara singh padam: the one who keeps you at his feet (like a protector), one who gives/blesses freely (like a bestower), the one who carries you holding onto your arm (like a friend); blesses and forgives your faults (like a benevolent judge); one to provide for you daily (like a provider) and one to reel your heart in (like a lover).

Pundit narain singh: the one who keeps you moral and provides you with peace; He is compassionate and pulls you out of your obstacles and tough times by providing you with his hand for guidance (like a parent holding a child’s hand). he blesses you with forgiveness for flaws and provides for all; he is also the enticer.

Persian: shahenshah khoobee daho rahanmoohan || ke baygoono beychoon chooan beynooman||

Pyara singh padam: He is the sovereign of all sovereigns, who confers virtues. His true distinction is without color and form. There is no fathomable piece of his form in this creation.

Pundit narain singh: He is the sovereign of all sovereigns who confers virtues and shows you the right way. He is without color and form, and There is no fathomable piece of his distinction in this creation.

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tincansingh, how do you know that drawrof is a jit?

because tarkhan sion works for caste watch dog media :P:LOL: :lol: jk

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