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Spiritual Experience of NAAM SIMRAN

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Spiritual Experience of Naam Simran

Tarlochan Singh Mann*

*3 New York Avenue, Stonybrook. N.Y. 11790. U.S.A. This is based on "Bandgi-nama" by Raghbir Singh Bir.

Recitation of Gurbani and meditation or Simran are complementary to each other. While Gurbani brings us closer to an understanding of God’s purpose, Simran truly unites us with the divine. Recitation from Guru Granth and repetition of a particular verse roots its sense in our mind in order that the mind is moulded accordingly. Naam - Simran increases concentration and raises levels of consciousness to higher level and unites us with the wonderful Lord, Waheguru.

Philosophy of Simran: As soon as the name of any object is mentioned, its form, nature, attributes, and our re-action to it, rush into our mind, and we visualize the image of the object as picturised and projected. Similarly when we repeat God’s Name our mental picture of God gets picturised before our mind’s eyes. Gur-Bani by projecting the attributes of God helps us to form some sort of mental picture of God. In Simran when we repeat God’s Name this picture grows clearer to us.

Even if we may have no mental concept of God, by mere repetition of His NAME God’s attributes are not only visualized but are also slowly assimilated. Naam-Simran is the secret of simple mindsbecoming Saints.

Peculiar quality of our mind is that if some thing impresses us profoundly and if we repeatedly aspire, by continuous Simran, to be shaped in the pattern of that thing (may be saint, God), we are gradually moulded accordingly:

Jaisa sevai taisa hovei. (SGGS)

Methodology of Simran: Significance and worth of Naam-Simran can be appreciated only by personally practicing Simran persistently, regularly, with patience and perseverance till it becomes a habit, and goes an unceasingly.

Recommendations for beginners: Choice of a secluded and fixed place and regular hours help in inculcating Simran habit. A special room, or a niche in a room, reserved for Simran is very conducive. Time - prescribed is 2.00 A.M. to 4.00 A.M. in Summer and 3.00 to 5.00 A.M. in winter. We can sleep for two hours after Simran before our daily work.

Body Pasture - We should squat cross-legged on the floor as erect as possible. The avoid fatigue a cushion may be used.

Tuning the mind - It is necessary to guard it from wandering and falling into negative thinking and making the entire Naam-Simran exercise of the day a futile venture Modus-operandi for tuning the mind recommended by the author may be followed or each individual should evolve and adopt his own personalized technique.

Three Stages of Simran: The author describes how and why he selected "Wahe-Guru" for Simran in preference to so many other names of God mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The first stage of Simran is audible Simran. Lips more and sound is heard. We speak aloud and fix our attention on the sound produced. It is necessary to improve our concentration. If necessary beads of rosary may be used, to start with, but in no case pictures of Gurus be used to improve concentration, as it creates problems in higher spiritual stages as illustrated by our own experiences. The second stage is of mental Simran. When lips cease to move, vocal chords alone help in creating sound rhythm of Wahe-Guru Shabad. For convenience the seeker may synchronize the Simran with the rhythm of breathing, regulating the vibrations of respiration. Uttering Wah on inhaling, and uttering "Guru" on exhaling. This mental Simran focuses our attention and increase our concentration which advances spiritual development. The third stage - The Gentle sound of mental Simran picks up a higher pitch and becomes louder and louder to the exclusion of all external sounds. Mental Simran ceases and this sound seems to come down from navel and is heard from within our entire being. This concentrated Simran raises the level of consciousness and the spiritual development advances to the higher stage. The mind feels perfect peace and gets inebriated with the joy of bliss that defy description. This advanced stage of spiritual development is called stage of ‘SAHAJ’. From this last stage of Simran first stage of "GYAN’ starts and the seeker starts having a number of mystic experiences. But the seeker has to guard against the delusions of this stage viz (1) Ceasing of Simran gives the impression that it is waste of time as there is no worship of God without Simran (2) The seeker is gripped by the sleep of ease called ‘TANDRA’ and seeker is deluded to believe that he has reached the final stage of spiritual progress. This writer follows in details the methodology suggested by Late Sant Attar Singh Mastuana and Baba Nand Singh Kleran helped him to come out of first delusion regarding waste of time. Edward Carpenter’s book ‘A Visit to a Gyani’ redeemed him from the delusion of ‘TANDRA’.

The other mystic experiences this writer had are -

* Discovery of centers of consciousness within the body including cortex of the brain called ‘DASAM DWAR’.

* Seeing glimpses of sweet cool luminosity.

* Hearing melodious sounds: punch nad or Anhad nad.

* Experiencing sweet smells.

* Low gentle rhythmic sound in the brain inducing bliss and lightness of mind.

* Getting into peaceful trance/Samadhi.

* The realization that the universe is the creation of an all-pervading force beyond our comprehension.

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I found this article on a web, which I am reproducing it as it is, though it appears to be the words of a highly evolved soul, we can learn a lot from it, by getting inspired and understanding the importance of Rom Rom Simran, which is the base line of this article.

Hope you enjoy it......

Namaste dear friends...

I am sharing this gentle and humble practice, yet the most powerful for those who want the love of God and his remembrance all the time.

Also I am sharing it because to my surprise I've found it also to be very self pacing energetically and relieves the person from energetic problems in the head...

It's the zikr of the divine name or constant mantra repetition of a certain deity...

By the constant repetition of the divine name we are always in the presence of our beloved and reminded of him... I can't think of anything else to bring us nearer to our angelic nature...

For angels, as Rumi says... Their oxygen is to repeat the divine name...

Love for God becomes so great when we undertake this practice... We fly on the wings of bhakti... We burn in Ishq... We burn in love for our beloved...

It is rumi who said I burnt and I burnt and I burnt... Well there is nothing sweeter than burning for the sake of our beloved

Now I consider the Indian legacy as my mother and suffism (christian, muslim and jewish) my father... Arab christians, jews and muslims... All use the name of Allah as a translation from english to the word God. And the great name of Allah the beloved is what I use for this practice myself... People may also use the name of Jesus or Yahwa or any form of christian prayer... As per my indian friends.. They may use any mantras they like and which relates to their deity... Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Mother Kali, Krishna ect... The divine name we choose is the one which we really consider as our beloved... It's our highest ideal. Our chosen Ishta.

Concerning the technique, it's very easy and simple and it is the following:

We repeat the divine name inside ourselves at the area from the right side of the physical heart extending to the middle of the chest. We repeat it in the space from within and "not on the surface".

We do so while being involved in whatever activity we're doing. Eating, walking, working ect... But we do so with respect and humbleness... And we do our worship as if we see our beloved and in case we can't we should know that He/She sees us.

As every practice... This one might have it's clunky stage but if we push ourselves into it for the first two days it will become an automatic process and the repetition of the divine name then will happen by itself in our heart... Even when we are talking to others... If we find it hard to repeat the divine name from within... We can repeat it with our tongues at first and gently go down to the heart area afterwards...

If one would like to push this practice even farther and be with the divine name of his beloved... He can do this practice while negating every other thought but the divine name inside his heart and turning away from all thought and just being with the divine name. But we do so gently without fighting.. We just favor the divine name above everything else.

To whomever feels attracted to undertaking this practice I strongly suggest you do so... It's very beautiful and I can't think of anything better than being with our beloved all the times...

Much love to All, may divine grace blesses those who undertake this practice and guides their step.


Sat Sree Akal.

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Guest Dr. V Kaushik

The method for finding the god is by meditation from the ancient times. The place of meditation is in between the two eyes. This place is known by different religions. It may be called as third eye.

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On 9/21/2016 at 6:55 PM, Guest Dr. V Kaushik said:

The method for finding the god is by meditation from the ancient times. The place of meditation is in between the two eyes. This place is known by different religions. It may be called as third eye.

Apologies first,  I may be wrong.  My understanding is that when we focus on heart,  we open heart chakra and it bring prem towards everyone, as one sees God everywhere in everyone and everything.

Third eye is gifted to human beings only on the earth and it opens the way for advance level like dasam dawar, increases conscious level for past,  present and future. 

But I am not sure which chakra area to focus on first with simran. Some says navel,  others give importance to heart or Third eye . It would be better If somebody could shed more light.  


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Life starts at naval - remember

if you are a beginner start with naval- read about naabh ghaat in SGGS for confirmation. ( that's where sukham body and upper body are connected) and that's the knot for Amrit Rass too.  Later as you progress you can shift to heart and then to trikuti

If you start from trikuti without proper' gunns' like meditating at heart brings humbleness and softness( love for all) then it may backfire- read content from happydays veer on this forum. 

All the best for your journey! 

Love for all- sarbat the Bhala! 

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