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Difference Between Swas Swas And Sas Giras

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This is how I understand the steps as explained by Bhai Sahib. Taken from some of his books.


We have been told that dhyaan is a power. Dhyaan starts when our mind separates form the body and focuses on the subtle body (soul). Further spiritual progress can only be made through dhyaan. Naam can control the mind and then dhyaan can be controlled to any limit by our own will. This stage can only be achieved in the stage of awareness (jaagat). We meditate using the gurmantra to separate from our body (also known as separating from the air/pavan/poan) and then by focusing on Naam. Finally, we have to focus on God and unite with him. Dhyaan can only be controlled if we are thoughtless. We have to focus at one point to have control of our dhyaan.

if we want to unite with God then we should practice step by step to progress. First we have to leave thoughts (Maya), then we must get to Sunn, then we reach Naam or Anhad Bani, and finally we reach Naad (word of God). Naad helps us cross the bhavsagar and takes us to God. It means that to have union with God, we have to cross many stages.


1) Swaas Graas simran by chanting Gurmantra to stop the thoughts. Focus on sound of Gurmantar. Term Swas Giras means simran with every breath and covers Bakahri/Vocal, Madhma/Whisper, Pasanti/Mental forms of Simran jaap.

1a) Swas Giras Simran - Simran with each and every breath.

1b) Swas Swas Simran - Whisper synchronised with breath all the way down to mental simran with breath but focused on sound not breath.

1c) Rom Rom Simran - Mental simran faster than the breath so you separate from breath and latch onto mantar , i.e. synchronized with pulse

1d) You have to cross the 5 elements, Air, Water, Fire, Earth and reach Ether/Akash.

2) Enter the Sunn (like going to sleep to rest)

3) Stay awake by dhyaan when free of thoughts. (Awoken by a loud blast)

4) The divine words appear in Sunn.

5) Anhad Bani (the divine music) appears to which you listen

6) The mind enters the Sunn (third Sunn or Anhad Sun).

7) Naad/Toor (word of God) appears which will help us cross the Bhavsagar (the dangerous ocean).

8) The mind unites with God in Sehaj Ghar.

The way of spirituality based on Naam is different from this city of illusion. We need to leave these colours behind both in the material and subtle forms. Initially when starting meditation, do not focus on the trehkuti. When we stop our thoughts we should go to Sunn to begin the path. In Gurbani, we have been told about the indications of Tenth Door.

Those who close off the nine gates, and restrain the wandering mind,

na-o dar thaakay Dhaavat rahaa-ay.

come to dwell in the Home of the Tenth Gate.

dasvai nij ghar vaasaa paa-ay.

There, the Unstruck Melody of the Shabad vibrates day and night. Through the Guru`s Teachings, the Shabad is heard.

othai anhad sabad vajeh din raatee gurmatee sabad sunaavni-aa.

SGGS 124

Gurbani explains that at the tenth door are the divine words or the divine music (anhad Shabads or anhad bani). There is no color, pictures or forms there. Gurbani has changed our path from Maya (illusion) to Naam. For example, a child can be distracted all day with colorful toys and different games and it will forget to eat its food. Similarly, the mind watches the colorful acts of Maya and forgets about its food. The mind that is stuck in these illusions does not want to leave Maya and reluctantly falls asleep. People may believe the mind of such a person has gone to Smaadhi and they presume they have attained a high spiritual stage. But Guru teaches us that this is the last stage of Kaal and it has to be crossed by Naam. After crossing this stage we can enter the Tenth Door and then true enlightenment begins. That light will be the light of our soul, which has been explained to us in Gurbani as:

Within the Gurmukh is intuitive peace and poise (Sehaj); his mind ascends to the Tenth Sky of the Akaashic Ethers.

gurmukh antar sahj hai man charhi-aa dasvai aakaas.

No one is sleepy or hungry there; they dwell in they dwell in the peace of the Naam (word of God).

tithai oongh na bhukh hai, har amrit naam sukh vaas.

O Nanak, pain and pleasure do not afflict anyone, where the Light of the Supreme Soul, illuminates.

naanak dukh sukh vi-aapat nahee jithai aatam raam pargaas.

SGGS 1414

The house of our mind starts from the Tenth Sky (tenth door). The Tenth Sky is present all around our body. So the tenth door is not far and it is formless. Our body with nine doors is also present in the same area. After leaving the body (nine doors), our mind will enter the Tenth Door. It means we reside in God and He is inside us. Gurbani tells us:

The body is contained in the Lord, and the Lord is contained in the body. He is permeating within all.

har meh tan hai, tan meh har hai, sarab nirantar so-ay ray.

SGGS 870

Other names for the tenth door have been given such as Nij Mahal, the fourth stage, Turi avastha, Unn Munn or the castle of our mind. By achieving that state, we will get enlightened. It depends on us how quickly we want to achieve that stage (by practical meditation). Once we enter the tenth sky, the divine light will appear. All of this practical work is done through dhyaan. Through dhyaan, the master (God) keeps an eye on us (world) and by the same way we can see God. Without spiritual knowledge we look towards this material world (ardh i.e looking down and in front of us), but by attaining the Guru’s knowledge we start to focus on Urdh (looking up – towards Sookh mahal, God).

The vision discussed is not about the physical eyes. Even a blind person can attain union with God. If the blind persons can meditate by dhyaan on Naam they will unite with God and have blessed darshan of God. If we don’t use the Jot (vision) of the mind, we are called spiritually blind, even though we have physical eyes.

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Here you go Sukrit Kaur ji. I posted the link on another similar thread.

I was busy in akhand paath sahib.I listened the audio just right back.Veer ji thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful bachans of bhai sahib ji.Each and every bachan of bahi sahib,was the one ,my soul is searching for.It was very informative and kinda motivational too.Many of my doubts are well explained by bhai sahib ji.

Please accept my fateh from my heart for such a divine audio.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!!

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On 3/1/2015 at 1:04 PM, sukrit kaur said:

"[in this stage waheguru will wake you up himself with anhad bani.]"


Thank you for the audio.

Gur fateh!


On 3/1/2015 at 1:04 PM, sukrit kaur said:

"[in this stage waheguru will wake you up himself with anhad bani.]"


Thank you for the audio.

Gur fateh!


On 3/1/2015 at 12:53 PM, Sat1176 said:

This very question was asked by a sangat member to Bhai Sewa Singh Tharmala in a Q&A session during the 2009 simran camp. It was broadcast on wahegurulive.com only a few days ago. I will upload the audio for you to have a listen but his teaching suggests to let it happen and enter the state of Sunn. In this stage waheguru will wake you up himself with anhad ba

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Got it

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