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Sikh Student Camp 06

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What can i say? These loosers have problem with people singing clean boliyans in their free time after sampati of the day in the sleeping room.

Here is what i posted on sikhsangat forum.

people should give sikh student camp break, there is nothing wrong with little fun, by looking at the video, this video was shot in a room perhaps guys sleeping room, it was not in the darbar.

You have to understand the type of crowd which attends the camp are very rookie in sikhi so sometimes these kinda activity is needed just fun activity with no harm, besides there is always been hostility between amritdhari sikhs and monaie, i don't know may be because of gap but there is always been hostility so this kinda activity (clean boliyans) does changes perception of monai in positive light towards amritdhari people since they seem to get the idea that- yes amritdhari people can have little bit of fun too and get along with them instead being fully katar in their beleifs and not even smile or have little bit of fun.

I don't know uk camps, but here in toronto when i went to the camp ..just when i was getting into sikhi around night time, singh got together and we played bhabhi card game, it was fun..i knew this crowd is safe to hang around with they will not let me feel i m worthless, not up to their standards, they made me quite comfortable by cracking jokes, playing cards etc.

Sikh Student camp is medium where people who are newly into sikhi get comfortable to know more about sikhi without getting told off the usual soo called panthic singh (oh amrit shak la, rehit pyari mujkho sikh pyara nahi ). Where is the pyaar? none of that was shown, where is the gyan on gurbani, atma, paratma, karma, bhagti, bairaag, none of that was shown before than usual oie tu amrit shakla.

I went to Sikh student camp couple of years back, i really enjoyed it. i had to go sant maharaj ji barsi in the middle of the camp but later singhs were telling me at the end of the day in the camp, every youth was crying in love of god and crying in seperation of sangat because they had to go. Yes true, there was no amrit sanchar done but what do you prefer? someone taking amrit right way in hurry or copying others or taking his/her time to inflame more love into them. Seed of love was already put into place now by vahiguroo kirpa naal, sooner or later they will take amrit according to their own pace. Sikhi is about quality than quantity.

Manvir singh khalsa, he is the regular on this forum and the camp, he can tell you..in the darbar there is no talk besides strictly- gurbani, sakhiya, bairaag, pyaar, gyan.

Sikh student camp is lot better than others, my cousin who lives in england, he must 15 yrs now, this is 5 yrs back, basically he went to this camp (forgot the name) one of sevadars told the kids something, he didn't get it, he went up to him. This soo called panthic sevadar yelled at him soo loud that my cousin pee in his jockers. After that, he never been to any camp, now he is into drugs , he is only 15. This is effect of soo called panthic sevadar who had to be so katar that he yelled at the kids, what kinda of sikhi is this? this self proclaimed panthic sevadars putting more sikhs off then bringin them into sri guru nanak dev ji panth because their whole approach is flawed.

With katar parchar you can do two things

- you can either make others katar like you (which is very unlikely)

- or you will put off others from the great prem marg which sri guru gobind singh ji created for us.

I am going to blunt now, Sikh student camp is lot better atleast what i have expereinced first hand compare to other nazi concentration camps which uses approach - shoving shariat sikhi into people's throat.

don't know about Uk, but here in toronto- most of the camps have some sort of entertainment after the sampati of a day.


- Damdami taksal hosted a camp couple of years back in mississuaga gurdwara. I saw Lord of Rings movie been played in the camp at afternoon for the kids.

- Sikh Youth Retreat in barrie, singhs got together after the samapati of the day, and played bhabhi card game, played game on mic where one have to copy others style in form of speaking or singing.

- Sikh Youth retreat camp in scarbrough, had lot of fun activities like- mafia game, group competition

i am sure katar panthis would have problem with all these things too.

If yes, then stand up and go do organize your own damn camp. We will see what you have to offer to youths except suffocating them.

I am *NOT* going to worry about small thing like oh, guy singing a boliyan in sleeping room oh some dude is singing a song while taking shower in the camp, oh that camp must be manmat, anti panthic, rss funded blah blah. You guys have too much time on your hands to worry about small things like these...go do something productive in your life , go out and make a difference, Be a SOLUTION NOT A PROBLEM... don't just sit on the computer and whine about it all the day.

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on a positive. the boliyan on the vidoe smashed it.

i mean if u actually listen to the words being sung.

"3 things kill/destroy man, lies, stealing other peeps stuff, and sleeping around. "

now...whats wrong with that!!!!!!!! thats not gonna put kids of sikhi!!!

if u still got a problem.....loosen up and get a social life.

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Its funny it is, its ok to have Thadhi Jhaatha performing in my local Gurdwara but its not ok to have boliyan performed at sikh camps. :LOL:

Lets not compare boliyan with dhadhi jatha. They are two completely different things, dhadi jhatha are sung to educate sangat about sikh history and boliyans are just sung just for little bit of fun..that's all.

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Then by your logic rupz, all the katha's, lectures on sikhi in darbar is also kachi bani.

Issue here is not about kachi bani, issue here is intolerance towards little bit fun in sikhi camp after hours(sampati of day long divan).

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Good point. Then this means that the idea of saying something is kachi bani is redundant. Im sorry for my own misunderstanding. I guess I should have taken my own advice which I said before, which was to question it. :oops:

I have no trouble with the camp itself, im thinking about going this year also, because i couldnt go last year :( . Ive had many friends that went to Sikh Student Camp and I am very much looking forward to going.

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Recently I attended my universitys young entrepenour (however you spell that stupid word) seminar, and one of the points was marketing, it was almost like the lecturer had been hired by the topoban sevadars to mastermind this marketing manouver,

(note: this is not an accusation of any kind or a factual statement, it is my opinion from what I learnt in that seminar and see happening on the forums)

All these camps provide a product (the sikhi experience) they market these to particular catchment groups, Khalsa camp is commonly associated to the advanced already amritdhari individuals, Boss camp a student orientated hence basic level camp as is Sikh student camp.

Over the last few years it would appear that BOSS camp is not doing so well, sharing its catchment group with Sikh Student, it spurs competition, competition leads to marketing, as marketing will ensure success.

The BOSS camp this year is £55, thats more expensive then previous years and it appears the cost of the camp continues to rise however their activities remain minimal in comparsion to earlier camps which only cost around the £30 mark and including activities such as parachuting, shooting, jeep driving, paintballing etc. This raise in cost would therefor indicate that the BOSS organisers may anticipate a small turn out as has occured in the previous year or two.

If you have less people you need to charge more. However increasing the fee would obviously have a negative marketing impact especially if you are targetting the cheap student crowd who never spend more then £10 on anything unless its completly useless and a waste of time. So the second part of marketing campaign would be to prove your product is of a higher grade and quality enough so to justify the increased price. And that can only be achieved by defaming and sabotaging the competition.

Then again maybe the extra cost is to ensure camper safety from brainwashing and terrible N Angs. :)

But I must remind you all again this is my personal opinion.. I have a dislike towards the BOSS lot, so i would side with Sikh student. I do not wish for this post to be anything like those crappy blogs where the creater attempts to portray themselves as the model gursikh and bearer of supreme truth..

Im a fool nothing more, gladly accept all alegations made against me :D

I am not the speaker of truth or the greatest gursikh,, I am just someone who attended a seminar at uni and thought crap that seems familar and hence posted it up on here..

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(on the side)

Personally, I think that there are nindaks and saboteurs in each of these three camps, and I assume, basically, in every jatha out there.

us sikhs, we love cussing each other

ke khialaa?


always try to see the evil in everyone :twisted: !

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I agree fully...

There was once a poster which had seva simran sacrifice written on it..

Doing nindia is the seva part of it.. do nindia of the panth of akaal purakh and i guess thats kinda like a bit of simran.. and the best sacrifice is your own mukti for the washing away of the sins of the one you do nindia of...

Dhan teri sikhi :D

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do nindia of the panth of akaal purakh and i guess thats kinda like a bit of simran.. and the best sacrifice is your own mukti for the washing away of the sins of the one you do nindia of...

yeah more like disappering into non-existence .. haha ..:LOL:

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. . . and people thought that the brave sikh warriors had lost their touch

. . . that they were simply living in the legacy of their proud past, but, yet again, we prove that truely, the SINGHS are the best at doing the ultimate sacrifice.

May waheguru bless our panth with the abilility to do even more of this ultimate seva and sacrifice.

always try to see the evil in everyone :twisted: !

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20th - 26th August

Its the time of the year where summer camps kick off around the world

offering Sikh students the chance to experience pure bliss through

meditation, keertan, seva, sangat and so much more. This year is no

different and, stronger than ever, the Sikh Student Camp is back this August

promising "an experience you'll never forget".

Unlike some other camps, Sikh Student Camp is open to all, regardless of

which background your from or what caste you are. As long as your at least

17 years of age, Sikh Student Camp 2006 is open to you.

Easy now what am I gonna be doin' ?

A Little bit for everyone, a powerful talk or two in the morning, group

workshops or discussions loads of chances to ask yah Questions/queries etc

then split for activities (Operation Aloo) in the nature reserve, bonfire

night, Gladiators, football, archery, trampolining, and more! Also langar

will be happening 24/7 and kirtan, with translations, simran, yoga...and so

much more.

What am I gonna get out of it ?

In life, we all want something better, we're always searching for something

extra, and "People" this is it, Sikh Student Camp!

Millions of people are lost because our mind, plays havocs with our body,

through emotions feelings, thoughts, organs etc and that has a knock on

effect to our soul that end's up suffering the brunt, then we get confused

and depressed etc (Sound familiar) .......

So here's your chance to come along and find out how all these

characteristics can be controlled and how the great Sikhs of the past had

such compassion, respect and honour, and held their spirit's high and kept

the flags flying.

Will I fit in ?

If you can go to gig's, cinema's, restaurants etc.. coming to Sikh Student

Camp will be a doddle. The camp is open to everyone, irrespective of your

background. Campers come from all walks of life, each bringing their own

experiences and unique perspectives.

Loads of friends are coming with me, so how many more campers ?

Planning for 150, we'll see it could be more or less, who knows until the


Note: Visitors will not be allowed into the camp. SECURITY WILL NOT ALLOW


What are the camp facilities like?

Showers,(obviously separate males/females) rooms with carpets and sponge

mats, no tents etc. Its got an in-built Gurudwara, playing field, nature

reserve and lake nearby. Lets just say back to "school" type, which means

you'll be ok.

Is there an age limit?

If you are 17+, then you are most welcome. Note: If you are below this age,

you will not be allowed entry onto the site.

What do I do now?

Well watch the trailer, download the keertan from last years camp, and click

apply to enter the Sikh Student Camp experience...!

Apply now!

Visit http://www.sikhstudent.org for the official camp website!

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